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The Magic Toys of the Old Woman


Message from the Author: “Every Christmas, is a magic of love.”

Genre: Christmas Tale

Author: Celia Bailes © amadriadi

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Created:  14/10/2018

Dedicated to: “Who did not lose their optimism in me and supported unconditionally my crazy artistic soul”, to my husband Keith Bailes and my parents Emma Centti & Rivo Sanchez.


“What do you think about this colour?” Asked the elegant lady, observing herself coquettishly front the mirror of the boutique, wearing an elegant dress, turning to see this dress in all its angles, her wavy and golden blond hair colour, gave a combination of being a sensual woman -she knew well that it so- her eyes bright of the excitement of that moment, when…

“Dark red…? I think you would be something Red and white!”

“Silly colors!” Reply the elegant lady with a small smile, while observing that dress before the mirror.

“We know well… that you are so beautiful… and this dress is fabulous!” Exclaimed from the couch of the saloon, the other friends, who watched the whole scene from that angle.

“Bored Ladies!” Smiled, the elegant lady, retreating step by step towards the dressing room, wearing that elegant dress.

“Are you beautiful Ingrid! What else do you want to hear more!” Exclaimed Ester, from the couch.

“You know well… she loves to be flattered—” Said softly Pamela.

“Flattered more? She is so presumptuous woman of that beauty! Why I should flatter her more,” Said Ester.

“Hum… I think sometimes your jokes… go beyond the line,”

“Sorry Pamela! You started! When you wanted a dress colors as… Candy Cane!” Smiled Ester.

“Ladies, is enough… stop it!” Said Ingrid, in the half of the room, with the dress on her arm, “I invited yours to come with me… not to whisper behind my back! And? Not help me in anything, just murmur… I think needed a great black coffee!” Smiled Ingrid, who wore an elegant navy blue set with flowers small white-very faint- beige shoes high heel, same color his wallet and a white handkerchief, that accommodated him covering half of his hair and neck, opened his wallet to take out his dark glasses and, observe his cell phone if had any messages…

“Do you no want… I told you… are beautiful? More flattery that this—” Said Esther, who smiling from the couch.

“Stop it… is so bored do not say anything about the dress!”

“Dress? Ingrid, all dress that you wear is beautiful… in you!” Said Pamela with a sweet voice. Ester, watched in silence from the couch.

“Well… It’s time to go, ladies!” Said Ingrid and observing her small watch of gold and diamonds -gift by her father last Christmas- she settled down her dress, her handkerchief and then she exclaimed while putting on her dark glasses, “come on girls, hurry up! I must be at 5pm in that Tea Room, appointment with Steve,”

Both friends accommodated their small wallets to preparing to following Ingrid.

“And… the dress?” Asked Pamela.

“Dress? I did not like any!” Replied Ingrid with smile, walked with sensual steps and leaving the elegant boutique lounge, which was all decorated wall with a Victorian style, the designs in bronze color and beige background, the floor was a soft beige carpet, Victorian style armchairs -very feminine- a huge gold mirror decorated with two angels, and illuminated the half of the lounge a huge bright crystal chandelier,

“I told you… it’s so presumptuous woman!” Said Ester in a low voice.

“I think he got upset! We did not help so much in his search today,” said Pamela and watching Ingrid say goodbye head towards the front door of the Boutique,

“Upset Ingrid? Noo! Just so presumptuous woman,” said Ester, while waving his hand to say goodbye to the staff of the boutique. Ingrid out, raised her hand delicately to call the Taxi, then opened the door by sitting forward, her friends reach her to sit back. Inside the Taxi, Ingrid asked,

“Ladies! Are we going to the Coffee Shop, now?”

“Today… is 12…” said Ester and smiled.

“12—” Asked Ingrid, who shaking her head to observe her friend.

“What is happening today, Ester?” Asked Pamela so curiously.

“Today is… December 12th,” Smiled Ester.

Pamela silently, still without understanding. Ingrid observed her friend and then settled into her seat watching the road.

“Soon… it will be Christmas!” Grinned Ester.

“You know… what I think about… Christmas—” Said Ingrid softly.

“This year the city has decorated the streets much better… wow!” Said joyful Pamela, who watching the street from the car windows,

“Sir, do you do not have Christmas music in your taxi?” Asked Esther.

“I told him to turn off his music… today will be all Christmas in the Coffee Shop… in the Tea Room… Ooh stop it!” Exclaimed Ingrid.

“It’s Christmas time!” Grinned Ester.

“We know what do you think of Christmas… dear Ingrid,” said Pamela in low tone, but her eyes bright to reflecting the Christmas lights and ornaments of the street…


“Hi, sweetheart… you are so beautiful!” Steve greeted with a kind smile and helping with the chair so that Ingrid would sit at the small table in the Tea Room, he bent down to kissing her on the cheek -the red blush could stain Steve’s lip- then he went back to her place, arranging her glasses to observe her beautiful bride better,

“Beautiful-beautiful-beautiful—” Said Ingrid murmured in a bored tone, as she laid the napkin on her knees and looked at has Christmas designs.

“What happens sweetheart? You’re so beautiful and I’m the most flattering man in the world to have you as my future wife!” Said Steve sweetly, while accommodating the napkin on his knees. Ingrid silently, supported her small wallet on the table and took the Menu in her hands, without paying attention to Steve’s words,

“I think love… you had an unpleasant day today—” Smiled Steve and looked at her through his glasses and taking a look at the Menu.

“More unpleasant is this menu! I do not like any!” Said Ingrid bored.

“But… sweetheart! It’s your favorite… Tea Room—” Said Steve in a low voice.

“For that reason! We always come here! Always!” Grinned Ingrid, who supporting the Menu on the table.

“But—” (was interrupted).

“Nothing Steve! Do you could think about how flatter me with something new!” Exclaimed Ingrid as looked around with bored look. The Tea Room, was elegantly decorated with a Christmas theme, they had changed their central pictures for Christmas themes and surrounded by cheerful amber Christmas lights, with a huge Christmas pine, that gave lovely perfume to whole room, decorated with bright and cheerful decorations, the tables with Christmas candles and in the background could see the buffet’s cake and the enormous piano that some, played Christmas melodies, all they has happy faces, that’s was Ingrid always wondered -why- without having an answer.

“Something new…? Flatter you more…? Ingrid—” (was interrupted).

“Steve, stop! I chose the number 3 just stop it, please!” Said Ingrid serious, opening her small wallet to looking something but she did not know what she looking for… just only felt the looks of many around her.

“I still say sweetheart, today was not… a beautiful day for you—” Said Steve smiled sweetly as he took Ingrid’s hand. Ingrid continued in silence, looking around, without finding what she was looking for… just she felt conflicting glances.

“My parents are very happy with… the visit of our European relatives who will visit us for Christmas time! Do you can imagine how is my mother!” Smiling Steve, wishing to cheer up this moment.

“Ooh fine—” Said Ingrid in a low voice as watched her dinner, was served to the table.

“I think, those buffet’s cakes are so delicious,” said Steve in a low tone.

“Are always the same Steve! They do not vary in anything!” Said Ingrid, what still observing her dinner on the table.

“Ooh no, my dear! This year I observed in his Menu… having English, German, French and Swiss dishes,” said Steve as began to enjoy his dinner.

Ingrid, did not respond… just moved the fork on… her food.


“How is so boring this relationship with Steve… ooh!” Said Ingrid bored as hung her jacket in the entrance closet of the home. Her elderly Mother from the huge living room, listening her exclaim and stop to reading and observe his daughter who walking fast towards the living room, with her serious face, go to sitting on the big couch,

“What…? Who is bored, Ingrid?” Asked the elderly mother confused who watching between his little reading glasses, “but… you, said Steve made you laugh and… the times passed quickly with he—” (was interrupted).

“Now mother I understand, why the couple separate!” Said Ingrid in a serious tone as watched the wood being consumed in that enormous fireplace.

