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Message from the Author: “Many said that between a Cat and a Mouse can’t be friendship, but  I would to tell you my story and in the end… It will be you, who take your own conclusions! “

Genere: Fantastic Tale

Author: Celia Bailes © Amadriadi

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Created: 8/17/2016

Dedicated toWho did not lose their optimism in me and supported unconditionally my crazy artistic soul“, to my husband Keith Bailes and my parents Emma Centti & Rivo Sanchez.


My mother, had 7 kittens -and one of them died at birth- we lived in the house of an elderly widow lady, my mother was her conceited kitty -although if the family of the old woman did not like cats- the old woman always protected us and gave us a lot of love. But, one day my mother, fell in love with a cat that lived in the next house and after so much love, she had us -her kittens- we were born and grew up always inside the house of the old woman and we made many mischief -discovering new things and testing strength among us- yeah everything was so perfect and beautiful… until one day, our father never came back and our sad mother told us “this is the life” -a phrase that I will never forget- that was our first lesson of life, we could watch our mother always look out the window and his huge eyes were luminous of tears, but the sadness of our mother never stopped loving us, her constant caresses with her tongue in our small bodies was a sensation that left us relaxed next to her and we could feel her lovely Purrs! But, after so much love and happiness, live in house, with a warm bed, fresh food and a lot of love from the old woman and our mother… one day the old woman did not wake up more, our mother says “she died while slept”, my mother always went to the old woman’s bed to wake up her and receive cuddle, but that morning the old woman was so cold and his body was static, when my mother felt over his chest that old heart did not beat any more. The old woman died for her age and a long illness for many years, our mother between sighs and sadness told us, “now her soul no felt more pain or fatigue.”

These were very sad and critical moments for all of us because none of the family of the old woman wanted to take responsibility for us, they talked to each other and we looked with frightened eyes, until one day the older daughter -of the old woman- came to the house with a huge basket where she put all of us -my mother and we her 6 kittens- the daughter of the old woman spoke on her cell phone while hastily driving her car, concentrated in the sale the mum’s house, from the basket we could feel her dedication to put the house at a good price, but about us, she just was carrying all of us were to the Animal Adoption Centre of the City, where she quickly left the basket without saying goodbye to us, we only felt her quickly movement to put the basket on top of something and walked away. We did not know what was happening, the huge eyes of our mother watched us scared -I never saw her before- until one woman opened the basket and welcomed us, bringing us towards a long cold way all Gray, we entered a huge room very cold, were many iron cages and we could see other cats in the many iron cages there.


My mother, was silent and lonely in that iron cage apart of us, from that day, no more warm house, no more love… from there my mother with her huge eyes watched us in her silence, did not need words to express her love to each one of us -although we could feel her anxiety- all of us was very nervous in the other iron cage -we were divided with other small cats like us- but none of us played or made mischief, we were simply next to each other, observing the other small cats.

The time came, to finish that long period, after blood tests and medical check-ups, where some other little kittens did not pass this test and no woke up as the old woman -sleeping with death- we were very nervous and our hearts beating very strong. That day, one woman opened our iron cage and with a kind smile put us in a little basket to be taken to another room, so fast was that movement that I could hardly watching our anguished mother with her huge sad eyes watched us fixedly, until we left that room… since that day… I never saw her again!

We were taken, where the other cats of small age -waiting to be adopted- in a huge iron cage were many cats, some angry, others fearful and others very curious. My heart wrinkles in pain, whenever I think in this moment and about my mother “what would been have with her?” I always think without getting an answer, just have one longing that she’s happy where is her now…

In the course of the days, 3 of my brothers were adopted -also it was all very fast- without time to tell us anything else, only our eyes looked at each other, how wishing to keep that image in our souls. I with my others 2 brothers were still in that iron cage, waiting to be adopted. Some nights, we felt the cries of sadness or pain, and many times we can feel the death pass through us like someone who came to take away the longings of life, because those who could not be adopted in their time… should be sacrificed!

This made us very nervous, without wanting to interlace friendship or make mischief, the happy moments were left behind, today we were all there in silence, waiting our destiny…


In the iron cage with us were 3 female kittens -they very angry and their eyes shone with much fear and nothing friendly with us, if anyone approached they growled wildly showing their teeth and nails! I never watched this aggressiveness in my mother, she was very sweet and complacent with the old woman, her family and friends, and with us -even when we play with her- she never had an aggressive reaction. I remember how my mother liked it, being on the legs of the old woman -who covered her thin legs with a wool blanket- while caressing and talking with my mother who answered with her Purrs, it seemed as they were talking among themselves, the gesture of my mother and the look of the old woman, I can not forget the face of joy of both! “And today? I will never see the old woman and my mother again! Why did this happen? After so much love, today we are here, in these cold iron cage and without knowing what will happen tomorrow?” I asked myself very confused, from the angle next to my brothers who were at all times in silence, his eyes did not shine any more, they were always in position as they were sleeping while sitting, but I could feel our hearts beat strongly, in the silence of the night, we saw each other’s faces, we wriggled our bodies together by the cold of the night, we wished know what would happen tomorrow, but despair did not help at all, then we preferred to sleep, we closed our eyes to reality. “Yesterday we were loved and today we were forgotten,” I asked my self with such sadness.

That morning, they changed our food, it was a kind of fish pate, it had a very strong and unpleasant smell! I sincerely preferred the cookies but the fame won and do not think more about this, just eat to survive. The days went fast and we left behind the cold Winter of the nights, in the mornings dawned very early with a hot sun and this cheered many of us all, with the weak rays of sunlight that came through that small window, many of us settled down to feel the sun on our bodies. Today, came to take 9 of us, it is said that they took them to a big company, because they say that “cats are the best to scare away mice and cockroaches,”… ”but what are there?’, I asked myself from the cage, watching all those with their nervous and confused glances go by.


“We can not continue like that Mark! Ooh! Look how these have bitten again the sacks of corn! Now, it will be a hard work for me, as always!” Helen shouted desperately, scooping up all the corn scattered inside the farm, her clothes were full of straw and dust, her cheeks flushed with anger and for her hard work.

Mark, her husband was in silent, watched from the doorway of the farm, wanted to help his wife but did not know how or what to do, just felt confused and could only watching her with a lot of concern in that problem.

Helen, had received by inheritance from her grandfather, that house that also had a small farm, this was located far from the city and in the middle of the field. After their marriage with Mark, they both decided to go live in this house, with many illusions and longings at the beginning everything was very easy and new -both had always lived in the city- and life in the countryside was something new, but as the animals increased, so did the problems and responsibilities for Helen who had to do almost all the work alone -Mark was not devoted to field work- Helen had to prune and keep on the land good for the harvest but feed the animals on the farm, keep on the house, also when it was good weather produced natural products at home that sold at the town fair, often ended the day very exhausted and boring.

