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Message from the Author: “Not everyone believes in Christmas, there are unbelievers, but Christmas is something magical that always touches everyone’s hearts… because a miracle can happen.”

Genre: Christmas Tale

Author: Celia Bailes © amadriadi

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Created: 08/25/2016

Dedicated toWho did not lose their optimism in me and supported unconditionally my crazy artistic soul“, to my husband Keith Bailes and my parents Emma Centti & Rivo Sanchez.


What prepare for Christmas at home, Tim?” Asked Fred, as they both on their bicycles back home.

The sky that day, showing signs of snow, they were well wrapped, that day of school had ended early, entering a short vacation for Christmas.

Fred, is Tim’s neighbour and classmate, both attend the same school in Town.

They had to go through a short way in the middle of the field, reaching a small bridge where many times liked to play and give bread crumbs to ducks, swans, fish or just observe the animals that inhabit in that river.

Tim was new in the Town, always was lived in big City for all his 10 years and for reasons of his father’s work, they had to move to this little Town.

The school, was in the Center of the Town where there was only 1 Hospital, 1 Cinema, 1 Veterinary, 1 kindergarten for children, small Shop and a Home store, but Restaurants?

There were only 2 that cooked the speciality of the Town or Fast- Food or pizzas & hamburgers -is not a big Town, had few children in the school and many chairs were still empty, could see many old people walking through the streets, the Town is located in the middle of the mountains and its climate is very varied, at night can feel fresh air, at the morning is warm and at the afternoon raining, all the houses were around the Centre Town and them around little mountains as gingerbread man holding it.

Tim, was born and lived in a modern City, his apartment was one in each floor and had a private elevator -direct to- a large balcony that could enjoyed the lovely panorama of the City. Tim lived with his parents ‘Gregory and Susan’ and his little sister ‘Sally’ -2 years- in that modern city there were more than 1 school and many Businesses has, plus 2 Hospitals every 4 blocks of houses, many modern Shopping Mall full of lights and with varied Business, the avenues of the city were wide full of cars and buses, had modern electric Trains and the Metro, the parks had game for children and a space to rest or chat or make Picnic, have too a huge Aquarium and Zoo, many ‘fast food or take away’ (the life of the city sometimes does not give time to cooking), many Pubs with varied music for young and old, modern Cinemas with 3D screens, modern ice cream Shops, Toy stores and electronic Games rooms were Tim liked go with his friends, today when he reflected where he was now as his mother Susan shouted to his father, “we are here hidden from the world!”

“Hey Tim… tell me, what preparing for Christmas?” Asked Fred again.

Tim, was lost in his memories! That week -like all the previous- Tim’s Father and Mother discussed every morning at home, there were many conflicts and no more that harmonious breakfast time were all together on their lovely balcony overlooking the city enjoyed, today the life in that little Town, did not love his mother and many disagreements.

“Tim! Heey Tim!… Can you hear me?” Shouted Fred.

Tim, stop his bicycle abruptly -before crossing the small bridge- and answered so seriously to his friend, “Fred… I’m not deaf! I listened to you very well and sincerely… I do not know what to answer you… because I do not understand well your question… sorry!”

“What! You do not understand me? Tell me, why are you upset now? Ooh! It is normal that all families always preparing something special in their homes at Christmas time!” Said Fred.

“Hum… I do not understand why you say prepare, what does mean? Can you explain it, please?” Said Tim so seriously.

His friend watched him with his huge eyes full of surprise to see the cold reaction of his friend, “wait Tim! N no no, noo… I can’t believe it! Now, tell me, what preparing your family in the City for Christmas time?”

“Do you repeat again the word prepare! Ooh Fred I do not understand it, but… if do you want to know how is Christmas in the City, it’s simple! In our modern apartment we had a huge artificial tree -mum says that the pine at home is dirty and is not more modern- mum decorated it in our large window of the living-room that joined our large balcony all in glass and decorated it with glass ornaments -I think did not need lights because shine well- and we also hung many other ornaments that Mum bought when we went to different Shopping Mall modern with more than 100 businesses, what so nice! Well… mum also bought the gifts for her friends, family, for the friends of her gym, for some of my classmates and my teacher, in the City there are many Shopping Mall and many times you do not know where to go! Oh yeah! It’s really fun to see Santa -the huge electronic puppet- move in the Shopping Mall and where we took funny pictures, all full of Christmas music! While, I went to the electronic game room, funny moment! Then, Mum came to pick me up to go to the Cinema, in the same Mall -to see a premiere- and they gave you many nice souvenirs, what a thrill! Then we went to home to get dressed in elegant clothes for dinner,

Dad took us at an elegant restaurant where there was a huge Christmas Buffet and International food -that mum loves very much- full of delicious cakes and sweets, yummy! When we returned to our apartment we were going to sleep, because the next day at breakfast full of marshmallows in ours hot chocolate we started to open ours gifts wow! Mum take pics all in pyjama! Wow!… How I thrilling to remember all this!” Said Tim, with his eyes shining with excitement.

“What…?” Exclaimed Fred, very surprised, “are you telling me… you and your family going to a restaurant on the night of… Christmas? Excuse me Tim, but… are you robots or humans?”

Tim, observe very seriously his friend, he felt offended and remembered the words of his mother when she shouted to his father “this town is not only small, it is also ignorant stupid people!” Tim, thought his mother had right, then look at his friend Fred and his questions, “hum… Fred, it’s better to go home now!” Tim, put on his hat and scarf, to start back to his house, when his friend, ask again,

“Tim, honestly, your family is very strange… are your parents aliens? Hey, my Granddad says that, those UFO’s fall from the sky—” (was interrupted).

“What…? Stop it! Look at Fred! I’m very offended now with all your stupid questions and I’m not interested about what your Granddad talking about it! He lived in this little village and as his brain too!” Shouted Tim, very annoyed and started to back home in his bicycle so quickly, without waiting for his friend Fred. Tim just wanted to be at home, his cheeks is red.


Tim threw his bicycle in the terrace and closed the door quickly -gave a sigh- hung his coat, hat and scarf on the rack, put his gloves in the pockets of his coat and left his boots on the rug -to not avoid dirtying the house floor- his mother scream like crazy if got dirty with wet boots there, he walk in stockings on the cold floor, did not have that soft carpet of the modern apartment in the city, this floor was made of wood and sounded when walking, cross the hall and see all dark the living-room in silent, the fireplace was off, Tim could distinguish light in the kitchen, finding his father dining alone at the table -it was not more in his lovely balcony of glasses- here was a small wooden window, like the whole house, ‘vintage style’ as the mother called it.

“Hi dad,” said Tim.

“Hi son… are you hungry? I prepare a sandwich for you?”

“No… thanks, dad, I’ll just drink a glass of milk and cookies, please,” said Tim, then sat down at the table next to his father and asked, “and mum?”

“Hum… she does not feel well today, she preferred go to bed early, your sister asleep early and… I think, your mother took advantage of this!” Said the father in a low voice, but

Tim knew well his father just wanted to hide the truth, maybe they had argued again -as every day- and his mother was not at the table with his father. Tim remembered seeing them smile and drinking at the table with candles with the beautiful panorama of the balcony, today it all different between them, many discussions and moments in solitude.