The house of his parents did not decorate it more with many Christmas details, Ingrid remembered the huge Christmas pine illuminated, where they waited for their gifts with the brother Roy and the delicious Christmas cookies hanging on that huge pine, the old wooden train of Grandfather around the pine, the walls and the house was with warm colors and cheerful details, watching it now, was not more the real pine just an artificial small pine, no more the lovely decorations or the walls that called happiness…

“Boring…? Couple separate…? But…? What you talking about, Ingrid?” Asked the elderly mother, who observing serious and confuse her daughter.

“Ooh mother! I not liked being asked the same question… like an echo!” Said Ingrid bored, getting up from the huge chair and heading towards the hall, go up the wide staircase, to her bedroom.

“Ingrid! I think that, you should have a work! Why do not talk with your father?    Every day, you are more nervous! Not more the harmony in this house!” Grinned the elderly mother in a serious tone from the couch, try to beginning read again his book. When felt the entrance door, close it.

“What’s going on in this house?”

Asked the elderly father confused as hung his jacket and hat in the entrance closet, he listening wife’s exclamation.

“Talk with your daughter! Every day… she is more nervous! I think she should work! There… is no more harmony in this house!”

“I’ll talk with her, darling, just let me please… least rest, I just went home now,” said in a low tone, as put on his slippers to walk at the hug living room, there was no music only the sound of the wood consuming in the fireplace. When a lady workhouse approached the half of the living room to indicate that the

dinner was served, then walked away,

“You! Cuddle so much Ingrid… today, she thinks can treat the world and us!” Said the elderly mother so seriously, leaving her book on couch, kissed her husband on the forehead and, headed towards the dining room.

“Hum… I’ll talk with her—” Sighed sad the elderly father, as walked at a slow steps, his age now produce fatigue, heading the huge dining room. The table was lit with a huge chandelier in the half, a delicious perfume of pumpkin soup and orange chicken, flooded the entire dining room. The lady workhouse serve their dishes when she said,

“Miss Ingrid sends the message, that will not accompany at the table, she advance her dinner in the Tea Room today, send her apologies,”then walked away, through the door that joined the kitchen with the dining room.

“And… when this Miss, accompanies us to dinner—“, Said the elderly mother under sad tone as started eat his dinner.

“I’ll talk with her! It’s time—” Said the elderly father, observing his wife, the huge table and everything around him. They had preferred to change the style of decoration of his house, no more colors or red wall papers, today it was all painted in white, the pictures as always select and just few decoration -as her wife liked today- the house looked bigger, wider and cooler…


“Did you put everything in your suitcase, Jacobo?”

“Jacobo… you listened to me?” Asked the mother again with a louder voice.

“What do you say Mum…?” Said the little boy confused, observing his mother, who watched him closely.

“Did you put everything in your suitcase, Jacobo?”

“Eh… Hum… I think yes mum—” Said the little boy, who returning to play with his robot.

“I hope, you have everything ready in your suitcase Jacobo, Dad went to buy some things to take to the grandparents and, then we must go to the airport,” said the mother who watching her son kept playing with his robot and focused on his game. Raquel, was five months pregnant, and waiting for her second child. That Christmas they had decided to go in Roy’s parents home, after many years since her husband, decided to leave everything and his family to go with Raquel live in the Latin country of her parents, she thought it was an act of rebellion by her husband, but later she could see that just wanted to live and leave this routine life system that he did not want to live, although in these Christmas Eve, his husband was always a moment in silence, but his managed well to make him smile, Raquel’s parents appreciated him as part of the family. It was not easy to learn a new language, culture and customs, but time to time he managed to overcome the obstacles and be able to pursue a career in the university of that Latin country where he decided for himself that he wanted to do in his life, he was lucky to find nice work in a prestigious company but still did not change the simple rhythm of life what he enjoyed. They lived in a normal apartment in the city of that country, near Jacobo’s school and Roy’s work. Raquel for her pregnancy was in home always, had decorated with the same decoration of the last year, did not have many animosity, this pregnancy brought with lot of sleep and tired moments, many things changed her daily routine, she did not enjoy watch films for long hours with his son Jacobo because her slept quickly- they did not share with her brothers on Thursday going to play bowling out and Saturdays could not go to drink a few beers with her friends in the pub, but all this she knew this sacrifice was to give life to his future son. Roy, had learned many things to do at home, he cooked better than Raquel spend more time at home and be with his son. Jacobo had decorated his bedroom with the Christmas decorations what made at his school, although his bedroom was all decorated with a Space theme  -he love it so much- he did not have shelf with toys, everything was kept in a huge plastic box, have few tale’s books and their robots, he did not have many friends in his building -there were not many children of his age- for this reason liked the idea of going to the school and playing with his friends there. That day they had to travel to another Continent -of their grandparents who did not know, just for photos- everything at home was prepared for that trip, Raquel’s parents had having breakfast together and giving their respective gifts to Roy’s relatives, they were so happy with the idea of Raquel meeting the husband parent’s, even if they had some doubts about how her would be accepted, but they knew Christmas is a magical time and love. Jacobo was very focused on his robot game and did not understand his mother’s question well, his concentration on his game absorbs always completely,

“I hope, like it to my parents,” said Roy, in the hall’s apartment with in hands had a big box, who support on the couch next to the suitcases, went towards the kitchen where was his wife, who enjoying a hot tea and reading a baby decor magazine -she had thought to divide Jacobo’s bedroom- with his new brother,

“Ooh dear, you’re here!”

“Hi love! I bought several types of cheese, some jars of pickled peppers, stuffed olives, the spicy onions and also those artichokes with vegetables,” said Roy, while pouring a cup of hot coffee.

“Dear, in my suitcase have space for it, next to the bottles of wine that my parents send to them,” said Raquel watching with love her husband, although, if they had spent many years together, her husband had matured in their lines, and leaving behind the juvenile lines.

“I hope like mum… she is a special… well, is everything ready, love?”

“Dear, I know… she would like it, do not be afraid… it’s your parents and, them love you! Jacobo keeps playing with his robot,”

“Okay… I’ll see if everything is ready with Jacobo,” said Roy, getting up with his coffee cup to went son’s bedroom.

The apartment was not very big but was comfortable, even if Jacobo’s bedroom door was closed, he could feel the voice of the little boy playing with his robot and Roy, remember when he was played with his soldiers and horsemen -the favourite toys of the grandfather- remembering that moment, he lost himself in his mind for a few moments, then he knocks on Jacobo’s door and opened the door,

“Hi son, are you ready?” Said Roy watching his son with love.

“Hi dad! Hum… well… I think so—” Said Jacobo, who returning to playing.

“Son, your mother asked you first, now I ask you… and, you answer me the same, this means that… everything is ready and, we can go to the airport now,” said Roy, who caressing the head of his son, “I go to the living room to prepare our luggage and then, we go to the airport!”

“Okay dad—” Said Jacobo to continued playing, concentrating on his game.

Roy, go to living room,

“these are our luggage, love?”

 Asked sweetly to his wife, who was preparing his handbag and putting on his long coat, “yes, it is, was coordinated yesterday dear… just needed to add that you bought today,” said Raquel, at looking for her hat and gloves.

“Hum… okay… it’s all ready!” Said Roy, put the last things in the suitcase, his laptop in his backpack, his work schedule and then look around if he was missing something else, then close the suitcase. He went in search his coat and scarf, and then go to his son’s bedroom, which was still playing,

“Jacobo…!” Grinned Roy, looked from the bedroom door, “we are ready and, you keep playing! Where is your suitcase?”

“What Dad?—” Said the little boy, so confused observing his father who was very serious looked him, from the angle of the door.

“You, so concentrate on your game! You, not listened to your mother and now… you do not listen to me, son!”

“Dad—” (was interrupted).

“Get up now Jacobo! Show me, where your suitcase!”