The house was old wood, but comfortable with its 2 floors, with a small farm and its field. The huge bedroom windows opened onto the field of cultivation, the entrance of the house had a large terrace and a large living room, but the kitchen was not very large and its small window was overlooking the farm.

The house had a basement -not very large and was used as a laundry, storage of food and objects that were not used at home, on the second floor had a small attic with bathroom, they used it as a room for visits and Mark’s parents often stayed for a short weekend where they enjoyed the nature and lovely moments in family. Mark and Helen, liked the idea of leaving their small city apartment, to go live in the country, both were full of many illusions and everything was new for them. They met at the University, sharing a special friendship -although if Helen was shy- both shared pleasant moments together, but almost at the end of the course Helen had to leave his studies to take care his mother of a long illness -after a few years died of cancer- his father Helen had died 4 years earlier in a car accident with her younger sister a great pain for her mother, everything were not more equal for both, although if Helen offered her love and dedication life between the Hospital and parents’ apartment, mother’s chemo, recovery and sometimes the painful discomforts kept Helen concentrated in his mother what forgot to live for herself.

One day they met again in the elevator of the University, both greeted each other very happy and started that special friendship again, Helen was looking for information to complete last course of studies after the death of her mother, decided to start her life that left in pause. Mark was finishing his post-graduate course at the University, Helen’s older brother lived for many years in America with his family, from there keep in touch with his sister to know about his mother’s health and was an immense pain as well suffered with the loss of his father and his younger sister. Helen, thought that the behaviour of her brother was to feel the enormous sadness and memories of the family, both maintained communication even at a distance. After a few months, Mark and Helen got engaged and their marriage was an intimate reception. The department of Helen’s parents, was sold to pay the bank the debt that had accumulated with the disease of the mother and several expenses that Helen could not control, the remaining money was divided between the 2 brothers, deciding Helen ends his career in college and re start his life. After the marriage, Helen went to live with her husband Mark in his small modern apartment, Mark lived with his Labrador dog ‘King’. Helen started the last course of her university career and Mark after her Graduate found a work, although if both were busy with their personal goals, they always found time to have lunch or to take small walks together in the city, Helen began to smile and to feel that happiness that she had forgotten to feel. One day, the elderly maternal grandfather of Helen passed away, leaving in his will his only surviving daughter, his granddaughter Helen and her brother, but her advanced sclerosis and all the memory there where they lived very happy moments with her deceased sister which made him step back, who according to his family the aunt of Helen decided to leave his part to Helen and her brother -who had no intention of returning- Helen had to take force and accept this new responsibility, but at the same time they were very happy with the idea of going to living in the countryside, both had many dreams, but not everything was as they imagined it…


Mark and Helen were standing in the living room of the new house, looking at everything around them, that old architecture, the huge fireplace and its old wood floor, the windows needed colour like their walls, they could see dry leaves in the living-room… when some drops fell on both their fronts, they looked at the ceiling, Mark did not understand where the water could enter, but Helen had observed that it had rained in the countryside -although if in the city it was an autumn without rain- both were observed and smiled, they knew that this house needed many spare parts not only inside but also outside, in that small, unoccupied farm, and in that dry uncultivated field. Helen watched everything from the windows to get an idea of where they should start, noting what they would need to buy.

Mark, still immobilized, his eyes confused watched Helen move quickly, watched as with his feet tested the pieces of floor wood needed some nail and others just clean them well, with his hands she checked the window panes and knew that some need to reinforce it with mallets, the holes of the nails in the walls they also need to cover them with stuck, look at the old doors and need the locks to change them or add oil to the handles, Helen moved quickly through the whole house but Mark was still there and he did not know what he could do or how to help her, he knew that she was devoted to doing small internal spare parts in her parents’ apartment, but this house in the country would need more energy and work, Mark had everything in his mind, because he did not know how to help his wife, keep his responsibility in his new work, the studies initiated of his wife… a knot in his thought was made.

Helen, found who could help her in the big parts of the house -leaving Mark free in her work- knew that this idea confused her more to her husband -man of city- many times did not understand why many things of the countryside were not equal to the city. Helen had an arduous job in going to the field to control the work and share her other time with the university and with the department. Mark helped prepare the dinner although many times it was bought in a fast food or easy to prepare in the microwave. Helen arrived very tired at the apartment and thought that the problems would end after the replacement of his new home. After a few months of repairs and decoration, that house and farm was ready to live in their new home. Helen started buying animals for the farm, 3 sheep that gave their little ones, 1 goat, 7 hens that laid eggs -this was for the home and sales- 1 single rooster, 1 young horse -brown colour- 1 goat, 1 pig -rose- not sociable, 2 rabbits -white and the other grey. Mark decided to change his small city car for a field truck where the food sacks of the animals were much better and transport more things or tools. Helen stayed in the new house with King, Mark slept in parents’ apartment in the city -was waiting for a positive response of a new work in the centre- town near his new home, for now was still working in the city. Mark studied Architecture at the University. Life in the countryside seemed to be very calm, in this autumn season the farm was filled with doves and birds -looking to make their nests or shelter from bad weather- but this caught the attention of some nocturnal animals, who came looking for fresh food on the farm, they had killed Gees, Ducks, some rabbits and chickens from the farm, breaking the calm. Mark had bought a mine-rifle to scare the nocturnal animals, but many times he and Helen forgot to use it and the cunning wild animals knew very well as hiding and waiting for their prey in the darkness of the night. Helen decided to secure the door and the only window of the farm and close it before the sun’s fall. King the candy-coloured dog, has a pedigree dog and did not know anything about nocturnal or field animals, preferred to sleep comfortably in his warm bed or enjoy Mark’s affections.


The house had a harvest field, next to the farm, although if it was not very large, it was hard work to make the land fruitful again, Helen decided to grow corn, carrots, lettuces, spinach, strawberries and tomatoes. Mark and Helen watched enthusiastically to grow their harvest, Helen bought vitamins for her land -it was a long time since that land was not harvested nothing- when it was possible to see the fruits grow and increase the good harvest, the hens began to give more eggs and at home everyone was happy, Mark’s parents adored the delicious jams and tasty vegetable omelettes, them visited twice a month, they had a lot of fun being close to nature, seeing the animals, enjoying themselves with fresh field food.

Mark, was lucky to find a job in the center-town near his new home.

The animals began to increase, to grow… and work for Helen too! Mark finished the day very tired, Mark tries to cook -although if his food was not good- it did not matter, Helen after a long daily work routines, ended her day very exhausted, just want relax to take a hot bath and go to sleep, many times she did not have dinner or shared more moments together with her husband, they left behind the walks together, the dinners with candlelight, watching movies together… Helen ended her day very tired, worked hard in that harvest and in the production of her home-made jams and pickles which sold at Crafty Fairs or in the shop of the town -where they exhibited their products for sale- she wanted to raise money and be able to give her brother, she thought “it good thing”, even if her brother no had intention of taking part of the house.