His father, prepare his glass of milk and give some delicious coconut cookies, Tim began to eat slowly, watching his father eat a ham sandwich with lettuce and read his weekly magazine.

Tim, observe everything around him and it seemed that something was missing there, but, he did not know what was missing, “Dad… today was not a good day to me! My friend Fred asks stupid silly questions and I really think that… Mum is so right when says that all these people in this town… are ignorant and stupid.”

The father, stopped reading his magazine and raise his surprised eyes, to observe carefully his son, “Tim…! Please, do not insult the people here… not to blame they for living in this small Town far from the real and modern City was we are lived, remember son, we will be here for only 2 years, time necessary that my promotion, just ask you to be patient and not being bad moody, please!” Replied his father, who eating his sandwich, “Tim, you know that I have a better job now here, I earn more money and this sacrifice… it’s only for 2 years! I’ve explained it to your mother, but she… does not think it so… we’re always in conflict now,” said the Father, who leaving the magazine on the table and getting up to prepare another cup of hot coffee, “your mother, has become an antisocial woman here in the town, she does not want to make new friends with the ladies of this town, do not want to attend meetings, she always calls them ‘stupid people’, she complains about everything, says that gets bored here in the town, but prefers to be in the bedroom talking on the phone with her friends of the city and always being bored at home… honestly, your mother makes me everything more harder!”

“Excuse me dad! But… I think that mum is so right and… this next Christmas in this small Town will be very sad… for all of us! Ooh… Dad, there are no huge modern Shopping Mall, we can not do Christmas shopping like every year, we will not have the nice parties in Grandpa’s club, there are no Stores with the latest models of electronic games, no there 3D cinemas and not premieres here, there are no beautiful and elegant Restaurants where we spent Christmas dinner! I miss our beautiful apartment and its huge glass balcony overlooking the beautiful city, our huge tree led lights, the lights in the streets, all the Shops adorned with Christmas’s puppets that move, artificial… sincerely dad, here It’s all very different…!” Said Tim.

The father slowly drank his coffee and finished the sandwich, watching his son closely, “Son! Please, do not insult these people for living in this small Town, they are happy with their lives here! Just remember, we will be here for a short time, please do not be grumpy! Look at… I was thinking that by Christmas we can go to another big neighbour City!

What do you think Son?”

Tim, watch his father with his sad eyes, finish his glass of milk and get up to go to the living-room to watch TV, “Dad, I do not think is to insult to all these people when I tell the truth … sorry live in the City is so different from living here in this small Town, it’s like being in a forgotten place! Thanks dad for the cookies and the milk, now… I go to the living-room,”

“It is all okay Son! Put on your Pajama please, it’s cold,” said his father, who started reading his magazine and continued slowly drinking his hot coffee.

Tim, from the kitchen door, observed his father and said, “dad, every Saturday, we were going to dine at the Burger Restaurant in the Mall, very delicious with his juice of various fruits, and with my friends played in the modern electronic rooms, mum bought so many new and modern things for the house… sincerely dad, I miss the life of the City a lot!”

Tim said, as he walked slowly towards the living room to his bedroom…


The large living room of the house was dark and silent there, felt very cold, the curtains of the single window were closed, there was no other noise at home. Tim turn on the lamp next to the couch, picked up the blanket and reclined on the couch, he thought about putting on his pyjamas but felt bored and without energy, did not know why felt bored and annoying at the same time. Tim watch the bed of ‘Trixie’ (the Puddle puppy of her mother), next to the huge fireplace that was off and thought, “Sure, Trixie is in the bedroom with mum and her little sister Sally, although they were so different from the people of the town, in the city can have small dogs and there in the town, poor Trixie hardly walk, because have short legs.”

Tim watch the television but did not know whether to watch the television or play his game, so decided to put a video game, although if he felt very discouraged and not wanting to do anything, his mind was confused in the questions of his friend Fred, of this town and the people there, his parents, his life in the city, his apartment, the happy family days, turned in his mind like scenes like a film.

When he decided to curl up in the chair and try to concentrate on that electronic game, from the chair, he could watch the light of the kitchen on.


Fred! After the dinner, you and your sisters will make Christmas garlands, your Dad will go to the cellar for the other boxes of Christmas decorations… we should check it if there is something to fix or throw in trash! Hum…let’s see, what else we need to do today? Hey Fred!, I’m talking to you!” Said the mother. They were sitting on the large rectangular table in the kitchen, their 2 sisters ‘Cindy and Kate’, the little brother ‘Ron’ (the youngest) and their paternal grandfathers -the maternal grandparents lived with the sister of Fred’s mother in other Village near the Town, them reunite always the 25 and 26 in each house- but 24 is for all the Family in his own house.

“Well… let’s see, the Granny will start making the cookies and the Christmas pie! They know that we have new neighbors and a new classmate so more must be done more! Hum?

Let’s see… ooh! We must also make the Christmas hats for us and the clothes for our 3 dogs, the stockings to hang in the fireplace, the others are already discoloured! Ooh yes!

Also the Christmas surprises to our Family, friends and schoolmates! I must also prepare something to give to our neighbours and new ones! Hmm the decoration of the exterior house is taken care of by your Dad! Well… I forgot something? Ooh what excitement is always Christmas time!” Said Fred’s mother so cheerfully.

Fred’s parents were always very enthusiastic about the arrival of Christmas and every year they began to prepare everything, from the first day of December, they organised the decoration and preparation, working all the whole family, some decorations is recycled and the people in town exchanged Christmas gifts doing with their hands, was a family work together and lots of fun and smiles too. The huge fireplace in his living room was always on and the kitchen oven also -cooking something delicious- to filling the whole house with a special perfume of Christmas scent.

“Hum… Mum, I think our neighbors and my friend Tim… they are very strange, sorry! Today, just after school, I asked what they preparing for Christmas and his non logical response that he gave me… I told him that… maybe it’s him and his family alien’s!” Said Fred.

“Alien? Ooh! Wait at moment! He has blue hair and they are small tall?” Asked Tim’s grandfather so curiously.

“Dad please! Do not start with your jokes! Fred maybe think is real!” Said Fred’s dad seriously.

“To joke? Who? Me? Look at son, in the 50s those little blue men liked to leave his footprints in our harvest fields and—” (was interrupted).

“Dad, please! Your comments should be positive, at this time Fred is very confused and can damage his new friendship with Tim! They are new neighbour Dad! Please… do not say anything else, please!”

The grandfather with his bright eyes, observe in silence his grandson.

“Son! What do you say? You can damage your friendship with your new friend and neighbour! Look at son, all this your reaction, is not right, you must be very careful with your affirmations and without insulting anyone! I think son you should apologise for your not adequate reaction.”

“But Dad! My friend Tim and his family are very indifferent to Christmas! Today my friend got upset with me for I wishing knew that would prepare with his family for Christmas.

They do not prepare anything special like us! Have you seen his house dad? It’s all dark, they do not have lights and they do not have a huge pine tree at their door… they do not smile!”