Jacobo, decided to leave his robot on the mat and crouch under his small bed to pull the small suitcase -filled with stickers of robots and planets- opened it to put his robot, then he got up and answered,

“Here is, dad—”

“When someone asked a question, you need answer it son, it’s not good to be focused on other things and… not pay attention to the question… did you understand me, Jacobo?” Said Roy, while walking away with the small suitcase to the living room.

“Sorry dad… we’re on vacation at school and… I just had fun with my robot,”

said Jacobo as entered in the living room to looking for his jacket and hat.

“Okay… now, we’re all ready? Can we go to the airport? I’ll call the taxi, you love worry about Jacobo… I’ll take the luggage.


“Knock    Knock    Knock,”

“Ingrid!” Called her father, behind the door.

Ingrid left the computer -she was chatting with her friends- and was quickly opening the door,

“Hi dad… Hum… what’s up?” Said Ingrid intrigued.

“I want to talk with you Ingrid—” Said low the old father as entered in daughter’s bedroom, to observing all around, for a long time he did not, since was children and he visited them more often in theirs bedrooms -great moments- thought the old father, but today each one towards his own life and Roy does not live in house, he live in other Continent and was Ingrid the only one who stayed at home. Her bedroom was not decorated more with Princess theme, remember to have decorated her walls and curtains and her mother decorating with tulle and Princess designs around her bed, now the dolls no wearing long dresses and crowns, today has occupied by modern ornaments, photo frames of her and her friends, boyfriend and ‘Split’ the Belgian dog that now rests in the garden his body, was died of old…

“Dad… sorry… but what’s happen?” Asked Ingrid again so intriguingly and, interrupting her father’s mind at that moment, who then sat on the small couch,

“Ingrid, we did not talk since you was a little girl… do you remember that problem in your school, to which we solved it and from there was no more opportunity to talk, I think maybe for my dedication to my work, then you grew up—” Said the old father, and observing melancholy every detail of the bedroom his daughter sitting in bed dressing on his bed, watching confused her father, “hmm… Dad… sorry, but I do not understand… ooh it’s about today—” (was interrupted).

“I think Ingrid… what happen today has been happening for a long time and? We, no had time to talk to tell us… what happening—” Said the old father with soft tone, who watching his daughter.

“Dad, you know how much I love you… I’ve always talked with you about my problems and… chose you in everything… I’ve always thought that mum was very focused just on Roy, more than… in me,”

“N no… this is not truth Ingrid… your mother is a good woman, we are together since school time and our personal problems have been few today…

we are old and many things have changed, we not more have the energy and vitality. Your mother suffers in her silence,  I know… although if her seems be cold some sometimes, but I think it is her way of giving strength to herself, I have seen dear Ingrid, the huge heart of your mother    I know Roy, was her favorite but..we always bring to you the best too…until now!’

‘Dad    The only truth is…Roy was and is her favorite!     Since Roy, left the home, she changed everything at home and even Christmas ceased to be as before… it is not more now!”

“You right Ingrid… for your mother was so crucial to know Roy left the University to go to in this Latin Country behind his love… he was had very good votes in this prestigious University, we imagine he would get a prestigious career of life…but, love was more stronger—” Said the old father, what looking around with teary eyes.

“What…? No Dad! Sorry but you wrong! Roy hurt Mum when finished this relationship with his daughter’s best friend!”

“Ingrid… apart from that event, I do not think anything was more painful to knowing that our son left his good future to… go a far country, far from modernity life and new culture, language, we honestly did not agree with Roy’s attitude and… was one of the principal reasons for his silence and absence with us, the family for all this time,”

“Dad, why do not say that you and mum, would wanted Roy to sit at your desk to continue your staff! You did not think of me… always Roy!”

“Ingrid… I can not hide it, is true that would have been my great dream that’s happened but… today Sergio take his own way, he is happy and we, must be respected it—”

“Excuse Dad… but… hum, do you want to talk about Roy… with me?”

“N noo… no! Ingrid,” said the old father, confusingly observing his daughter, that they were no more longer little girl and now is a woman was set before him, “Ingrid, I want to talk about you… not about Roy,”

“What…? What do you say Dad! About me! Why about me?”

“Ingrid, that what happen today at home… has been repeated for many years and—” (was interrupted).

“What? Stop Dad! Noo, oh, no! What do you say!” Grinned Ingrid, and getting up from her bed to taking steps in a circle.

“Let me talk, Ingrid! You have a wrong way to impose always your word! 

Which is not the right one and not the correct! Your arrogance… is so stronger than your heart! This is what you and your brother, are so… different!”

“I’m so sorry, Dad—” Said Ingrid, approaching to hug her father.

“Ingrid… the coldness in this house was more accentuated when Roy left us… is truth, but today is… a constant coldness,” said the old father who looking sad at the floor, then observed his daughter, “but the relationship with your mother… is so worst!”

“What…? Sorry Dad but what do you say? Hmm, you’re exaggerating!” Smiled Ingrid.

“Ingrid… there is no reason to smile or to be proud of this… your arrogance is so hard… I repeat you, must change for better, remember that… humility can makes you a great too… but you are so superb with your friends, with Steve, with your mother and now, you smiling at me! Because you are arrogance woman!”


“Your mother is so right, when says that you should work Ingrid!… I will talk to my partner to see if has a free position in some of his businesses, maybe you would be interested in exercising what that you studied in the University, in these times of Christmas maybe can find some space for you,” said seriously the old Father, rising from the small couch, “I hope… from tomorrow Ingrid, sit with us at the table at breakfast time also at dinner time… I think we deserve some respect… yes, your elderly parents who pay everything for you… until now! Good night Ingrid.”

The father left her room.

Ingrid was in great confusion, in his mind…


“Today, comes your brother, Ingrid,” said Pamela.

They were having lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Pamela and Ester are friends from the University, both worked. Pamela was independent, she opened her Accounting Counsel studio and Esther worked in a construction company as an Architect. Ingrid studied architecture and decoration, without even exercising her degree. Ingrid savoured her Chinese noodles -she liked it a lot- was concentrating on her food when, she answered, “yes… today Roy arrives… the favourite of mum! Ha ha, with his Latin family, hum… Dad will go to pick it up them, to the airport,”

“And you?” Asked Pamela.

“I’m here! To eat my favorite meal Ha ha,” smiled Ingrid, who looked radiant at that moment, wearing bluejeans, with high boots, a woven mesh and the cap of the same fabric and color, big golden rings earrings and his sensual smile.

“I thought, you would be thrilled to have your brother at home… after so many years,” said Pamela, to starting eat her second course.

“I’m excited to… imagine the face of my mother when see Roy! And, his new Hispanic family! Ha ha,” smiled Ingrid, when his cell phone rang, was Steve, wanted to coordinate for to meet in dinner with her, when the bell rang for a second call and Ingrid saw her dad’s number calling, she paused Steve and, answered her father,

“Hi dad… what’s up? Hmm, Roy, did not arrive? Ha ha,” Smiled Ingrid.

“Ingrid… I’m just calling to remind you that, we’re waiting for you at dinner time, do not forget what we talked, see you later…” said the old father and cutting off the conversation. Ingrid returned to Steve’s call,

“Steve… hum… I was talking to Dad now and… he says, I should be at dinner time at home… yeah… Roy and his Hispanic family arrived… yes, it’s, okay… see you tomorrow, kisses,”

“Are you going to dinner with, your parents today? Wow!”

“Hmm, it’s not that what you imagine Pam… we, will not go to a fancy restaurant or eat in Dad’s club, just… want I have schedules with them… just this—” Said Ingrid, to moving the fork in his noodles.

“Ooh! I understand, the rules started at… home,”

“And… Dad, wants me to work, he says… I’m superb woman,” said Ingrid, who

moving the noodles without eating them.

“Superb woman? Hum, I would say a very conceited woman!” Smiled Pamela.