Helen, was completely dedicated to the work of the farm, the harvest, and the house, had had in mind to finish their university studies, for now the farm and the house filled everything his time, besides the university was very distant from the field. After 3 years of marriage, they still did not have children.

That day, she decided to clean the basement of the house, she had to prepare space to store the new jams and pickles that could collect in the new season, Winter was very near and should clean before the snow falls. The basement was not very big, it was made of stone and did not need refrigeration because its walls were very cold, it had a small window through which the light entered, there were also shelves with many old things and other old ones that did not use any more, they decided to get rid of many things that occupied space, with the new season she would start Biological Fairs in the town and it was good time to make room for their new production. Between boxes and drawers, Helen found a photo album where his mother was with his sister and his mother very young, his grandfather with his little daughters, he also found family photos of his parents and his parents, brothers when they were little, of their sister. Helen separated photos to send to her brother, she knew that would be happy to have these beautiful family memories. The grandmother died of Alzheimer’s, being the grandfather a widower, without getting married again, he lived alone in this house full of memories. “It was very beautiful to see you mum”, Helen thought aloud with a deep sigh, arranged the boxes that Mark would help take to the village where recycled old objects. That day among dust and memories, Helen had a broad smile, had been happy to see her family again.

Mark, worked in the Company and another part of his work ended it at home where he had his working angle in the living room, but sometimes Mark had to go to the city to do some work, always for that company and stayed to sleep in his parents’ apartment, had no brothers and knew that it was always a great joy to give this moment to their elderly parents, they did not decide to go and live with their son Mark, the Hospital and his doctor were closer and they preferred to visit them in weekends. That day, Mark was in the city, as usual was staying at his parents’ house and at dinner time, while enjoying a soup of minestrone -classic in them- Mark commented worried to his parents, the problem of the farm, of the harvest, of the house and to see many times very exhausted Helen, without time to share together, their elderly parents listened attentively and decided to give Helen a helping hand, the next time they would visit them in the field.


“Hey cute kittens! Today have a visit and maybe could be adopted, that’ so nice!”, Said the cleaner smiling, while cleaning the floor -where we were- with his huge broom and cleaning trolley, the door was half open and we could hear voices, the cleaner with a smile turned away to continue cleaning the other rooms, all of us in that big cage looked at each other in silence, our hearts palpitated with fear and emotion, I thought, “Who will be next?”. We were staring at the entrance door of that room, I could feel the door opening and closing, many steps and voices, the ringing of the telephone, start thinking, “Maybe we could go back to live in a house or… continue waiting in this cold cage to be adopted or… arrive at the time of sacrifice!” My heart was pounding, we were all in silence, our eyes were bright and anxious when, we heard the sound of shoes, voices and smiles, my eyes looked towards that door without wishing to blink, when the voices were closer and all of us snuggled close together -we saw a big ball of hair- we were afraid. That metal door opened quickly by ringing that hanging bell,

“Over here please! Here we have the kittens of tender age and I know what you need it,” said that woman, her eyes watched everything as always, remember that it was that same woman who took my other brothers and separated us from our mother…

“Oh! Thank you very much for your kindness, you are very right, we do not need adult cats, we want young cats that can be acclimated to the life of the field, the we need very urgently!” The voice of an old woman said sweetly.

The heels of his shoes made a strong echo in the plastic floor, it looked like a big hammer in my brain, which anguish felt so great at that moment. Watching an elderly couple and the lady-the other time-with a bunch of keys that moved in his hand and always with those vivid eyes.

“Well… here, we have the youngest cats, please choose yourselves!” Said the Adoption Centre Assistant, who quickly observed everything.

The elderly couple, with curious and affectionate eyes, observed each one of us and spoke to each other in a low voice, choosing which could be the chosen ones, after agree to both and observe us well, cordially the old woman pointed with her finger and said affectionately,

“Please, this and that… thanks! They are all very beautiful kittens, I hope they will be adopted soon.”

The maid, with her clever eyes, quickly opened the cage and grabbed my

friend-grey coat with thick black stripes-and me! My heart was strong with emotion… but? I turned my eyes quickly before they put me in the transport of pets -with my friend- I watched my brothers who had eyes shining with sadness, they had fixed look at me… there was no time to say goodbye, everything was very fast, like when we were separated from our mother… that woman took us quickly to the office for the last paperwork, the old couple caressed us both, my friend was silent in silence, I had my heart again wrinkled with pain, wanted to mew loudly and in this way say goodbye to my mother, my brothers, those who were in that cold iron cage… this was the last thing I saw of them, do not know if they were adopted, never knew more about my mother… my heart ended up breaking into a thousand pieces that day, I was adopted and free, but not happy…


“Do you think they like spinach, onions and cheese pie, dear?” Helen asked her husband.

Mark, was very focused on his work angle, had to present his project to his boss and his whole mind was in this.

“Dear… do you hear me?” Helen asked again.

“Hum… I’m thinking of… excuse me darling, I’m very focused on this, just ask you to let me work and promise… help you in everything, please,” replied the husband, was very focused on his computer and papers.

Helen, put her hands in his little apron, felt her cheeks flush, looked down and went quietly back to the kitchen, sat on the small circular table remaining in silence for a few seconds with his lost and thoughtful look, after a few moments, gave a deep sigh and got up quickly to observe the pie that was cooking in the oven. She had ready a delicious chicken stew, tomatoes and goat cheese salad, fruit jelly and the spinach pie that was cooked in that oven, put the jar of mint water in the center of the table -liked Mark’s parents so much- and the seasonal blackberry pie, Helen had just finished cooking this pie, she was always thrilled with the visit of her in-laws -them is all the family at the moment- her brother still did not come to visit her and only they talked to each other on the computer, they had made friends to visited occasionally and it was a moment full of laughter in the small garden where they were drinking some beers and they prepared BBQ… but, lately with the problem of the farm and the work of the harvest, the time of Helen was not more free. His wavy hair had clutched in a bun, but with the movement of the kitchen, some curls had fallen down his face and neck, finished putting the tablecloth, napkins and dishes to your table, when hear,

“Hello, hello… are there any at home? Mark? Helen?… What silence here!” Mark’s mother exclaimed, she was happily in the doorway and entrance terrace, next to her husband, from the kitchen Helen listened and could observe. Mark, leave the computer to welcome his elderly parents and help them with their bags -they always brought something from the city- the old mother had in her hands a small cloth bag, which held carefully. They kissed their son affectionately and walked quickly to the kitchen, where Helen was finishing to cooking. The old father walked at a slow pace from behind, Mark carried his parents’ suitcases to the attic -where they always hosted- under the stairs quickly to pick up the bags that were left in the entrance and take him to the kitchen, everything was very fast, had in mind to finish his work.