“Ha ha,” the grandma smiled, “because do not have a huge pine tree on the doorstep in his house and do not smile, do you think they are alien’s? What do you think dear Fred!

Maybe Tim’s father does not know how to cut pines! Lol! Remember Fred, the people of the city are always strange and very different, also? We did not have a huge pine tree at home either, it was last year when your father and grandfather went to cut that huge pine in the high mountain and today we have it on the doorstep.”

“They are not strange wife, they are alien’s! Just that!” Said Grandpa seriously.

“Ooh! Again dad? With your silly ideas! Hmm… your exclamations do not help Fred!” Said Fred’s dad seriously.

“Mmm maybe… they do not want to do anything for Christmas to not spend money… and not buying gifts,” said Cindy.

“Or… maybe Tim’s mum… can not cooking or decorate well!” said Kate and smiling.

“Hey! Hey! Guys…stop it!  All your absurd affirmations about them are enough! We are at the table and it is a great blessing to be all together, spoiling us blessed and foods, please talk without teasing please! Now, eat well! I need all of yours full of energy after dinner, we have a lot to do and not wasting time and energy to thinking in nonsense… stop this comments!” Said Fred’s mother.

“I still thinking—” (was interrupted the granddad).

“It’s enough! Stop it dad! Your dinner is getting cold,” said Fred’s father.

Dinner time at Fred’s house was the best time for the whole family to be together, because at lunch time, the young people were at school, the father worked, and the grandparents went to the group meeting elders in the town. The weekends were the most fun days for everyone, they went fishing with their grandfather to the huge river among the mountains, or in search of mushrooms and blackberries in the high mountains -for the delicious pies of the Grandmother- in the night the whole family played Bingo or Playing Cards. They liked watch some funny film on television and prepared pop-corn and drinks -imagining they were watching in cinema- the grandparents had a lot of fun. On Saturdays in the morning, Fred’s sisters helped their mother in the laundry, cleaning and ordering her dolls -which were many in her bedroom! – helped to roll up the wool balls of her mother.

Fred cleaned the houses and carpets of his dogs. In the evenings they played with their friends and Fred liked to ride his bike. The grandmother helped with the pastry and knitting.

Every Saturday a lady came to the house, who cleaned the whole house and the little barn-where Fred’s father kept his work tools-and in snow seasons they kept Fred’s father’s car.

On Sundays, Fred’s dad prepare the breakfast for all the family and buy pizza for lunch, it was Fred’s mother’s take a rest, but during the Christmas season, the enthusiasm was greater than fatigue for all them. Fred’s house had 2 floors, an attic -which served to host the visiting relatives- and its small basement -where they kept everything they did not use and the Christmas boxes. They had 3 big dogs and 2 cats- the conceited ones of Fred’s sisters.

Everyone started to enjoy the hot dinner and to exchange ideas on how they could change some Christmas decorations this year, between smiles and enthusiasm.

Fred was silent, still thinking about what happened today with his friend.


Timmy! Timmy!” Exclaim Tim’s mum, standing in front of the chair watching her son.

“Oh Mummy! I fell asleep again on the couch!” Said Tim and waking up.

“Yes, Timmy!” Smiled the mother, “I’m going to town with Sally, do you want to come with us?”

“Eh? Hmm… No mother, thank you! Honestly… there’s nothing that can amuse me!”

“Ooh yes! I understand Timmy… well… hum, I’m coming soon!” Said Tim’s mother and kissed the forehead of her son, then walking away with her little daughter in arms who waved her little hand saying goodbye to Tim, both dressed elegantly and the mother had her heels high what she love so much. Tim watched her and thought, “how could Mum handle the car and walk in town with those high shoes?”

That Saturday morning, started to be very cold. Tim felt so tired and from the couch, can see the bed of his dog empty, the huge fireplace was still off, went to the window to open the curtains and could see that it was all dry outside, but the windows were ice-cold.

“Tim! The breakfast is ready!” Said the father from the kitchen, he was preparing pancakes, that morning.

Tim, walking slowly towards the kitchen, felt cold, had slept without his pyjama.

“Hi dad! I fell asleep again on the couch.”

“Good morning son! Have you slept well? I think you like it more than your bed, son!” Smiled the father as he prepared the breakfast.

“Hum! I think so… I sleep in that couch than you sleep there Dad,” Said Tim, sitting down at the table and pouring milk into his glass.

“That huge and warm couch is more comfortable than our leather thin couch in the city!” Smiling the Father, “your mother went to the town with Sally, she must go to the post office to sent Christmas cards for the grandparents and her friends in the city, also want to buy something to send them but… this morning she was nervous because thinks will not find anything special in the Centre Town… you know how is your mother!” Said the father, while serving the pancakes with fruit and honey, at the table, then sat down and both began to eat their breakfast, in silence.

Trixie was in her bed in the kitchen, watching us, she was flustered felt cold even if had her dog’s warm coat.

“Dad… do you work today?” Asked Tim.

“Yes son! Therefore, I prepare quick the breakfast, I must be at 10 am at my work… return at 4 pm, do you want something from the town, son?”

“No dad! Thank you, honestly… there’s nothing you can bring me from the town,” said Tim, who observing his breakfast in silence, watched his father eat quickly and put everything in the dishwasher, kissed him on the forehead and walked swiftly to the door of entrance, preparing to go his work.

Tim, with the pancake in hand, walked behind his father and sat on the terrace, watching his father’s car go away, observing everything around in silence… until,

“Heey Tim! Heey!” Shouted Fred, from the door of his house, was with his dad and his sister fixing the huge pine tree in front of his house, “Heey Tim! Do you want come to help us?” Asked Fred.

Tim raised his hand making signs No, but kept watching what did Fred and his family, Tim did not understand and asked himself, “Why did they put that huge pine tree on the door of their house and not inside their house? Why everyone always smiled, as if it was something exciting what they were doing! Why do not get bored in that miserable town?

It was not Christmas yet and they were already starting to decorate it? Silly people!” Tim got up and entered in his house, was all silent and without lights, he went to his bedroom to take a shower and change his clothes, did not know what else to do and thought about revising later if had homework from the school.

“Dad! Did you see the reaction of my friend Tim? It’s very strange boy!” Exclaimed Fred.

“Son, please! I repeat you, Tim is not strange boy… you are offended a lot by your jokes, you should not talk to him on this way, maybe… Tim does not understand your jokes!”

Said the father as he placed the ladder, positioning it to reach the branches higher of the huge pine and start to place the lights, this year they had bought another set of lights more.

At Fred’s house, there were the grandparents and the other sister, decorating the doors, windows and stairs inside, Fred’s mother cooked a delicious chicken in the oven -she had promised to cook this dish if everyone works well that morning- the whole house It was flooded with a delicious fragrance and the big fireplace was hot, the curtains were open giving light to the whole house.

“Fred! Please go and check if everything is well connected! Okay! Now… you can turn it on son!” Exclaimed Fred’s father, from the top of the stairs, he was placing the last lights on the tip of the Pine. Fred’s dad, wanted to see if some light bulbs did not turn on -to start repairing it- before putting the angel on the tip of the Christmas pine, to his surprise all the lights went on!