“Hmm, no Pam! The only conceited always is Roy… not me!” Said Ingrid, pushing out her plate with the fingers and look at her cell phone, if she had any messages.

“Your brother does not live with your parents, also… lives so far away, Ingrid, I think that for every elderly parents, it is a great emotion and… even more in Christmas time!” Said Pamela, “there will also be a child in home this Christmas!”

“Hum—” Said Ingrid, to observing her next course, “we did not enjoy Christmas time since we was kids, now… Mum changed everything at home and… today It’s all modern, no more decorations, no more happy parties… you know how is my Mother—”

“Just… like her daughter!”

“I think, her it’s… more worse! Ha ha,” smiled Ingrid.

“I hope… your brother’s family being accepted with affection, so they come from far and… after many years,” said Pamela thoughtfully.

“I hope dad, finds me work after these holidays… I’m not ready to start schedules now—”

“Well, I go to the Shopping Mall for the gift of my parents… come on with me, Ingrid?”

“If, you promise first, go to the boutique with me… I decided to choose that dark red dress, ha ha!” Smiled Ingrid.

“Okay! Sound great! Ester will meet us after at the Shopping Mall,” said joyfully Pamela.


They, all sitting at the large table in the dining room, the table was lit by huge candles, the great perfume delicious of the wine roast, mashed potatoes, hot salad and butter bread rolls -Roy’s favorite- Christmas tablecloth with white tone in the background, plates decorated with Christmas designs,

“Wow! Mum… you did not forget it!” Said happily Roy, tasting the freshly baked bread rolls.

“How to forget it, son!” Said the old Mother, to observing her son tenderly, “I remember when you ran around the table and, your grandparents gave you pieces of bread rolls,”

“Great memories!” Said the old Father, who smiling and serving champagne in the glasses, “the roast is always, the favorite dish for ours family,”

“Sorry dad… could say Roy’s favorite Ha ha,” smiled Ingrid, who observing her brother.

“Well… I do not want to bother about it, Ingrid, but, I still remember that… we tasted many roasts together… when we are children and… today as keep doing it!”

“Jacobo, loves roast! My Mother prepares with carrots, mushrooms and many onions,” said Raquel, cheerfully.

“Onions? Ooh noo please! The onions is very strong taste and… it takes away the real flavor of the real roast! Maybe, in your country… eaten on this way!” Said the old mother surprised.

-There was a moment of silence-

“Eh… Mum… each country has its own taste, you… always travel to European countries where the food does not differ much from ours… I think, would like to taste something… not common in your daily life,” said Roy, with a kind smile, as he watched his mother and his wife -who was in silent- to helping eat his son, “Raquel’s Parents cook so delicious, both delight in preparing everything since the morning and it’s fresh food, they do not have a kitchen assistant, you can see them peeling onions, potatoes, making the spicy that is a delight, sincerely mum, it is very exciting to know new cultures,” said happily Roy and while continued deleting the roast.

“Well, I have a kitchen assistant and… this was also done by yours grandparents too—” said the old mother, who observing Roy and his daughter-in-law who was in silent.

“And? The hands… stink onions! Ooh! What the hell! Ha ha,” smiled Ingrid as she watched Raquel silent.

“Well We are talking a lot about food and… no one savours this delicious roast!” Said the old Father, who observing the tension on the table, “we are, here together not for talk about onions or recipes… just to taste this delicious roast in good company like… Roy and his family today, I think your Mother feels the same in this moment!… Roy and Raquel thanks for accepting our invitation and… you are welcome, this are your home!” Said happily the elderly father, making a cheers with champagne.

“I love this roast! It’s different… but it’s delicious!” Exclaimed Jacobo.

“Sure! No has onions little boy, ha ha!’ Smiled Ingrid.

“You’re still the same… Ingrid!” Said Roy in a serious tone, “remember, he’s just a little boy and… is your nephew,”

!Well… with onions or without onions… the most important thing is… that Roy is here for Christmas! With his new family,” said sweetly the old Mother, who observing her grandson Jacobo.

“Thanks! Roy and I… looked forward to this invitation and… we are truly happy to be here today… maybe, my parents do not have a lot of money but… I can assure you that, they have a huge heart and love Roy as one son,” said Raquel happily

“Ooh!” Exclaimed surprised Roy’s mother.

“Excuse me but… the mashed, is so delicious! Has cheese?” Asked Raquel timidly.

“Oh, yes! Has mozzarella, Edam cheese and Brie, is prepared with two different types of potatoes yellow and white, with a touch of milk,” said the old mother.

“What…? Stop it Mum… please!  What do you say Mum, you’ve never cooked!    How can you tell us… what ingredients has it? Please, mum! Ha ha,’ smiled Ingrid.

“Ingrid, although if… I do not cook, I am very well informed of… the ingredients that… we eat and… control their preparation—” Said in a low tone the old Mother.

“Mum please! What do you say! Ha ha!” Smiled Ingrid.

“I do not cook and… do not know what ingredients has each dish, but… it’s so delicious when spinach is sprinkled on it,” said the old Father and smiling.

“Spinach with mashed? Hmm… so delicious! Yummy!” Exclaimed Jacobo.

There were smiles on the table.

Roy silently delighted his plate, observing everything around him and observing his elderly parents,

“You’ve changed the house completely, Mum,” asked Roy.

“I made it… something more… modern—” Said the old mother.

“What…? Ooh no Mum! Certainly not! You changed everything in the house, because Roy left the university, your home and his relationship with your daughter’s friend! Tell the truth Mum, please!” Grinned Ingrid and watching her brother blush.

“What’s given in your meal Ingrid? I think have lot of hot pepper it!” Exclaimed so seriously the old father.

“Ingrid… I opened my wings and I am happy now! That, what you did not try to do it!” Said Roy and watching his sister smile with that superb personality.

“I would never go in dirty places or… where the culture is very poor! Simply that!”

“Well… you will never leave the house, Ingrid!”

“Excuse me! But… Roy has bought some delicious cheeses and pickles… they are typical of our city where we live and… I think would like to try them!” Said Raquel.

“Of course! We, would to try it,” said cheerfully Roy’s father.

When the kitchen assistant came with trays of cheese and pickles, to supporting on the table.

“Hum… are they made by hand?” Asked Ingrid, and smiling.

“Stop it Ingrid, please!” Said ashamed the old Father.

Roy, still observing the whole dinning room with melancholy.

“Dad, I finish my dinner… can I go to play with my robot, now?” Asked Jacobo in low tone.

“Of course, son,” said Roy who stroking the black hair of his son, had the pigments of his mother.

“Robot…?” Asked Roy’s mother.

“Jacobo, love his robot that… my parents gave last Christmas,” said Raquel who smiling.

“Thanks, was delicious the dinner,” said Jacobo, cheerfully while arranging the chair and walking towards the living room. Ingrid, was quietly to watching the scene. The father ate slowly, he was no more young. The mother, with her glasses observed curiously each container of pickles. Roy, observing his parents with melancholy and love, observed that they were old and no more longer young and strong, that he had in his mind.


“But? What…? Ooh! What do you say Ingrid!” Asked Ester, without understanding what saying Ingrid. Pamela, very focused, listened and watched both of them. They were in the Coffee Shop. Today the snow had begun to fall, it was beginning everything white out there,

“Ooh!” Exclaimed Pamela.

“But… sorry Ingrid! Your brother… has not visited for many years and… your behavior was not… the most correct!” Exclaimed Ester.

“Ooh! Poor woman… I would, not have wanted being in her skin!” Exclaimed Pamela.

“When you… and your mother… make peace?” Asked Ester.

Ingrid smiled, while drinking her coffee with cream and pieces of chocolate -the speciality of the Coffee Shop at Christmas -she wore a green skirt with black boots and a black jacket, beret and beige scarf, with silver rings, her wavy hair was semi-gathered, she looked splendid.

“You will never change, Ingrid!” Exclaimed Pamela.