“Hi Helen! Mmm… what a nice perfume here! Tell me, what delight are you cooking today?” Mark’s mother exclaimed smiling.

The father-in-law, always very silent, greeted Helen lovingly and then walked to the living room, where Mark was focused on his work. The mother-in-law, in the kitchen, still had in her hands the small cloth bag, which held with great care and love.

“Helen darling… I’ve brought you 2 great surprises to you!” Said her mother-in-law watching with love her daughter-in-law who was busy finishing the lunch and preparing the table, “Well, we known from Mark that having problems on the farm, the harvest field, all this takes longer than normal and sincerely… I see you very exhausted Helen! Ooh! We know that our son Mark is not very helpful, although often feels he frustrated and… also work fills his time. My dear Helen, with my husband after knowing all this, we thought that we could help you maybe something to alleviate your burdens of problems here, with these 2 adorable surprises today.”

“Ooh…! I’m very sorry that Mark caused concern to you—” (was interrupted).

“What? No Helen! Please! It’s no problem for us to help you and give you a hand to your problems… dear Helen, you know how much we appreciate you and we know very well, your hard work, because you are an exemplary woman, also love our son,” exclaimed the mother-in-law, watching her daughter-in-law with love, then leaning on the chair and opened it carefully, showing its contents… 2 small kittens.

“Ooh! No! I can not! I’m sorry mother-in-law but at home we have King and… honestly I do not want anything bad to happen to these beautiful kittens, they look so adorable!” She said and caressing the heads of both kittens, these, looked scared everything around, from the cloth bag.

“Ooh! King! Hum… is too cocky, he loves him since was born, and when his mother died, we suffered a lot because was also our beloved dog ‘Sissy’, I understand this love of our son for King… but? You needed help! No way! That King does not help you, sleeps all day at home and for those rodent bandits on the farm, what better than the cat!” Said the mother-in-law, while watching from the small window of the kitchen the farm, “you have a lot of work here in the house, in the harvest and on the farm… you can’t go on like this, dear Helen.”

Helen, in silence listened to her mother-in-law, at the end smiled and accepted the two new members of the family.


“And… now what will happen to us? Are they going to eat us? Why we are here in the kitchen and they watch us with their big eyes?’ Asked confused my friend in voice low, I was immobile and silent, very confused, honestly did not know what would happen to us, my heart was beating very loud at that moment, when Helen took the bag in his arms and led us to the second floor of that house, our terribly frightened eyes watched everything quickly, Helen gave us loving words but we were very afraid, our hair curled with nerves when we heard the creaking of that old wooden staircase, we observed a door open and her support the bag on top of cardboard boxes.

“Here will be for now, still too small to sleep and live on the farm, I prepare the beds, bring fresh water and food.” Said Helen while caressing us affectionately the head to each of us and then closed the door behind her, leaving us alone in that small room. My friend jumped out of the bag, and walking between the boxes it seemed that he was looking for something and went quickly to the small and circular window, was semi open, his eyes shone, moving his nose fast and his tail peeling, I watched everything outside, in silence, then turned his head and watched me with his huge bright eyes. I was very nervous, confused. my legs were trembling and was still in the bag, seemed that I could not move like my friend, I was as paralysed!

That door opened again and Helen came in with water and food for us, put two warm bedspreads on top of one of the boxes and walked away quickly closing the door again. It was when I decided to jump out of the bag to drink water and eat something, my friend watched everything from the window, he was happy with the air played with his whiskers. I was very tired and just wanted sleep, jumped on those bedspreads, my body started to warm up, closed my eyes, in my mind they appeared happy scenes with my mother, my brothers, my father, the old lady, the garden… “and today? How I missed all those beautiful moments!”

“Hey! Are you going to sleep all day? Let’s get up and come to the window, from here you can see a very nice landscape, come on!” Said my friend waking up from my thoughts, his huge eyes were happy and shone with full of emotion.

“You have not slept?” Ask, my friend was still very curious.

“I sleep something, but from that window the view is spectacular, let’s go!” Said he, as came out again.

I watched him from the warm blanket, but the dream win and I fell asleep again.


“Helen dear, you should make this silly King, meet the new members of the family, to whom must respect!” Said the mother-in-law smiling at the table, while enjoying the breakfast.

“Mother… you must have patience, King is the only one at home and it will not be easy to unite him with cats now,” replied Mark, as had breakfast and caressed his dog.

Helen silently watched everything and ate her breakfast.

The father-in-law, quietly enjoying the fresh fried eggs with toast and hot coffee -made at home- with a broad smile said,

“Helen, your hens give good eggs.”

“It’s true dear, they’re delicious!” Said the mother-in-law smiled.

“Ooh! Thank you! Just have 4 chickens and can not sell their eggs, it’s just for ours, hope they will reproduce soon,” said Helen with a warm look towards her in-laws, many times it made him remember his grandfather was always silent and spoke just and necessary.

“Helen, this field is very fruitful now, well done!” Said the mother-in-law, enjoying her omelette of lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

“The vegetables that we consume and some that Helen sells in the village business, are very appreciated by all the people, she has done a good job in her harvest, is a hard work, often the crows, gulls and other birds, spoil their and sometimes we have a production just for us,” said Mark, while finishing quickly his breakfast and prepared to go to the terrace to smoke a cigarette and finish drinking his coffee, then finish his work. His father liked to share this moment in that huge terrace, outdoors and enjoy all that natural scenery, both were sitting and enjoying the sun that began to heat. Helen, started picking up the table and washing the dishes, her mother-in-law helped her dry and said, “Helen, when will be Grandma?” With an affectionate look.

Helen, remained in silence at the surprise question of her mother-in-law, did not know what to answer, had not thought about having a child, was very worried about everything else, to think about having a child, was not her main concern at that time.

“Dear… you are still young and strong, but it is not good that sacrifice yourself in all this work of the farm, the harvest, the sales and the house… honestly, I think that you should have someone to help you here… we could help you pay for it,” said the mother-in-law, as she placed the dishes in the closets, “we know all about the sacrifice that you make to pay your brother and how honourable is all this dear,” the mother-in-law finished putting the dishes in the closet and prepare a cup of hot roasted coffee, “Do you want coffee Helen?”


“Mark, told us that want to work overtime to earn more money… but I think dear, that it would only be more sacrifice and less time for you to be together,”

Helen silently listened, took off her apron, arranged her hair nervously and sat at the table, next to her mother-in-law.

“How many tablespoons of sugar Helen?”