“Perfect!” Exclaimed Fred’s father cheerfully, “now… let’s decorate the lights around the house son,” said the father as he came down from the huge staircase.

“How is going here?” Asked Fred’s mother, who watching everything closely and so excited to see the huge Christmas pine full of lights, watched her husband and Fred, were decorating with lights around the entire house.

The grandmother and her daughters had decorated all the doors, windows and stairs of the house, now it was only necessary to decorate the fireplace, tables and the terrace of the entrance. Fred’s mother, knew that missing the angel to the huge pine Christmas -traditionally it should be the first Sunday in December- had made huge bright balls crafts and several designs on Mache’ paper crafts with their daughters to wear it as ornaments in the huge pine, they had decorated huge cardboard boxes lined with wrapping paper and Christmas wire canes of the last Christmas and until today it was kept with colour to be reused.

“Hey Family! When finish their work, we have the lunch ready… the baked chicken is soon!”

And everyone shouted joyfully, “hurrah!”


Tim, was bored in the huge living room of his house, with the remote control in his hand changed the channels and could not find a nice program or film that excited him, so decided to put a video game, even though he felt very bored because it was an old game and in that town there was no special electronic games store where his father always bought the new edition.

He got up from the couch, observed around everything was without lights, without sound, a lot of calm. He went to the kitchen to prepare a soda with chocolate coconuts cookies -his mother opened a new Cookies Can- put a few cookies on the napkin and thought, “I hope mum bought food in town, there was nothing to eat and I hungry,  was bored with the dad’s sandwich,” he went back to the living room, settled into the couch, leaning his soda and cookies on the table, thought to put the electronic game, when felt screams and smiles outside, hurry ran to his window to see what was happening, when look at the neighbor house -from the other angle- and observed the family beginning to decorate their huge pine in front of his house, but it was not that house that came all that noise, then look at the other angle of the window and was able to see part of the house of Fred, they were all laughing uproariously, Fred and his dad hung the lights around the entrance door and his sisters joked, the mother and the grandparents were sitting in the terrace smiling.

“Does this make them all smile? Silly people!” Exclaimed Tim who moving his head and closed the curtains quickly, it bothered to see them smile without a reason, went to the couch again to start playing his video game, when he observed the small watch of the wall and his mother had not yet arrived, “two hours more and dad will be at home,” thought Tim, when look again the living room, it was all very large and felt be alone there.

“Timmy! Timmy!” Exclaimed his mother, quickly entered in the house, his sister Sally had asleep in arms, with fast steps entered in the living room and quickly support a small paper bag on the table -with fruit caramels bars -Tim’s favorite- then hurriedly went to the kitchen leaving the bag of pizzas and quickly went to his bedroom with Sally in his arms and said, “Timmy… I bought pizza for you and your father, is on the table okay, I go to the bedroom, it’s cold and Sally is asleep,” she moving quickly away down, quickly closing the bedroom door.

Tim, quickly got up from the couch -was hungry- and went to the kitchen, saw the bag with the two boxes of personal pizzas and observe that both were the same -salami, mushrooms and olives- with sad eyes and bored tone said, “ooh… mum was no other type of Pizza? In the city and in this town, always choose the same pizza…!” Tim sat at the kitchen table, had prepared a glass of soda, there was only orange juice and not the tropical juice or peaches juice what liked so much, started to eat slowly, with very little desire, while watched the kitchen and thought, “it’s all very empty for just sitting there alone.”

“Timmy! For the next… you’re going to buy your pizza okay!” Exclaimed Tim’s mother nervous, who quickly entering in the kitchen to prepare a hot coffee.

“Sorry mum but… it’s always the same pizza!”

“Timmy! I repeat you… for the next time you go on your bike and choose the pizza what do you want! Why did not come with me today? Hum… do not make me more nervous, I have so much with your father!” Exclaimed her mother seriously, retreating at an accelerated her steps and then closed the door of her bedroom.

“Again in your cage, mum?” Asked Tim, without an answer.

Tim knew that his mother did not want to meet his father and it was all the time since they lived there.

Without desire to eat his pizza, just ate two little pieces and left the rest for later, in his box and thought, “as everything goes today, maybe there would not be dinner and he preferred this pizza to his father’s sandwiches.”

Tim, standing on the threshold of the kitchen, watching everything around him, his mind went blank -like a big pause- then went to the living room, turned on the television again, had started a film, he reclined on the couch, covered himself with the blanket, tried to concentrate on the film, but his mind was still blank as if on pause, Tim did not know why he felt that…


Knock Knock knock! Tim! Hey Tim! Are you there?” Shouted Fred at the door of Tim’s house -rang the house bell many times- and knuckles the wooden door in the same time.

Tim from the couch covered his ears, was so very confused and did not know doing in this moment.

“Tim! Tim!” Shouted Fred.

When Tim feels Mother’s bedroom door open and furious said at him from the doorway of the living room, “tell that boy… do not make scandal here, your little sister sleep…!” Then she walked back to her bedroom.

Tim, had a huge headache, confusion, boredom and was opening the door of his house, so serious from the terrace said, “shhhh! Hey Fred! Do no yell more! My mother is so nervous because my little sister sleeps and your noises is so unpleasant!” Tim serious in front of Fred, who was standing in the doorway with his confused eyes, wearing a Christmas sweater and an Elf cap.

“Why do you dress like that…?” Asked Tim.

“It’s Christmas time, Tim! You know it’s Christmas season?” Said Fred.

“Ooh! Again…! Starting with your silly questions! Uhuh!” Serious Tim, with red cheeks in bad moody.

“Tim… sorry… for knocking on your door like this and… making scandal in your home! Really, I not imagine your mum and little sister slept so early.”

“Honestly… you made a horrible scandal! Now lower your voice please! The window of my mother’s bedroom is that and I do not…  want to have more problems in my house, please.” Said Tim.

“Okay Tim! I’m just kidding, we’re friends!” Said Fred quietly, then hugged Tim and said, “I’m your friend and I’m not dumb or stupid for loving Christmas in this way! I do not know how Christmas was for you in all this time, but for me and for my sisters… it is the best time of the year, which we look forward to with great anticipation and joy! Well? I do not know if you understand it, but… today I came to ask you go to the river, I have here a sack of breadcrumbs for geese and swans… come on? Ooh! It’s also time for the beavers to make their home and you can watch them swimming in the cold water of the river, is son nice!” Smiling Fred.

“Hum… now Fred?”

“Lol! Yes Tim! Now!”

“Look at Fred, if you start with your jokes—” (was interrupted).

“They are not mock, Tim! I’m just happy! Do you happy for Christmas season?”

“Hum… I do not know!”

“You are very strange Tim!”