When Ingrid’s cell phone rang and, she answered quickly,

“Hi dad… what?… Eh… now? But?… hum, oh non problem, just… I’m with my friends in the Coffee Shop… N noo, It’s all okay Dad… I’ll be there,”

-There was a silence-

Ingrid looked at her cell phone in silence and her friends watched the scene without understanding what was happening.

“Ladies, I must go… now,” Said Ingrid.

“Something… wrong Ingrid?” Asked Esther.

“Why… are you going so fast?” Asked Pamela.

“Hmm, nothing bad, I told you… Dad wants me to work… and, today he wait me… in his office,” said Ingrid, adjusting her beret and preparing her purse, “sorry! I must go… now,”

“Good luck Ingrid,” said Pamela.

“Ingrid… it’s time to grow up… leave behind your arrogance… please,” said Ester.

But Ingrid was not listening at that moment, she was leaving quickly to take a taxi straight to her father’s office. When his cell phone rang again, it was Steve,

“Hi Steve… eh… hmm… sorry, I’m on the way to my father’s office, mmm, n no, we can not meet today…but, I’ll wait you at dinner in house… so you’ll meet my brother Roy… yes, it’s all okay, now I should go to my father’s office now… sorry… we’ll talk later… It’s all okay, see you later, kisses,” Ingrid cut the communication.

Her mind was thinking about what her father would tell her or what would happen from today with her life, she was so very confused.


The people passed through this small window of that humble house, someone stayed a few moments to observing the puppets that were lit by the old Christmas lights that It was reflected in the cheerful faces of them -they were made in different sizes, materials and colors- and could be seen that they were made by hand. The house was humble and simple inside, near the small window was the comfortable chair where the old woman created her own puppets, had a small closet near to the window where supported his works, the house had decorated with simple Christmas lights and some bright balls, had always on the small fireplace decorated with simple Christmas decorations, the small pictures is painted winter landscapes, a huge rug in the half of the small living room, in the half was a decorated pot  -without a Christmas tree- his old legs covered them with a knitted wool blanket, always on it was his huge old cat ‘Perico’, color white, grey and brown stripes. The old woman worked with different materials as wool, felt, cloth, plush, some were recycled… but? What was most striking was is the happy smile in everyone, some of their faces were painted by hand and others were knitting, but the brightness in their eyes was always the same, gave joy!. The old Woman smiled sweetly, watching the people lean out her window to watch her puppets, she could see the eyes of many curious and others full of surprise to admiring them, but nothing special had these dolls, just showed joy and sweetness,

“Perico! Look at how many admirers we have today!” Exclaimed sweetly the old woman as she caressed her huge cat that complacently watched the old woman, with his huge eyes bright and reflected the color of the Christmas lights, “today… we will decorate our little tree and the table, our friends should have fun… before going to their… new homes,” said the old Woman with soft voice, while watching with love her puppets, “well… let’s continue working this Mr. Tess, honestly, it’s a huge bear!” Said the old Woman, who smiling and showing the huge plush bear what she was doing, his cat watched the bear and meowed as if he to answer the old Woman and talk to the puppet -who smiled- the others puppets had the smile on their faces and seemed to replied with a smile to the old woman, “the day is smaller in winter and my eyes are not younger to work without light, so we continue working… I hope to finish it before dinner, you my little ones, continue to show the magic of Christmas to all those who admire you today, remember your mission, make happy everyone!” Said the old woman to her dolls, and the scene gave the impression that her puppets listened to her and watched her work.


“Mother! I always thought that I would tell you the day we met again…many times I longed for this moment and… at other times I was afraid that my new family would not be accepted… and today I’m here front of you and, I do not know what, to tell you…” said Roy in a low voice to his old mother, who watched him silently at the dining room table.

“Dear son! There are no more words that can express this beautiful moment what having you back home with us… you do not know how much I yearn for it too!” Said the old Mother, who taking the hand of his son with love and observing him, it was many years that this special moment did not exist and today he was a man no longer a young man.

“The coffee getting cold and… we must go to choose the Christmas Pine,” said Raquel cheerfully.

“Mum, but? They have… Christmas tree!” Said Jacobo confused as he finished his cereal, and watching the mother smile.

“That’s not the real Christmas tree… that was used here… in this house, son,” said Roy.

“But Dad—” (was interrupted).

“Pine…?” Asked the old mother so curiously, “what Pine are you… talking about…!”

“Christmas Pine, mother!” Said Roy, smiling as he finished his coffee quickly, “Mother takes out the Christmas decorations of the family that when we return, we will decorate this house as it was before!”

“Ooh son! I kept them in the attic… because they brought back many memories of you when you were little and we… cried when saw them, for this reason I decided… to change the look of Christmas in this house… your father was also sad and… we both thought about changing the tonality and… well,” said the old mother between tears.

“Please, do not be sad dear mother-in-law, now… we are here and… Roy is happy with yours and we also to be accepted… in your house!” Said Raquel, who was rising from the table to get her hat and scarf, Jacobo followed them happy.

“My apologize for Ingrid and… her superb behavior… your father and I… sincerely are… very embarrassed by his cruel words at the table—”

“I understand, no worry,” said Raquel, and taking her mother-in-law’s hands tenderly.

“Mum… we’re going for the pine now!” Said Roy, leaving the dining room with light steps.

“Ooh! I do not know… what I say so confused… son, are you really… here?”

Roy approached the mother, hugged her tenderly and gave a kiss on his forehead,

“yes mother, I am here and my family too! Please allow me the keys of your car to be able go in search of this Pine now.’

The mother with tears in her eyes looked at them through the window.

Jacobo, greeted her from the car what while slowly on the street…


“This, was the road, hum… and now everything changed here!” Said Roy, who watching from the car the streets.

“Are you sure… is here, dear?” Asked Raquel, who observing curiously through the window of the car, “after many years maybe some has changed,”

Jacobo did not miss any scene from the window of the car.

“Hum… with Dad, we always came here… to choose the most beautiful pine that sold them here… but, now everything has changed!” Said Roy confused.

“Wait Dear, look at that business… ask them?” Said Raquel, who looking with love at her husband.

“I’ll do that, now!”

“Dad, I’m going… with you!” Said Jacobo cheerfully, who putting on his hat and gloves, and quickly leaving the car to reach his father.

That morning was not cold but the sky showed signs that would snow soon. The few businesses on that street were adorned with old Christmas decorations, the lantern street was decorated and the people well-sheltered entered a the bakery, where from the window could see them enjoy hot drinks, the perfume of that bakery called the attention to Jacobo, who ran to look at the scene from the window.

“Yes son, we will go with mum to delight there hot drinks and this rolls, I promise you…j ust let me find the place of those pines… please,” said Roy, who was heading towards a business in the street corner.

Jacobo smiled and, waved his hand at his mother who was watching him from the car, while Jacobo ran following his father. Everything caught his attention and it was very curious, from the door could see his father talking to another man, Jacobo observed everything around him, when he watched a group of people was observing a window of a small house, that was located around the corner of the business, his curiosity was very big as the emotion of everything, he ran towards the group of people, not could see nothing -because the adults there were very tall- but between all these people, he can see the face a little girl to smiling and told he,

“We, are watching the show of the puppets… the old woman makes it with her hands… mum likes to watching how the little snowman moves his hat and greets with his blue glove… and, I love that tall Santa who moves his thin legs to dancing… Do you can see?”

“Eh… hmm… honestly… I do not see anything from… here,” said Jacobo, who observing with curiosity.

“Mum… mum! Listen to me… that child wants to see… the show!” Said the little girl, who pulling her mother’s coat.

“Please! Make space for the child… can see the window, oh thanks,” exclaim an old Man from the angle of the window.

“Now… do you can see them?” Asked the little girl, who smiling.

“I think… something… hum…” said Jacobo timidly.