“One, thanks!”

“You know how much we appreciate you and we just want to see you relaxed enjoying your lives together.”

The coffee flavoured the whole house…


I do not know how many days we were in that room, but day by day we were more curious and we had more strong our legs, we learned to go out the window at night cool to look at the stars, we were very much attracted to the animals at night -were other animals- my friend was growing faster than me, he had strongest claws and his meow too, did not like sleeping with me and looked for an independent space to sleep and disappear in his privacy in the day. I was still sleeping in the same bedspread, had no secret or private places, we liked to do exercises with our nails in those cardboard boxes, our nails started doing big deep stripes.

That morning, Helen came to greet us -like every morning and night- she put us both in a cardboard box, took us out of that room, my friend and I got nervous, we watched each other, I thought “maybe she leave us or where does take us now?”

Helen, under quickly the noisy old stairs, when we feel the bark of a huge dog behind her, his huge snout wants to put it in the box, we huddled in an angle of the box, we were ready to attack him with our claws, our hairs bristled with terror and our feline nature made us grunt, our hearts throbbed strong.

Helen shouted,

“King get away!… Silly dog!”

We are listened close the door, leaving the barking of the dog behind. We crossed a small garden full of flowers, she took us to another smaller wooden house, opened that huge wooden door making a horrible sound, we followed fear inside the box, when Helen supported the box on the floor and said smiling, “this is the farm my little ones and here yours new friends!” Helen kissed us each one and watched us in silence, we very curious, poked our heads out of the box observing everything, there were many animals in that farm, it was my first time, there was a lot of straw in one corner and huge jute sacks in the other angle, I watch there was a not very high loft where the hens and rabbits were watching us very curious.

“My little ones is time to meet the whole family of the farm! In the day will leave you here and at night will continue to sleep at home with me, until are big, strong and can choose were want to sleep means here or in the house… and I already have yours names too!” exclaimed cheerful Helen, “I’ve been thinking a lot these days, because the name means a lot about of our personality, so… to you, I’ll call you ‘Kid’ -by the Pirate- I’ve observed you like to know new spaces without any fear!”

I watching my friend, then she looked at me and said, “and you? I’ll call ‘Noah’, because like to be in union with everyone,” said Helen smiling, “see you later, have fun, my little ones,” Helen walking away from the farm gate to go out.

 We watched from the doorway, could see the huge green field to the other side, there was a cow, a brown horse, sheep and a goat, in the distance could see another farm and a river that crossed the huge field.

“Do you like your name Kid?” Ask a rooster, with his elegance of walking and the graceful movement of his head when observing me.

Kid, walked in the farm very curious, had his eyes and whiskers concentrated on something.

“Well… are you going to introduce yourself or not?” Ask a very sharp voice behind me, turn around and look at a red hen, it lacked some feathers, “I am the oldest of the group, the others are up taking care of their eggs, it’s time to raise it,” spoke and looking at me with one eye and then with the other one -because hens can not look with both eyes at the once- his eyes were bright yellow and playful, his toes moved nervously, he seemed to exercise on earth.

“It’s time someone took care of these damn rodents!” Said very seriously, a goat while moved her mouth -I do not know if was eating something- or simply moved it.

“Ha ha… these cats are very small and I do not think they are smarts!” Exclaim in the distance a huge pink pig that watched us mockingly from its place.

“Who is not smarts?” Asked my friend, sitting and interested in the conversation.

“These miserable rodents bite the sacks and plunder the grain out!” Exclaim a grey rabbit, sitting on its two legs, watching us with its huge green eyes.

“Rodents?”  I asked.

“Ahhh… well, we started very well! Ha ha… I said, these will not work good here! They are small and stupid!” Exclaim the pig scoffing.

“Who are stupid? You eat all day and you can barely walk with your huge belly… look at me as jump and climb easy! Now, who is the stupid here!” Kid said very upset and gave jump over the pig and step under his belly, sitting in front of him.

They were all silent.

“This happens to you because talk a lot and do not have smart brain, Pig! Hello Kid, I am the Rooster of the farm,  in charge of maintaining control with the chickens and waking up all here… you are welcome to the farm and apologize Kid, not everyone here thinks like this pig,” said very serious cock in front of us, with his elegant demeanor, beautiful color of his feathers, huge beak and its bright eyes.

“Thank you!” I replied, “I am Noah, we lost our homes and families, we were to a place to be adopted, my mother and some of my brothers are still in wait to be adopted… I honestly do not know what happened to all them!”

“Hi… I’m a Kid, they picked me up from the street, my mother did not have a house, one day she went out looking for food and never came back.”

“Welcome to the farm!” Said the rabbit.

“Who are missing here?”  Asked Kid.

“The sheep, the cow and the horse, they are in that huge field near the river,” “Carmelo the horse is a little selfish, but not as miserable as this Pig!” Said the rabbit.

All of us smiling…


So, we started our first day at the farm and the successive ones, at night Helen came and took us to the house to sleep. That cocky King started sniffing us -to recognize us- and when they left him out of the house, came to the barn to be with all of us or we went to the field to play. There were several successive happy days, we discovered that great field, the river and the harvest field, in the distance we could distinguish the other farm but we were not going any further. One night Kid, did not want to go back to sleep at home -had found a new place to sleep warm next to the chickens- where slept in his own privacy, Helen knew that was safe and took me in home, that was my first night alone in that room, from the window, could see Kid go out the top of the roof of the farm, to walk in the night, “it was his nature,” I thought.

I had grown up in a house, was not able to sleep outside the house or have hidden spaces, always slept with my brothers and mum, but my friend Kid to remember my father, always with his life outside the home and with his private places as that danger was something in his way everyday.

I start savoring different foods, such as fresh goat’s milk and cow’s milk -they were not in cardboard boxes- also the eggs that were not good to reproduce, we would play with the leaves of the lettuce, roll the carrots or onions, sometimes watch Kid catch strange insects -he would play and then eat them- Yuk!… This was what disliked me so much, but it his nature.

We learned to run to the harvest field, with our friends the rabbits -a very talkative and friendly couple- had an empty sack, where collected carrots, lettuce, onions, corn and apples -which were not a good crop- then was shared by everyone on the farm. We learned to drink natural and crystalline water of the river,  sunbathe in the fresh meadow -its perfume was very different from the pots- my friend Kid showed me how to use my claws to climb the trees, at the beginning I slipped and could not climb, but Kid was fast to do it, his eyes always alive watching everything from above. For me, everything was new but Kid did not call attention to all this, he knew what it is to live freely, his attention and concentration was towards other things that I could not grasp.

That week, Helen closed the farm animals very early, she was hurry, the rabbits told us that this always when there were fairs and markets in the village and she sold his hand-made products.