“Ooh…!  Well, I’m going to take my coat and hat,” said Tim, going into his house, looking for his jacket, hat and scarf on the coat rack, put on his gloves and watched the hall was all silent, went go in his bedroom’s mother -to say bye- opened the door and saw her talking on the phone with her friend, was nervous with tears in her eyes, Tim thought it better not to disturb her at this moment, Tim raised his hand saying goodbye, but his mother was very focused on his talk and did not respond, Tim closed the door and went to the entrance of the house, was on the terrace and Fred waiting with a big smile.

“We’re on a bicycle, Fred?”

“No Tim! We are walking, the day is beautiful and the river is not so far from here!”

“Okay! I am ready… let’s go!”

Fred started to walk, holding his Christmas cap and scarf, he continued with that wide smile and his eyes full of emotion, Tim did not understand why this great excitement in his friend. They both walked at a slow steps, Tim observed towards his house and his dad’s car was not there and everything was very calm in his house. The neighbor houses were being decorated with Christmas themes, could see their chimneys working on giving heat to the houses, but in the Tim house everything was muted and silent.

That day could observe the sky getting ready to receive the snow very soon, the air was very cool that made Tim’s eyes crying -it was not custom- and his friend smiled. The houses were not together with each other -as in the city- here could not hear or see the neighbor who made their own homes because the houses were distant from each other, surrounded by bushes, large trees, garages or farms, wooden bars with many different decorations of each house. The tracks were narrow and even the rocky trail -which often broke his mother’s high heels- around could see the mountains not very high, gave the impression of being gingerbread men holding hands. To go to the center of the town was not very distant and could easily go by bicycle, even see the elderly using their bicycles. Only Tim’s mum used her car to go down town. Here in the town people used more tennis shoes more comfortable, not see the ladies wearing high heels, here wearing coat because unexpectedly is icy wind or rain, many times Tim’s mum got nervous about this, she love wearing sexy clothes as in the city and lots of make-up.

“Everything here was different and in reality… we looked like aliens!” Thought Tim.

Fred and Tim, went down the narrow way, straight to the small rocky bridge, climbed the road to go to the bridge where cars and bicycles did not pass only this bridge was used to observe the river, its waters were very clear and the animals that lived there swam merrily they seemed to like the cold waters or were accustomed, the color of their feathers were very bright when they are wet, the calm in which they lived was equal to that of the people of this town, it gave the impression that there was no tomorrow’s time.

“Compared to the people of the city who even stumbled into each other as they hurried through the streets, the cars wanted to be one first, the metro filled with so many people with a serious or anxious face, here in the town the people smiled and walked slowly, they did not stumble among themselves but they greeted each other, the only bus line in the center was never full and there were no faces of anxiety,” thought Tim.

Fred watched everything calmly with his big smile of happiness.

“People here… always do all this… for Christmas?” Asked Tim.

“Lol! Tim! You was lived on the Moon?” Smiled Fred.

“Heey Fred! Forgot my question… okay!”

“Tim, do not be angry!” Fred put his arm on his friend’s shoulder and said, “It’s just Christmas time,”

“You always repeated it many times… I do not understand it! Honestly can not understand why all smiled as they did not have problems, take their lives slowly and do not rush to anything! I think the aliens are from this town not me!”

Fred smiled and observed his friend who had a very serious and confused face, took from his pocket a paper bag full of bread crumbs and divided half with Tim, then they began to feed the animals of that river -could see the elegant movements of the swans and the small bright eyes of the beavers, who began to prepare their houses before the snow fell, the birds had fun in the tree and some picked up their pieces of bread in the wall of the bridge where Fred left some crumbs for them, was a beautiful winter show.

“Tim… for all of us in this town… Christmas time is a big Party Family and Union!” Said Fred, with his bright eyes and a huge smile of happiness, as if he felt what was saying.

“A big party? But? Where is the party Fred?”

“For this reason, Tim, we all decorate our houses and the people also do it, to say welcome Christmas!”

“What…?” Said Tim confused.

“Lol! Tim! This is what makes me laugh! Because… honestly I do not know if you mean it or it’s all joke yours!” Said Fred and smiling.

“Sincerely Fred… I do not know when you say big Christmas party! And not told me… I’m an alien! I already explained how Christmas is in the big City! Look at Fred, I was born there for all my 10 years… Christmas is what I always lived there!’ Said Tim serious, they kept feeding the Ducks and Gees, ‘Sorry… I do not get offended you but I do not understand Fred!”

“Fred! Heey bro!” Shouted Cindy Fred’s sister, she was coming down the road smiling and raising her hands to greeting us, dressed like an elf cap and funny scarf with Christmas gloves, when Cindy was on the bridge said, “Grandma sends her fresh oatmeal cookies to you and for Tim!” Cindy smiles, “Hi Tim!”

“Hi Cindy!”

Cindy handed out the paper bags to each one.

“Ooh! Please Cindy, tell your grandmother thanks for the cookies!” Said Tim, he was full of surprise picking up the paper bag.

Cindy smiled and went back the same way to her house.

“Grandma’s cookies are so delicious!” Said Fred smiling as ate one of the cookies.

“Thanks Fred… for the cookies.”

“No, Tim… It’s not me! Grandma preparing her cookies very early morning and she should prepare many more for all us and friends too!” Smiling Fred.

“What? Since early morning your granny cooking? Maybe she felt bored!” Asked Tim.

“Hum… I do not think that! Grandma love preparing cookies! Nobody forces her and my grandpa prepares delicious pies… so yummy! Tim, I told you… it’s Christmas time!”

“But… your Granny is old! And maybe felt cold!” Said Tim confused.

“Old? The grandma? Lol!” Fred smiled, “at home the fireplace is always on and at Christmas time the kitchen is very warm because the oven is always cooking something delicious food and she is so happy to do it!”

“I imagine, maybe she being bored to do it…”

“Who? My grandma? She does not! She love do it!”

“Well… maybe everyone is bored to do something… hum… I do not know,  I’m so confused, sorry!”

“Be bored in my house? No, Tim!” Fred smiles, “in my house everyone is happy to share something for say welcome of Christmas season! Look at my mum organizes but does not force us! Each one of us is pleased to do something to give joy to our house, the Christmas music is all day in home and we smile and jokes at home! Dad and mum prepare their wine liquor and drink with granny, sing the Christmas songs while they cooking or fix the decorations! My sisters in their bedrooms prepare ornaments made by them and decorate the windows, doors and stairs… and of course their her bedroom! I am not very devoted to doing crafts but I help in another way! Look at Tim, in my house nobody gets bored and we like to share this Christmas moment, I can assure you!”

“Wow!… sorry but… I do not understand it…!’

“Not worry! Tim, now at home mum prepares crafts and Grandma prepares her cookies but not everything is for us! They also prepare to share with neighbor, friends, family, and the others doing the same in their homes! That is… Tim a great party for all us… is Christmas time!”

“What…?” Asked Tim confused, could not understand.

“Tim, it’s better that we return to home, start darkening! I must be home for dinner, today my mother has prepared baked chicken with smashed of potatoes… so delicious!” Exclaimed Fred cheerfully, and adjusting his hat.