When two people left the group and left free space so that Jacobo could approach and see that scene to which it was customary to see his robots have own movement, but this scene was so special, the puppets had eyes of buttons and others of sequins that were bright and moved with smile of their faces and their cheeks red, the Christmas lights followed the movement of their bodies of cloth, woven wool, felt, plush and other. Jacobo could feel that scene with joy in his soul and smiled with the little girl who watched with enthusiasm the scene,

“And? The old woman… sells these toys?” Asked Jacobo.

“Oh yeah! Mum already bought the gift for my younger sister and older sister, and also bought for her too, all of them are next to mine puppet in the Christmas tree of my house… now and it’s the same scene, you can see them… joyfully moving and expressing their joy in my home!” Said the little girl so excited, “mum love to watching them for a few moment, when we come to the bakery,”

“Jacobo! Jacobo…!” Grinned Roy, to looking his son.

“Dad! I’m here! I look at… these magical puppets!” Said Jacobo, who waving his hand to help the father see him.

“You… scared me, son!”

“Dad, please… look at them!”

Roy approached and observed this small window were the puppets that exposed, but could not see anything special, just puppets, ‘son, it’s time to go in search the pine’, Roy, who stepping back to get out of the small group of people,

“No Dad, wait a moment, please… buy me one!” Asked Jacobo, sad.

When, them felt the crush of the old door open and came out a little old woman, with silver hair grey who shining with the reflection of the Christmas light, had her hair tied in an old bun, her back was covered by a woven shawl and could see in her apron pieces of cotton and felt from the work what her did. She walked slowly and his sweet smile offered friendship,

“My puppets do not bite, they smile because… they are so happy to be bought and adopted in a new home with love,” said the old Woman softly, “here I show you my last puppets that I finished today,” the old woman showed a bag of jute knitting in patchwork, rectangles and triangles colours red, green and white, was knitting by hand, her opened the bag to showing the puppets with love. People watched with emotion this moment, and some bought them and others just watched with smile on their faces,

“Dad, buy me one for me and… to my brother… please, dad!” Asked Jacobo.

“But… son, wait a moment—” (was interrupted).

“My puppets… do not bite, they just give… joy and love,” said the old woman who observing Roy in his eyes, “I think have something that your son could love it,” the old woman walked slowly back to her small house to looking for something, and leaving the sack on her door. Jacobo watched as the puppets appeared on his face observing the people with a shy look, the puppets that were chosen smiled so happily, while the others still had a shy look,

“Do not be afraid, soon… will be bought and… adopted with love!” Said Jacobo, who caressing the heads of the puppets that showed through the jute sack.

“I’m go now… Merry Christmas!” Said the little girl as she walked away with her mother.

“Is here!” Exclaimed the old woman again at the door, holding in her arms four different puppets, a plush teddy bears with Christmas hats and scarves, a crocheted cat, a princess made of cloth and a rocking horse.

“Dad, buy them please!” Said Jacobo.

“Son—” (was interrupted).

“My puppets do not have a very high cost, but… they have a huge heart of gold, because they are made with love, tell me what do you want?”

“I want everyone!” Said Jacobo cheerfully.

“Wait son…” said Roy, confused.

“Okay, I’ll give you all these puppets… for a good price!” Said the old woman, who observing Roy’s eyes.

“It’s… all okay… thanks,” said Roy as paid for the dolls and carried them in his arms.

The old lady was looking for something in her jute bag while talking to her puppets,

“do not be shy my little babies, remember each of you are designated by the heart of who will love and protect you… now, where is little Sam?”

Roy watched that scene and looked at the group of people smiling at the old woman talking to their puppets.

“Who is… Sam?” Asked curious Jacobo, who looking inside the jute bag.

“Come here Sam!” Said happily the old woman, “this little snowman is very playful and shy, it is the best gift of his first Christmas for your little brother,”

“Oh dad…” said Jacobo, who holding in his hands the little snowman who had a bright vest, beanie hat and wool scarf and bright button eyes,


“Each one is baptized with their names and they are filled with love, they just ask to… be taken care of and they will bring joy to your home!” Said the old woman who observing Jacobo very excited with the little snowman in his hands and talking to him.

“Yours puppets are… so magical,” said the old man from the angle of the window with big smile.

“Please, I want to buy two puppets for my nephews,” said a young woman who looked at the bag of jute to choose them.

The puppets watched their hands pick the one indicated and the others watched from the jute bag still waiting to be adopted.

“They are made with love and a touch of Christmas magic,”

said the old woman, who smiling and taking the sack tenderly, “whoever believes, can see and feel the magic of Christmas,”


“Why took so much time dear? I was very worried!” Said Raquel, “look at, the snow is starting to fall now!”

“Look at mum, they’re smiling and… they’re happy now!” Said Jacobo happily as he got into the car and put the puppets in the back seat.

“Jacobo caught the attention of the puppets of… her old woman who makes them and… we took some extra time,” said Roy, kissed his wife’s forehead, “come on let’s to drink and eat something warm to the bakery before going in search the pine,”

“You found the address, dear?” Asked Raquel, who watching with love her husband. From the first day, she saw him she knew it was love and she was not wrong, although if they suffered many times together to be able to be economically and knew that going to her Latin country of origin with Roy, and if her thought would not be a good idea, everything turned out positive for them, all those years of silence of her husband towards his own family, although if their parents loved he so much, Raquel knew that family love is just one.

“Yes dear, now… let’s eat something!” Exclaimed Roy cheerfully, hugging his wife. Jacobo followed them and looked at the car moving his hand to the puppets that looked at them from the window with happy eyes.

“Here I came with my father to drink the hot chocolate, a specialty of this bakery and its… bread rolls,” said Roy as opened the door and could smell the bakery.

“I’m going to find table for us, you and Jacobo choose what want eat, please… choose for me dear,” said Raquel walked slowly towards the little table in the corner of the bakery, from could see the huge window. Everything was rustic and ancient decor, people enjoyed eating the cakes and hot drinks, the low murmurs of the voices, did not want to silence the Christmas music that had the bakery.

“Mum, look at that delicious hot chocolate and it has lots of… cream and the marshmallows have… smiling faces!” Said Jacobo as started to enjoy himself.

‘Be careful… not stain your clothes,” said Raquel, smiling to saw her son excited.

“Look at these cupcakes are delicious, I chose one of each and… the bread rolls with butter and jam are… delicious,” said Roy who supporting the source in the half of the table. Raquel watched everything with joy, beginning to taste and

delighting in the home made coffee and with a touch of cream with grated chocolate. Roy was delighted with the bread rolls and Jacobo was moped to see the cheerful faces of the marshmallows in his hot chocolate. After this moment of delight and warm the body, they started the march in the car in search of the pine.

“In all these years… some things changed here,” said Roy as moved with the car and had to turn down that street -where the old woman lived- go to the business of selling pine trees.

“Look at, mum! That’s the house of the… old woman!”

Raquel and Roy, watched from the car the Christmas lights that reflected the puppets in the window.

“They are saying… goodbye mum, say hi please!” Said Jacobo as he raised his hand saying goodbye.

Raquel moved her hands smiling, when she thought to imagine -or was it real- watching the puppets move their little hands to saying goodbye.

“Dad, thank you!” Said Jacobo, who kissing his father’s head.

“Son, Christmas is… sharing and today… we have done it!” Said Roy with his eyes lit. Raquel watched the scene what she always observed at home, watching her son talk with his toys.

“We needed to climb the little hill, the father died and… now the son’s manage the business from a new place,” said Roy.

The car was on its way in search of the pine, the snow began to fall more intense that morning.



Exclaimed the old father entering in his house unable to contain the excitement of seeing the Christmas lights at the entrance of his house and inside, “what happened, here?”

“Oh dear!” Said cheerfully the old mother, “was Roy’s idea to look for the boxes where we keep everything Christmas things, they went out to buy this huge pine after breakfast and it was Raquel with Jacobo who have decorating everything at home!”