That night I stayed at the farm to sleep -Helen forgot to pick me up- so looked for a soft and warm space, watched everything around me, went up to the site of the hens and there was nothing comfortable “the straws are very hard,” I thought, the sheep slept with the goat and the horse with the cow, the pig slept alone, all in the straw, so I walked around looking for a suitable place for me, when looked at those huge jute bags, climbed up with my claws wanted to feel if it was soft and hot, that material had a strong smell but nothing unpleasant, wanted to bite that jute, so I thought they were suitable for my first night in the farm. The heat of all there in, towards everything very hot and I slept quickly.


“Cric … Cric … Cric,”

I woke up with a soft sound, even with my sleepy eyes, watched Kid and to ask him what was happening, Kid from that angle gave me a signal to be in silence and not to move -did not understand this well, but- Kid walked stealthily, his body was almost at ground level, his eyes were immensely red and bright, he was directing behind the huge jute sacks, his huge grey whiskers and his ears moving quickly to the sound of something -which did not understand- was still on top of the sack watching carefully silent what was happening at the time, but I was sleepy and curious at the same time, my eyes closed from time to time, everything was silent there and very hot, Kid was still very cautious in search of something, silently went behind something, that from my position, could not see. “Nobody listened this noise? Only me and Kid?” I thought, when saw some small shadows running swiftly around the sacks, Kid with his most red and bright eyes was in attack position, his tail was moving from one side to another, his ears were like antennae vibrating to the sound of something, and I was still on top of the sack with my heart beating strong and did not know what to do, “What were those shadows?”, I thought, when saw Kid jump up with his claws spreading and felt the sound of bodies hitting each other on the floor, a few moans of anger, very weak voices arguing and was lost in the night with Kid who left the farm running fast behind those tiny shadows, Kid disappearing in the darkness of the farm, there was no more noise or voices inside the farm that night, but that… was the last time I saw alive my friend Kid…

The next morning, Helen as always brought our food, warm milk and the field to the other animals, was still sleeping, Helen caressed my head and said,

“Ooh! Those criminals did not bite the sacks of corn! This means, that they fear the cat! Great!”

I did not know what was happening, to whom Helen was referring.

The hours passed and everyone in the farm was very in silent, as if they did not want to talk to me, they avoided being next to me, I felt very strange, felt their eyes on me while drinking my milk, looked up at the high loft looking to see the silhouette of Kid who did not come to eat his breakfast, my ears and whiskers wanted to feel some vibration of his body, was concentrated when the pig approached and broke my concentration,

“I known that, your friend Kid was found dead in the field, they say he came out behind those rodents and was savagely attacked by 3 killer weasels yesterday night…”

I looked at the pig and had a serious face, thought it was some joke of his, but I felt a chill on my back, the others remained silent observing me.

“What? Wait a moment! Kill Kid… my friend? How could kill Kid? He is very clever! I think you’re kidding pig… sorry!”

The pig quietly walked away, slow steps, with his ears down, without giving me any response…


That morning it was very strange at the farm, the chickens were all in the loft, the pig in its place, the rabbits were watching me from their place without telling me anything, the rooster was standing at the door of the farm looking towards the field, my body still felt that ice cold air on my back, I did not see Kid and to feel afraid that what the pig says was true, when Helen come in the farm, walked slowly with tears in her eyes, stroked my head and said,

“Kid … will not come back more! Today I found his little body near the stream, was killed by 3 weasels, the same ones that have always stolen my eggs, gees and chickens from the farm—“(she paused and sighed deeply).

“What?… Kid?… Ooh noo!”

“Yes, dear Noah, our Kid died with honor, we buried him in our garden full of flowers and has his sign with name because we will always remember him for his courage and why he is part our family… I’m so sorry!” Said Helen turned around, without saying anything else, put the others on the farm and closed that huge door.

I remained immobile from my initial position, did not know what to do, my heart was throbbing with sadness, felt the same sensation when I loss my family… but it is true Kid is part of the Family now.

“These damn weasels!” Exclaimed very serious the rooster, “this morning told me all the ‘Wise Owl’, who sleeps in that huge tree in front of us, he looks at everything and knows everything, yeah he told me that Kid came out behind those rodents, but they all found themselves with those killer weasels face to face, Kid stepped through, the weasels started attacking the rodents in a bloody fight, they saw their bodies being torn to pieces alive and when the feminine rodents were in a group so as not to be attacked, it is said Kid at that moment stop seeing the rodents as enemies and came out in their help against those slaughtered weasels… Kid defended and fought like a cat with a heart, because in the end Noah, we are all animals and we are in the same way to search food or place to alive… but the bloody murderers are our enemies.” The rooster said silently away towards the loft.

No more was said on the farm, everything was silent.

That night was the more longest of my life, did not want to eat or sleep, felt very strange, it was decided to go to the roof of the farm -as I did to Kid- it was a night full of luminous stars and with a huge moon, watched everything and my mind imagined seeing the face of my mother, my brothers, my father, the old woman… and my friend Kid, seemed to see them smiling from up there in the stars, when someone spoke to my side,

“Those animals, they are very dangerous when they are hungry, they are insatiable with fresh blood… you must take care of yourself when you go out at night,” said the Wise Owl, he was standing next to me, his huge yellow eyes stared at me, their huge dark pupils seemed like an abyss.

“You… you saw when my friend die?” I asked so sad.

His huge eyes kept watching me closely, as could feel my soul and heartbeat of my heart, then he answered,

“I saw it yes… just as see many more wild and bloody deaths at the night, for animals that go out exclusively in search of food or just thirst for blood… Noah, you must be very careful, you are still very young and inexperienced, your friend Kid did not want to hurt those rodents, just wanted to scare them so they do not destroy the huge ones sacks of more, but, his impulse to help those rodents for the horrible death that the weasels did with some of them that only defended their feminists, made a fight, but one of the weasels was more evil and cunning than the others, and it was this one that attacked Kid, the blood called the others and cowardly 3 killed between this young Kid that ended up in pieces… like other rodents,” said Wise Owl, who opened his huge wings heading back to his tree, where he knew everything and everything looked.

I gave a deep sigh, remained silent and observed around me, thought, that even with the life experience that Kid had, there was very little, when he had to face some more evil. I do not know how long was sitting there, but the air began to be colder, Wise Owl observed everything with his luminous eyes and I enter the farm, to try to sleep…


“Heyyyy… buddy, wake up please!”

A delicate voice woke me up, slowly opened my eyes were very tired, I turned my head slowly and saw a small animal light grey color, had a huge pink ears and long white whiskers, two small bright eyes, he was sitting in front of me, and he moved his long fingers nervously.

“What…? Who are you?” I asked.