“Baked chicken? Your mum does not get bored… to cooking? In the City they cooked ready food that you just heat in your microwave or… the restaurant service delivery or fast food,”

“Noo Tim! Mum likes to cooking but at Christmas time she gets very excited! Er… honestly we have not tried microwave food in home! We go to the Restaurant for special occasions and when mum is sick or grandma dad cooking or buy pizzas or hamburgers… but at Christmas time nothing is more delicious than home made food… so yummy!”

“Oh sure! I forgot… it’s Christmas time!” Said Tim, watching his friend walk happily back home and Tim was silent, he knew that cold pizza awaited him at home.

Returning home along the way, Tim could see the windows of the houses lit with light people smiling inside, in other windows could be seen preparing dinner, in other windows could be seen sitting at the table of the dining room with people smiling and toasting, children playing.

“Well Tim, I’m going in home now!” Saying goodbye Tim.

“Good evening Fred! Thanks… for your grandmother’s cookies and… for this moment!” Said Tim,

“No worry! Good night! Ooh! Please… my apologies for the scandal today, I can imagine your mother displeased for it, was not my intention.” Said Fred who raising his hand was running towards his house, his grandfather was decorating the terrace, they had put a huge snowman -Not real- bright silver, Kate (Fred’s younger sister) hung golden stars in the window and Cindy decorated the entrance door with a huge garland made of shiny paper. Tim could see the lights on throughout Fred’s house and they were always smiling.

Tim sighed and under his terrace, entered in his house followed everything in silence and darkness, there were no lights, no smiles, no Christmas decorations.


He left his jacket, hat and gloves, took off his boots slowly, walked in stockings, that floor was still cold, went to his mother’s bedroom was watching television and chatting on the phone at the same time, his little sister played on the mat, Tim thought not disturbing his mother, did not want to see her nervous, walked slowly towards the kitchen and behind him his little dog was wagging his tail, “good, someone greets me happily,” thought Tim.

Went into the kitchen, turned on the light and watched his pizza, preparing a glass of milk, when he heard the front door open and felt the steps of his father and also felt his mother’s door close it loudly, “sign of war,” thought Tim, sat at the table with his glass of milk and opened the paper bag to see the cookies, when he gave a deep sigh when saw those huge handmade oatmeal cookies marvel by the Fred’s granny, “Wow!” Exclaimed Tim, “they are so beautiful! It’s so cute!”

The cookies was decorated with icing of bright colors, “but this icing was not tenuous like the cookies in the tins that mum buys, this icing is consistent and abundant,” thought Tim, who had one of the cookies in his hand and watched it carefully, can feel the scent of orange and coconut attached to oats, take out the other cookies -all in huge circular shape- support them on the table and could see that they were decorated with the design of Santa, Christmas tree, Star, Gift box, Christmas stocking and an Angel. Tim’s eyes lighting with excitement as watched each one of them.

“What beautiful cookies Tim! Where did buy it?” Asked his dad, he gave Tim a kiss on the head and went to prepare his hot coffee on the machine.

“Look at dad! Their has Christmas designs, so beautiful colors!” Exclaimed Tim with his eyes shining with emotion, “Fred’s granny gift to me… she prepared them since this morning early and how nice is this perfume… yummy!”

“You are right son! It’s very beautiful! But? Designs… of Christmas?” Asked the father, observing the cookies on the table, “what madness! Today is December 2!” Smiling the father, while sitting at the table and watching the pizza box, “Ooh!  I see that for dinner we have pizza! Hum… always the same pizza! Well… I think it’s better than a sandwich mine! Do you want a hot pizza, son?”

“Yes dad, please!” Said Tim, still observing his cookies that caught his attention the colours, the designs, the happy faces, the golden and silver points, the sweet perfume…

“Son… your friend celebrates Christmas very early!” Smiling the father what observing his son focused on his cookies, “you should tell them Timmy, Christmas is 25… and there’s still a long way to go!”

“Ooh yeah! It’s true dad! Fred and his family celebrate Christmas from the first day of December, he says that since the last week of November they are already taking boxes from last Christmas to recycle some ornaments or make a list of what they miss! But this year it took a few weeks to coordinate and they started today!” Said Tim smiling, “Dad I do not understand when Fred talks about getting ready for Christmas time… but he says it’s a tradition of this town!”

“Ooh! I understand son and it is good that you are not in bad moody with your friend and for their customs of this town… I do not understand this either too, but must respect their traditions and ideas,” said the father as he took out the pizzas from the microwave and support at the table, “here is your hot pizza son, do you want something else?”

“Ooh! Thanks dad… it’s all okay, it’s enough with my glass of milk, thanks!”

“Okay son… well… I go to the living room to watch television, today I’m tired, the week was very tense and… I think your mum took over the bedroom again!” Said the father, kissing the head of his son and walked away slowly with his pizza and coffee to the living room.

Tim, started eating his pizza, felt the slow steps of his father in the living-room turning on the lamp and closing the curtains, the television was at low volume -give the impression that he did not want to disturb the mother- Tim thought it was better go to his bedroom, put the cookies in the paper bag and just took one with the face of Santa, quickly finished his piece of pizza and the other piece, then put it on a plate next to his glass of milk, turn off the light in the kitchen and cross the hall, “good night dad!” Said Tim, as go to his bedroom, his father raised his hand greeting him -he was leaning in the couch- watching television, alone in that huge living room, Tim remembered how many times in the city observed his parents holding each other toasting and watching television together after dinner, today it was just tension and nerves between them, walk slowly and the door of his mother’s bedroom was closed, could feel the television at low volume.

Tim’s house was one floor, 3 huge bedrooms with private bathrooms, a large room with the dining room, the kitchen with a dining room, the entrance terrace, a small basement -that Tim’s father did not use it- they did not have a garage and they used the small farm to store the car and some objects, suitcases and also ornaments and some things that Tim’s mum brought from the City department and that do not decorate in this house, from the beginning she did not agree or happy to come to live in this town, his rejection was total that until today is nervous and often hysterical. Tim remembered how well decorated his mother was in the apartment and today in that house, she did not have the desire or the courage to give it a familiar and cheerful touch. Tim, walk to his bedroom, can see the room of his little sister, had no decoration there seemed like his mother had no more cheerful spirit or illusions, Tim sighed and come into his room, support the plate in his small desk, he remembered his bedroom entire maritime decor, she bought many ornaments in city but even was no decorated there, just very simple decoration. Tim approached his pillow to take out his pyjamas, when see the reflection of lights in his window curtain, opened it to see what happened outside and his eyes shone with the reflection of the lights, his heart throbbed with emotion to see that beautiful show, all the houses had the Christmas lights on around their houses, farms and wooden fences, their huge pines and shrubs around their houses also had the Christmas lights, their chimneys lit a happy mixture with the snow start to fall, “wow this is real snow!” Thought Tim while watching this scene that was not artificial as he saw it in the Mall or in the windows of the City’s Businesses, “that scene was all real!” Thought Tim and opened the window, pulled out his hand so could feel the snow fall on his skin and remembered the Christmas films and Tim smiled of the emotion, watched all the houses full of lights, except his house. Some neighbour, were still decorating or putting the Christmas lights in their houses, Tim sighed and closed his window, observing everything behind the glass of his window, his face was illuminated by the lights, could see Fred’s parents sitting on the terrace smiling and drinking something hot. Tim under the look with sadness, decided to leave this happy scene to return to his reality, Tim changed his pyjama and lit his little television, sitting at his desk and started to drink his glass of milk and observed in his hand the huge Santa’s cookie, smiled at see the cheerful face of Santa, finished drinking and went to his bed, placed the cookie on the table next to his bed, the reflection of the television made his cookie more bright, Tim lay down on his bed, wanted concentrate on the television but his mind was thinking, “why them are all happy and his family could not be happy…”


Good morning mum,” greeting Tim, still in pajamas, sat at the kitchen table, his little sister was in his special chair eating a piece of bread and butter, Trixie was in bed watching everyone curious, Tim’s mother preparing coffee and toast, on the table there was milk, orange juice, cereals, yogurt and fruit.