The face lit with the emotion of the old father could not contain his joy, there was no time to leave his jacket and hat to go to the huge room and see the huge Christmas pine to the half of the room, he watched as his son Roy with his wife and son, happily decorating everything.

“Oh dear… what excitement!” Said the old mother cheerfully, embracing her husband.

“Really… I’m speechless!” Said the elderly father in a choked voice of emotion.

Ingrid came in behind her father, she was silent watching everything, her eyes full of surprise and reflecting the Christmas light of colors in her eyes,

“we missing at home… Roy!” Said Ingrid excitedly.

“Ingrid… please… do not start your sarcasm,” said the old mother.

“Mum… there’s no sarcasm, I’m just telling the truth… I’m here with yours for many years and… I can not make this happiness in yours,” said Ingrid in a low tone.

“Sons… it is time for reconciliation, union and—” (was interrupted).

When the house bell rang, it was Steve who came in cheerfully carrying gift boxes in his arms and entered excitedly observing the whole scene with emotion.

“Wow!” Exclaimed Steve.

“Hi Steve,” greeted Ingrid’s mother.

Ingrid, still in silence observing the whole scene, of smiles and enthusiasm of his brother with his family.

“Hi love… I brought these gifts for… your brother and family,” said Steve.

Ingrid, still silent, motionless watching the scene.

“Oh!… Thanks Steve, it’s a pleasure to meet you, I introduce you my wife Raquel and my son Jacobo,” said Roy, happily as he put the lights on the huge pine, “Mum please, you can turn on it now!”

When the whole room was illuminated with the Christmas lights of the huge Christmas pine, everyone’s eyes shone with the reflection of the lights.

“Only… the angel missing here, still in the boxes” said Roy, cheerfully, hugging his wife and observing the huge Christmas pine.

“Well, this deserves a big cheers!” Exclaimed cheerfully the father who started serving glasses of wine and for Jacobo orange juice,

“Today… we have a lot of celebrate… in this house!” Said the old father.

“I am very excited!” Said the old mother, who hug her son.

“I am very happy with your arrival Roy… I want you to know that… we have always loved you, even… with the decision you made, but, I respect your decision, now you are happy with your new family and I think it was the right thing… today I am very happy to see this scene again in family, it was many years that… this great family emotion was not lived more!” Said the old father.

“Thanks dad,” said Roy, with his luminous eyes, “I do not regret what I did… I am happy with my family… and with yours,”

“Today with the arrival of Roy and his family… also today… our Ingrid… starts a new stage in his life,” said the old father, who observing with joy his daughter.

Ingrid was still silent from her angle.

“What?” Asked the old mother confused, who watching her daughter.

Ingrid watched the floor in silence. Steve watched everyone confused too, in silent.

“I want to say… Ingrid found work in the staff of one of my partners, her son is partner-owns a Shopping Mall and they want the services of Ingrid for these parties, it is a big step for Ingrid that will be able to exercise her studies and I know that this will do a good in her…and, start to work tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow!” Said surprised the old mother, observing Ingrid.

Steve who continued in silence observing everyone with surprise. Roy and Raquel were silent, full of surprise watching the scene. Jacobo, accommodated the wooden train next to the Christmas tree, no matter what was they talked about in the room, he was focused on his childhood world.

“What? Work…? What work Ingrid!” Asked Steve surprised.

“But… tomorrow is 23!” Said the old mother confused, again.

“Cheers for this new beginning for my two son’s… yes dear… tomorrow is 23 and… Ingrid… must work,”

The old mother, surprised in silence, watched her daughter, who still did not say a word. Steve was still in confusion. When Ingrid said,

“Thanks, Dad, you know how love you so much! I am also… be happy with the arrival of my brother Roy… and his family… I know that in all this time I could not give you… that joy what Roy gives you always,”

“You have been very arrogant Ingrid and… cooler with me… for me and your father, we have loved both to equally, Christmas has been a special moment with all yours… my little ones, but fate has been done by each one, choosing his own paths… yes, hurt us a lot Roy to left the university and sincere we thought he was destroying his future… we thought he had a bad life choice, we were frustrated by not being able to change Roy’s decision and… all these years of silence only made us break our hearts in deep sadness… but you Ingrid, you just given hurts moments with…your arrogance personality!”

“I’m so sorry—” Exclaimed low Ingrid.

Steve hugged Ingrid and kissed her forehead with love.

“You are beautiful, are good style and intelligent lady… but this does not give you permission to… treat the world and… your elderly parents,” said the old mother said with tears in her eyes.

“Dad! Dad look at my robot… make a friendship with the new puppets!” Said Jacobo happy, kneeling watching the toys around the huge pine…


“Today… is the Christmas dinner at the Club, are you coming with us, Roy?” Asked the old mother, adjusting her necklace front the enormous gold-leaf mirror in the entrance hall, wearing a set cherry colored with black and white spots, shoes and white wallet, accommodated his long necklace of four turns of pearls -as was the bracelet- his eyes reflected joy and emotion, it’s been a long time since her not felt that great sensation.

“No… mum!” Said Roy, who smiled kindly, ‘I prefer go to the Shopping Mall with Raquel and Jacobo… we still needed buy some gifts,”

“Well done, son!” Said the old father sitting from the chair in the entrance hall, wearing an elegant dark blue suit, a hat the same tone with his scarf and his cane -was not more younger- and in winter time the arthritis was more stronger in his legs and arms, with emotion he observed his wife and son, “sometimes I think that… your mother and I would have liked to delight more sharing with the normal things of the city and its people… but we are old to change certain customs… now,” said slowly and gave a deep sigh, “I think you have shown us in part son, that can be happy outside this circle of life,”

“Dad… what I did… was not rebel act just… I wanted to get away from,” said Roy, who observing his father with melancholy, “but… certain normal things did not live here and sincerely catch myself much more attention what living to following a circular routine life,”

“You did well done son, to choose your path… today I am very proud of you with how much or little you have doing in your life, the most important thing is… that you are happy,” said the old father, he sighed, “today will be the show of Santa Claus, who will descend with his sleigh, of course just electric… this decoration and more is part of your Sister’s work,” said the old father getting up, to go open the door, the wife was ready and gave the reach to her husband.

“It’s time for your sister grow up and… this job will be good for her, maybe… she will be able to control her terrible arrogance,” exclaimed the old mother, taking her husband by the arm.

“Let’s see what happens,” said the old father in a moment of reflection and pause, “but I also, wish to talk with you Roy… we will look for the right moment,”

The parents said goodbye, going both to the Club where, year after year, they were present at the Christmas dinner of charity and camaraderie. Roy, watched them go away in his Father’s car.

“Dear… we are ready!” Said Raquel next to Jacobo, “your parents gone?”

“Yes, they are very punctual to that meeting, besides… Mum is part of the charity group where they sell things that they collect or donate to others… and they must be there before they enter others,” said Roy, who observing his son and wife with eyes of emotion in going to the Sopping Center,

“well, are we ready?”

Asked Roy, who smiling, cheerfully and hugged his family, heading to his Mother’s car, to the Shopping Center. The parents’ house was not near the center of the city, there were no businesses just houses and they lit the runways with the Christmas lights around all the houses -included Roy’s parents- the car passed through the streets and Roy as his family from the car delighted with the light show of each house, leaving the town to start the city, could see small and medium businesses, coffee shops, markets, and Jacobo observed everything from his window, he had arm to one of his robot -the puppets could not touch them until after Christmas -he was excited and spoke happily to his robot. Roy from his mirror watched the scene of his son talking to his robot, and smiled. The car came to a huge bridge full of Christmas lights and crossing the entrance was the huge shopping centre -Roy had left everything in plans and construction- today It was reality and had many years in operation with different businesses inside, a floor only for restaurants and coffee shops, a floor for cinemas, a floor for electronic games, a floor for saunas and gym, slopes with shops and boutiques, cigar shops, gift shops, flower shops, small markets and more… that Shopping Center was the biggest of that city and the most modern around it.