“Shh… do not wake up the others buddy, look at… just come here for food, my father with my mother, my uncles and other friends from my community went out in search of food yesterday night… but, until today they not returned in home! My little brothers and my community are so hungry… hum… tell me buddy, can I get some corn?”

I got up from my place and noticed that, my movement scared the poor little animal.

“Hey! Calm… I will not hurt you, my name is Noah.”

“Ooh! Hi Noah, my name is ‘Ben’ and… I have five little brothers, they are so hungry and… I am so very confused buddy, because my parents always know how to go out in a group with the others from my community to collect food at night and… I am very worried because they not returned in home! Hmm, please buddy, I can take some food?”

“Of course Ben! Can I help you? Well… my friend Kid was murdered last night by weasels and honestly… I’ve been very sad all day,”

“Weasels…? What are these, buddy?”

“Weasels are another type of nocturnal animals with long necks, small eyes and very strong teeth to bite and destroy their victims, I have not seen any until now,”

“Ooh dear! Weasels?…Er I do not think look at any…Hmm, sorry buddy, my parents have us always at home all night, just in the day we can go out to the field when the day is sunny, but they always keep us in our community for safe… my parents say that we are still inexperienced for collecting food and defending of others… but, buddy… you say yesterday your friend die in the night? And my parents also left yesterday night without returning home—” Said Ben thoughtfully and very worried.

“It’s better we go to collect food Ben… hmm, maybe your parents and the others come back soon.”

Ben had a sad face and low big ears.

“Come on Ben, hurry.”

Ben walked almost crouched and dragged his thin hands, was very worried.

We went to the beginning of the big bags, I wanted to introduce my leg through the hole but this hole was very small, so look at the long thin fingers of Ben and tell him that his arms would do better work than mine, while I waited with a sack in my legs -helping in his work of collecting food- then I went where there were the pieces of tomato and carrots, then help Ben load the small sacks, then we went behind those huge sacks, where there was a small door, Ben told me that behind that door there is a long passage that leads to the community of they.

I watch that the sack was too big for the small door, so I suggested to Ben take time to time, Ben was very happy to bring a lot of food to his house and community, while I waited behind that small door, after a few minutes, Ben opened the door again, this time he was with another young animal like him, when he saw me opened his scared eyes and ran fast inward shouting: “enemy, enemy!”.

I did not know what to do, I was so confused about his reaction.

Ben did not understand same me, we do not what happened and Ben called him again, but he did not want to come out any more.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“That’s my silly cousin, excuse me Noah but… I do not know what happened to him!” Said Ben as carried the other bit of food on his shoulders, walking away through that door, when come back for the last load of food, said goodbye and thanked me for everything,

“Thanks buddy! Please… if you know something about my parents or about the others of my community … please let me to know, I’ll thank you.” Said Ben goodbye and closed the small door that separated his world with mine…


That morning woke up full of energy, finished my breakfast quickly, greet all the friends of the farm that started their daily routine, the rooster was worried of their 3 chickens had hatched their eggs and that morning their chicks would be born!

The rabbits sunbathed under the huge tree, eating carrot to contending the crystal river. The only one left inside the farm was the pig.

“Noah, all of us gone to greet Kid… in a very short time made we love and respect him… the big ones always go first and Kid was one of them, yeah he died for defending the rodents, even if the accursed weasels killed everyone in the end— “

“Do not feel sad Pig, you know very well that Kid… always belonged to his freedom and remains free among us, some moments seems to see him watching me from the loft where he liked to be there, or waiting for someone sitting at the door, sometimes I saw him running through the countryside… although if I miss him too, know it’s not sad because he knows that everyone we love him—” (I Sighed), “tell me Pig, who do you call rodents?”

“What…? You… do not know what a rodent is?” Said Pig look at me firmly in my eyes.

“Hmm… honestly, I do not know what a Rodent is,” I replied.

“Hum? Noah… yesterday visit you a one rodent!” Said the pig looking at me confused, “uh… you helped the rodent in search food yesterday—”

“What? Ooh! Ben… is rodent!” I said full of surprise.

“Er… yes Noah! At least you think he it’s a cat?” Said Pig smiling and moving away from his initial position.

“I’m so confused now—” I said in low voice, start thinking about the events that happened and everything that happened afterwards…


I was facing the white wooden cross -Helen had written Kid’s name- planted white and blue flowers around this, I felt a cool breeze around me as if someone playing with my whiskers, turned my head and there was none, sat and seemed to see Kid playing hide among the flowers, wanting to catch something… my heart went back to wrinkle of pain… but I knew that Kid was not sad and he was still with us, then it was when my heart accepted this and I felt full of happiness as saw his soul running, playing and being with us…

“I’m so sorry Noah—” Said King, sitting next to me, “Kid was always very curious and free cat, but with a good heart… he died with honour and courage, today we all here respect him more and we take him forever in our hearts,” Said King with sad eyes, “you know? Sometimes I see him playing hide and seek then walking by my side—” Said King went away again to lie on his mat from the terrace and from there watched me.

Again I felt that cool breeze around my whiskers and smiled… knew it was Kid.

Crossing the garden towards the field, could watching Helen with a young woman helping her, that morning the sun was very happy and they take care of the vegetables that had growing.

“Hello Noah!” said Helen to greeted, “look at dear, we have a new friend, she will help us in the harvest and with the farm,” Helen stroking my head.

I watched them very happy,

“Noah, we are waiting for a new member in the family and need some rest so… a help at home and on the farm is a great blessing dear!” Said Helen, smiling and the young woman greeted me to caressing my cheeks.

I was happy to know that Helen had help, sincerely she had worked very hard and it’s time to think in her new little baby coming soon and in her family.

I kept walking through that field of harvest and I saw a lot of food for Ben, started to collect when I felt a smiling voice behind me,

“Well, well! Today you are full of energy Noah… and imagine it is also for your new friend,” said the pigeon that also collected and carried some it to his nest, needed food too.

“Ooh yes… I’m carry and bring it for the farm and for my new friend.”

The pigeons were happy, the sun makes everyone happy here… although if the crows in the distance could see them scared with the new huge scarecrows, Helen had done in her harvest field… they looked the crows were very nervous.


That night, waited Ben with a sack full of food, the animals there slept and… I still did not see Ben come, well decided go to that small door, wanted to open it with my fingernail but was not a good idea,  was thinking how could do to call ben, many hours I be there and not see Ben… none came out from that little door. I decided to leave the bag near the door and went to the proof to watching the night, the wise Owl always alert to look at everything, opened its huge wing greeting me, I reply with a movement of tail. I looked all around and among the herbs I thought saw 3 dark shadows and thought “they would be the weasels in search of food or someone to kill,” I felt the sound of the grass but could not see anything from my position, only my whiskers were like antennae what moving to the sound or vibrations of hot bodies, could see the eyes at night, I knew that had to learn something more from nocturnal animals, look at the starry sky and then decided to see if anyone had opened that little door, when the sack was not there any more!