“Hi, Timmy! Who brought those horrible handmade cookies? It has a lot of color and too much icing on top! It’s not good for your health to eat that! Was your dad buy it? I do not like it…!” Said Tim’s mother, sitting down at the table and eating her toast, “today I prepared the breakfast of the City, maybe you missing a lot Timmy?”

“What! Sorry… mum but what are you saying?”

“You still sleep, Timmy? Eat your breakfast son!” Said Tim’s mother and smiled and giving another piece of bread to her little daughter and her dog Trixie.

“Mum… sorry, but… those cookies are not for you! Fred’s granny gift me, she prepared it from very early morning yesterday!”

“Lol! What! Your friend’s granny prepared these cookies? How embarrassing to make this poor old woman cooking early!” Exclaimed Tim’s mother and smiling, “can not them buy cookies like normal people?”

“Well… Fred… says, everyone here is getting ready to receive Christmas time from the first days of December and… for all of them it’s a big party,” Said Tim, with his Santa cookie in his hand and watching it with his eyes shining and emotion.

“A big party? And… where will they do this concert or the big party? In the village of this little Town? Lol! How silly is your friend!” Exclaimed Tim’s mother, “is just stupidity of this town! Timmy, remember we are not and we do not belong to this town! Okay?”

“But? Mum! Why do you always insult them? Why are you always nervous with everyone and even with dad? You do not like Christmas any more! Before we enjoyed it all together in the city! Today you are always upset about everything! You prefer to be locked in your bedroom and talk with your friends what enjoy time with dad or me! You today hate this town and Christmas time!”

“Do not talk to me with this tone Timmy!” Shouted Tim’s mother very seriously, “I’m not part of this town! We are not part of this town! Maybe your father is happy here… I’m not! I travel to the city next 20 with your little sister and Trixie, it’s your decision to come with me or stay with your father in this Town for Christmas! But I will not stay here! N noo no chance! Your granny will attend the big Christmas dinner at the Club’s Restaurant, then it’s the dance. Ah! This is Christmas party! Not the ridiculousness of this little town!” Shouted Tim’s mother furiously, left the toast and drank her hot coffee nervous.

Tim’s little sister started crying, the little dog Trixie hidden tail, went out to the living room.

“Susan! What happens here? Why do you talk to our son like this? Tim is only 10 years old! Your nerves go out the limit!” Shouted Tim’s father so seriously from the kitchen doorway.

“I’m just telling the truth!” Said Tim’s mother furiously.

“Truth? You do not know anything, mum! You are selfish and nervous woman! You do not want Christmas time with us! You’re always screaming like crazy here in home!” Shouted Tim with tears and ran away to his bedroom, holding in his hand the Santa’s cookie.

Sally started to cry harder and with fear, her mother raised her in arms and said to Tim’s father, “You… do not yell at me in front of Tim! Here everything do to your favor Gregory! This is not life for me or our children! The only selfish is just you!”

“Do not scream! You scaring Sally! I’m tired of your screams, your nerves, your desire to get everything quickly and make everything more difficult! Remember Susan that the only one who works here is me!”

“Sorry Gregory! You know my parents have money and… I do not need to be hide in the middle of these mountains and rot in this little town… to survive!” Said Tim’s mother, who walking quickly to her bedroom, carrying little Sally in her arms, that cried, the dog Trixie ran to enter in her bedroom.

Tim’s father stood on the threshold of the kitchen, confused and sad, can not imagine the rough reaction of his wife, to see his son in tears and his little daughter cry with nerves.

Tim, with tears in his eyes, had heard everything from the threshold of his bedroom, had in hand the biscuit of Santa, observe him for a moment that happy and smiling face, then closed the door, felt very sad, had never felt so sad like this moment, when he felt smiles and voices, approached his window and could see that the neighbours were making a huge snowman decorated with their hats and shawls of cheerful colours, each house his snowman was different face, smile and the hat they wore It was as if he were representing every family, Tim, could see his friend Fred with his sisters having fun creatinghis huge snowman they smiled and played with the snow, the dogs happily chased the snowballs, everything was smiles and harmony out there.

A lot of snow had fallen all night, the field was very white that morning, the snow was bright, the lights of the pines and around the houses, the children played smiling, the united families armed their snowman or finished decorating their houses, the fireplaces were lit, the happy dogs ran, the cats watched from the armchairs of the terrace or from the windows, that special moment.

Tim raised his eyes to the sky, the snow continued to fall and with the Santa’s cookie in his hand pray in silently,

“I wish my parents could feel this joy that I feel in these moments, when I see Christmas, I would my parents smile and be happy as all they do here, I would them to believe in Christmas time too.”

Tim silently made this request, he did not know to who, just looked up at the sky that was bright -as if it were joyful- had Santa cookie in hand, some tears of emotion fell, his heart began to pound when he decided to go outside and have fun with his friend Fred in this special moment, quickly changed his clothes, left his cookie on the table next to bed and closed the door of his bedroom, walk with light steps, when pass through the threshold of mother’s bedroom felt the television volume high, the voice of her little sister playing with her dolls, Tim thought, “it better to leave her mum relaxed,” he headed towards the door rack and put on his coat, hat and gloves, walk quickly to the living room and saw his father was quietly watching television at low volume on the couch, the living room had the curtains closed, there was no light than the reflection of the television, that fireplace was off, it was very cold and dark there.

“Dad, I’m going to my friend Fred’s house… they’re building a huge snowman out!”

“Ooh! I think it’s a very good idea, son… enjoy!” Said his father affectionately, who greeted him with his hand from the couch, Tim said goodbye and walked towards the entrance door, opened quickly and felt the fresh air of the snow brush his cheeks -as if caressed him- the air played with his hair and it seemed that sang some song in weak sound.


Tim way towards the terrace and from there could see all the lights of the huge and tall pine trees decorated around all the houses, each family built his huge snowman, Tim quickly put on his hat and gloves and ran to the house of his friend Fred, could see them raise their hands greeting him,

“Heey Tim! What glad to see you!” Said Fred.

“Hi Tim!” Said Fred’s sisters warmly waved and smiling.

Fred’s father was standing on a tall old wooden staircase, touching the snowman and from above, waved his hand at Tim with a smile.