“Wow, Dad is huge this Shopping Mall… than bigger as our have in home!” Exclaimed Jacobo cheerfully, as he descended from the car quickly grabbing his robot and talking to him as if both enjoyed the spectacle of lights and the huge pool that played games of lights and Christmas forms to the rhythm of the music, at the entrance of the Shopping Center, many families, young people in groups, old people, groups of couples entered through its four huge doors of opaque glass- which did not show all the lights to its interior -and its beauty it was decorated with a red carpet and each door of the businesses were decorated in their own style, dressed as young elf who welcomed and announced the show that night, menu that would be served on the floor of meals and some offers more. At the centre of each hall were huge lamps of small neon lights that reflected their brightness in the business glasses, excited people with cheerful faces enjoyed that moment, at the center of each hall were the Christmas decorations and many Elf who help to directing people or taking pictures with some. The electronic stairs and elevators were the elf helping the children and the elderly, in that oval they were cheerful stands of sweets and Christmas hot chocolate, the perfume was delicious, Raquel and Jacobo, could not contain themselves and went to delight, sitting on a few benches decorated as if they were Christmas trunks. Roy, did not remember this scene and reflected, how many years he had been away and still could not believe it was there, that Christmas. When the sound of a trumpet sounded by the speakers then a voice indicated the count of the function of that night. Roy and his family, together with the others, went to the elevators to see the show, many people wanted to see it too, they went to the fifth level, trying to see the show but his surprise, was everything very well organised and calculated, had placed huge screens so that the children could sit on cheerful carpets and cushions, where elf helped them and gave candy canes. Around the rugs were the benches -decorated as if they were made of trunks- and there the elf who they directed the elderly or pregnant women, leaving the balconies for the youth and adults can enjoy the show. When the lights of the huge chandeliers in the corridors lowered their intensity to a minor, being able to reflect the lights of the show, the speakers transmitted everything and it was a moment party, when everything went dark to give an electric blue tone with a background of lights in bright snow silhouettes, to start the music of Nutcracker, the ballet dancer and all the others were a show of luxury and quality for a few moments, then the scene darkened to welcome the following scenes of famous Christmas Tale and their characters, the children silently watched everything from the giant screen and the old people with their luminous eyes were happy. When everything got dark again and from the height at the beginning of the Shopping Mall, the laser light with designs of snowflakes and stars lit the half of the sky, the sound of bells sounded, when the children shouted very excited,

“It’s Santa Claus!”

The sound of the bells was closer when you could see in the distance the arrival of the reindeer and the huge carriage of Santa Claus -everything was mechanical and electric sustained by a thick electric cord that allows you to run away giving the fantasy of moving -just Santa Claus was real- who moved his hand waving at everyone and with his typical smile,

“Ho    Ho    Ho    Merry Christmas to all… bless the world,”

The passage of the carriage left many small pieces of shiny paper, giving an illusion of fantasy. Then the lights went out again to start the musical show of several artists who played Christmas music.

“Well done… good job Ingrid!”

Said Roy, who smiles and huge his wife.


In the house of Roy’s parents, preparing for the Christmas Eve, the elderly parents were very happy without being able to contain their great emotion at that moment, they wore elegant but casual style in their suits, the father was sitting by the huge fireplace and the mother was finishing arranging the Christmas dinner table with the house staff, the table had lit huge candles in the half and at the tables in their environment, it was also in the large living room where Raquel was sitting in the front couch to his son who was concentrating on talking with the puppets and watching the electric train go all around the huge Christmas pine, both wearing Christmas sweaters and Santa Claus hats -no luxurious dress- Roy also wearing a Christmas sweater, with reindeer slippers, who served the wine. From the huge windows of the living room could see the snow fall that night, the Christmas Eve. Ingrid with boxes of gifts in her arms entered at the huge living room, dressed in an elegant champagne coloured dress and shoe of the same tone, her hair pulled back in a funny bun, long earrings of small pearls and sparkling stones equal to her bracelet, smiling she greeted everyone and knelt before the Christmas tree to put her gifts around,

“my apologies, I did not have time first,” said cheerful Ingrid with a splendid smile, “here are my and… Steve’s gifts,”

“Look at aunt Ingrid… how happy is,” said Jacobo happily.

‘Who are happy my little boy?” Said Ingrid, who caressed Jacobo’s dark hair.

“The puppets!” Said Jacobo, who pointing to the puppets that smiled and moved their little arms, reflected by the Christmas lights of the huge pine.

“The puppets? What imagination do you have… my little boy!”

“Noo, aunt Ingrid… it’s not my imagination! Please watch them now!”

Ingrid was still on her knees and turned her head to watch the puppets and just watched the reflection of the Christmas lights and seemed to move.

“Look at them, aunt Ingrid… please look at well!” Said Jacobo who said on knees and watching the puppets scene.

“Hum… I do not… see anything… oh, sorry!” said Ingrid while watching carefully when, her grinned, “wait… wait a minute! Ooh! He moves… his little arm… and? The little princess… greets me!” Grinned Ingrid with her huge bright eyes of the colours of the Christmas lights observed the movement of the puppets with much surprise.

“That little princess is… your gift, aunt Ingrid,” said Jacobo, who smiling, “she is very happy that… you will love her,”

“Ooh!” Exclaimed Ingrid, who still watching the puppets.

“What imagination have my little Jacobo!” Said cheerfully Roy’s mother, as she entered the large room with the source of snacks, she support on the central table and invite her family to serve it.

“I do not think it’s… the fantasy of Jacobo… dear!” Said Roy’s father, who smiling and while taking a snack, “that little brown teddy, moves… his small legs as he… wanted to dance!”

“What… do you imagine!” Smiled Roy’s mother, sitting next to her husband and putting on his glasses to try to see the puppets.

“And, do you see… something moving there, love?” Asked Roy to his wife, who smiling and drinking champagne together in the couch.

“I see this scene always… at home, dear,” said Raquel cheerfully, “I think children can feel more than us, adults,”

“I’m not a child, but… that little teddy moves the little legs… now!” Said Roy’s father, who laughter.

That moment was of smiles and laughter, the whole family was reunited again, embracing the Christmas Eve in union and in harmony. It was one of the best Christmas, after many years of sadness, silence and separation, that Christmas was in the hearts of all. Many more Christmas passed and never again did he know about that old woman. Roy was returned the next week to find her and thank her, but that small house was empty and only said a sign,

‘To rent’

He tried to look through the small window, it was all empty.

“The old woman leave the house next to her old cat and some puppets in Christmas Eve with… an old man, both were lost in the depth of the road towards the hill… of the arm,” said a Lady who observing the window next to Roy, “I liked come here and… enjoy the show of the puppets, but… I returned very late to buy some,”

Roy, was confused but, he thought and understood everything, he smiled looking at the sky. Today Jacobo is 16 years old and still taking care of his robot along with his puppets that they bought for the old woman, although they have lost a little bit of colour -for pass of the time- but they still keep the smile bright. Some people who had bought the dolls of the old woman, commented that her wove the mouth of her dolls with thread of her bright grey hair, although the real story of how her did it was never known anyone, it only remained as proof that they had been created with love, because to each one who had to know received it, because they just gave joy. The years passed and Roy’s father died, the old mother did not attend the Club’s parties any more, she preferred to be at home enjoying her grandchildren. Ingrid got married and had her own children, they lived in a separate house from the parents.

Roy, took his father’s staff -modernizing it and taking more interest to Latin countries where he knew very well- he lived in the parents house with his mother and his family.

Every Christmas, Roy went through that small house, wished he was lucky to find her again that old woman and thank him for the blessing he received that day, he wanted tell her what happened after that day… but he did not see her again.

Roy knew that, he had already been blessed to have shared with her, that… magic of Christmas!


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