I looked around, everyone slept peacefully on the farm, when, felt that small door opened slowly and one smaller than Ben, looked at me, opened his eyes scared and ran in screaming and leaving the door open, I looked with one of my eyes inward, wanted to look for Ben and shouted,

“Ben, it’s me, Noah! I have food for you, is everything all right there?”

At the end of the long passage I saw many shadows move nervously and murmurs -remember the same sounds and shadows that felt with Kid that night- then they looked out small faces, others had more pointy ears, but all watched me with a lot of fear in theirs eyes.

“Hey! I’m not going to hurt you… I’m Ben’s friend!”

Through all the scary faces, Ben walked out, dragging his hands and ears on the ground, walking so sad towards me, through that narrow passage.

“Eh… Ben! What’s wrong? Who took the bag of food? Is everything all right there?”

“Ooh… thanks Noah… the food picked up other young of the community… we are very hungry and—”

“What happened Ben? Why are you sad? Hum… there is not enough food for everyone?”

“It’s all great, Noah, sincerely thank you… although still does not understand why my community to fear you… please excuse them, buddy,”

“Do not worry Ben, I want to help and I’m happy that now have something

more food,”

“That’s okay… but… I am very sad, buddy! Well, today I know that my parents, my uncles and others of the community were was killed by the Weasels that night… same ones who murdered your friend Kid… Ooh yes, your friend died to defend the women of my community… but without success— “

“Hmm… yes Ben… I can feel your pain now and understand well… because Kid was my friend, today everyone here appreciates him for his attitude… we also lost our families before come here… and, I do not know if they are alive or dead… hum, Ben the life of us animals is not safe, many times we live little by the hands of humans and others by animals bloodthirsty and nocturnal murderers… I think, each one of us must carry a good memory of all of them in our hearts… and they will be happy of our love ever.”

“It is very painful buddy—”

“Ben… do not be sad, today we are friends, between us animals there is a special union, although some of us are very bloody and leave the circle of friendship and union… but, remember that in everything good things, always there something bad.”

Ben stared into my eyes, the others of his community were behind Ben, watching me with his huge eyes, they had heard everything.

Ben approached and hugged my leg and I passed my head over Ben, and said,

“Everything is all right now, my friend.”


So, start a friendship between us, as with the others on the farm.

The rabbits, when they collected food for the barn, separated another little sack for Ben and his community..

The flowers in Kid’s tomb grew quickly, but we were approaching Winter, those hot mornings were moving away to shyly leave the sun after at 7am, some animals preferred to stay longer in their farm beds and others came out to exercise their great legs. They had some hard work some animals in charge of gathering food for the winter frost time.

Pigeons and birds prepared their nests for the long cold season -they also lodged here- the young woman -who helps Helen- organized to store food for the horse and cow on the farm, also accommodated the beds of the other animals with hot straw, more houses were built of the chickens -have made many chicks- and the Rooster was always busy taking care of their pranks, the rabbit was happy that soon they would have little bunnies and we had new members in the farm: 2 geese and 3 ducks.

At Helen’s house, everyone was very happy with their daughter who was born, Mark’s parents visited them little, the elderly father suffered illness and the constant trips were not good for him, when Mark visited them in the city always brought toys or food that his old mother sent to Helen and the new baby girl.

King became old and did not play much, he loved take long rest on terrace or come with us in the farm.

Mark planted huge pine in his garden, preparing everything for Christmas soon.

Helen continued with her sales of jams and pickles, she gained more customers that came to her house to buy- she used too the Internet and started selling it on her website.

The small one of the house grew and of course I was always the cat what loved all of them. No more the rodents makes messy -my friend Ben and his community- we made a pact to not to bite the sacks and we collaborate with food, this pleased Helen who did not have more sacks bitten and hard work in the farm. Although, if time has passed and today I am no longer little kitten, I still carry in my heart the memory of my mother, my brothers, my father, the old woman, my friend Kid and the ones I met at that Adoption Center.

Today I learned to take care of the nocturnal animals -not only the weasels surround the farm at night- also met wolfs and foxes in search of food -some for hungry or just to thirst for blood, we now know that we must be united to protect ourselves from these out the farm.

In cold seasons they kept us early and the veterinarian visited us constantly -some got sick from the flu or other illness- sometimes King would sleep on the farm with us. The animals of the farm grew and reproduced, we were waiting for Christmas season.

Yeah, I learned to walk at night, to guide myself by my feline senses, crossed the field arriving at a small wooden bridge from where the other neighboring farm could be seen, this was bigger than ours and had more cows, bulls, horses and sheep. This family produced home-made cheese and butter. But… I did not come there to see the farm people or eat this, just to visit my girlfriend -a lovely white kitten with a grey tail- she and her 4 sisters lived in this house, we had fun together and we spent many hours together really great moments, sometimes I did not sleep to my farm and stayed with her, but in these last cold months we decided to be on my farm -where there is more room for us- although if Helen made room for me in the house, prefer to be on the farm with my friends there and with my new partner… we are thinking about making little kittens… it’s not a bad idea.

The friendship with Ben, is so good… we have fun playing together and sometimes I take him on my back to the other neighboring farm where he meets those of the other community.  But lately Ben does not want to leave our warm farm, because he has fallen in love with a young woman from his community -after the loss of his parents and others- they should strengthen their ties community today and cares of the biggest and most abusive rodents that sometimes entered through the drain hole in search of stealing food or simply imposing their strength domination and scary in that community. I achieve to scare some of them but, often they are clever and they stay in places where I can not enter -for the greatness of my body- but my  claws sometimes hurt them.

Ben and his brothers have reorganized and built more houses for their community, I bring them pieces of cloth, small objects from Helen’s house and these they collect for use in their community, Ben’s partner likes to cook with other women in his community, make work in union to help others, to teaching and learn how make more beautiful and great his own community.

Helen also left the rest of her food in small dishes on her terrace, where Ben and his community or other wild animals like the hedgehog and his family collect it too. I think that collaboration makes everything organized and does not cause problems in the search for food or recycled objects for their houses.

Many times on the roof of the farm we sit with Ben and talk about everything we see, we share experiences, our moments and thoughts, sure we remember our parents, friends what we lose. and our friend Kid too.

Ben became more adult and his partner produced little ones… and of course my partner made little ones too!

Helen and her daughter had fun moments with my little ones on the garden, King was very old and was blind but could smell well all us and greeted us with his long tongue to kissing.

My little ones with Ben’s little ones made good friendships and this made us happy that even in our future generation our friendship still forever ever.

A cat, can not be a mouse friend? I do not agree! “


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