“Hello everyone!” Tim answered cheerfully, his eyes shining with the emotion of this moment.

“Hmm… I thought you sleeping Tim… I did not go to your house… honestly… I did not want to disturb again… after the last time…”

“Ooh! Do not worry, Fred! Well, my mum is very nervous in this last time with everyone… And? Honestly she is always bored and in a bad mood at home, she does not like this town, she does not like the people here… well, I think my mum does not like anything now! She say leaves us the next 20 to go in the city with my little sister, her friends will have a party at nice Restaurant, then the dinner at the grandpa’s club… well, my mother says that this is the real Christmas for her! My father is very sad… for all what happens in my house now!” Said Tim sadly.

His friend Fred, watched him with sad eyes and said, “Tim… honestly, it sad everything what are saying to me at this moment, because… Christmas is time for families to be united, happy! It’s time to believe in the magic of Christmas! It is time to put colors to our houses, to give affection to all and to prepare our houses for the arrival of this magical night, yeah… this is Christmas! Tim, at the beginning you were like your mum, very bitter and many times you shouted me and got bored with my questions… other times I thought you were playing with me… but… Tim, you are my friend and at Christmas time there is no hatred or resentment… just love!”

“Ooh! I’m so sorry Fred!’ Said Tim and sighed sadly, ‘I did not want to be bitter with you, I just not understand, I’ve lived for 10 years with a very different Christmas, the people of the city think differently… sincerely Fred, I did not mean to offend you in this way.”

Fred smiled and hugged Tim, patting him on the shoulder and then saying,

“Oh no Tim! Nothing bad happened, do not feel sad! Look at! Today I am happy that you enjoy Christmas time not artificial but the real one! Sincerely I am very happy to see you now… yeah the miracles of Christmas happens!” Exclaimed cheerful Fred, with a wide smile.

“Hi Tim!” Said Fred’s mother.

“Good morning, Mrs,” said Tim.

“Are you coming to lunch with us… or? Your mum cooked something special for today?” Asked Fred’s mum.

“Ooh… well… Hum… to say the truth, I do not think preparing anything special mum today,” Tim replied sheepishly.

Fred’s mother smiled friendly and said, “okay, you are welcome to have lunch with us, Tim! Today Grandma and Grandpa cooking a delicious Cheese Pie and Roasted beef  with vegetables!”

“Delicious! Yummy!” Exclaimed Fred and his sisters smiling.

Fred’s father climbed down the stairs, after putting the hat, scarf and carrot nose on the huge snowman, hugged his wife and both watched for a moment all around him -as if they thought something else was missing to do- then they all went into the house, between big smiles of emotion and happy chats.

Tim walked slowly behind them all, observing that happy and familiar scene, watch Fred’s parents lovingly embraced enter the house. The terrace was all decorated with the spirit of Christmas, ornaments, cushions, rugs, candles… everything was handmade by their hands- and some were old and recycled- when entering through the main door of the home, could feel a pleasant warmth in the body and a delicious perfume that filled the entire house.

They hung all their coats on the entrance rack and left their snow boots on the rug, decorated a large electronic toy of Santa Claus who moved his white glove, waving. To the right was the kitchen and to the left the huge living room, Tim look at his huge royal pine decorated with crafts decor and bright balls, had candies, cookies, bags of candies and marshmallows in Christmas forms hanging of its branches, that huge fireplace was lit with huge trunks and decorated with each one’s stockings -it had the names of each one of them and also of their dogs and cats!- Its enormous circular couch and two individual armchairs, the oval coffee table with Christmas trays full of peanuts, nuts natural, could also appreciate its huge oval table with a Christmas tablecloth and decorated with Christmas paper flowers, the windows had chains and ornaments hanging, the doors were decorated, Tim kept walking tothe kitchen and saw the staircase that led to the second floor decorated and full of lights, they had stuffed toys and Christmas fabric that decorated some of the steps, at the entrance to the kitchen had a little table decorated with an electronic chocolate fountain, the scent of chocolate and the pieces of orange was very appetizing, had the cane of marshmallows to be bathed in chocolate and a cup of chopped peanuts and cherry to sprinkle. Tim, went into the kitchen, the laughter, chat and emotion was very big there, they were all sitting on a rectangular table, decorated with an old Christmas tablecloth, Tim could see that each chair had its Christmas cushion, the centro of the table had hot ceramic pots -their caps were decorated with Santa Claus hats- the plates and glasses were with Christmas designs, as well as the whole kitchen was decorated with garlands and chains in the shape of hearts, gingerbread man and canes of real candies.

“You’re welcome Tim,” said Fred’s mother who smiling kindly.

“Thanks for the invitation!” Said Tim, sitting down next to one of Fred’s sisters, who watching him smiling.

Before starting to serve the delicious lunch, Fred’s father made a prayer, blessing the food to everyone present and also prayed for Tim’s parents.

The grandparents had prepared a very delicious and juicy roast they supported the huge oven roasting in the center of the table and the other ceramic pots had hot cooked vegetables, the smashed of potatoes and sweet potatoes, in a carafe had the hot sauce of pecans, which was served on top of everything, and was very delicious.

Tim began to eat in silence, savoring this delicious natural food, fresh and hot, at the table they continued chatting pleasantly everyone about how they had decorated the huge snowman and what had happened during the week. The grandfather had prepared a hot mate of plums and cinnamon, which started to serve it in ceramic glasses, very delicious and aromatic. Tim ate quickly and drank the hot mate, his cheeks took on color and was very focused on his dinner.

Fred and his sisters smiled excitedly to see their friend Tim happy and to share the table that moment.

The grandfather went to the oven and picked up a huge oven baked pudding dessert with pecans and grapes, which nice perfume!

Everyone talked, smiled and enjoyed that moment together at the table and repeating dinner again.

The grandmother supported the plates for dessert, when the doorbell rang, Cindy quickly go to opened the door, felt voices and then steps to the kitchen.

“Good lunch to everyone!” Greet Tim’s dad, happy and surprised watching that family scene and his son.

“Ooh dad!” Exclaimed Tim cheerfully.

Fred’s family warmly greet Tim’s father, inviting him to sit at the table with them, which made his cheeks flush and agree to share the table with all them, sitting next to his son.

“Dad! I enjoyed this first Sunday of Christmas at Fred’s family’s house! What excitement and how delicious food!” Said Tim with his eyes shining with joy.

“Dear son, I am so happy for this!” Said the father cheerfully, observing the joy in his son who tasting the food, “I want to say thank you very much to all for making my son smile, in my house… in these moments… we’re in trouble, and—” (was interrupted).

“Please! Do not must explain us anything, please! Just, we wish you also smile and enjoy this Christmas time, like your son, you are welcome!” Exclaimed Fred’s father.

“Thank you!” Said Tim’s father, and receiving the huge plate -decorated with Christmas designs- Fred’s mother told him to serve his buffet lunch and gave another dish to take to his wife.

“Please do not be embarrassed! We are who feel embarrassed to offer you simple home food… maybe in the big City enjoy more the nice Restaurant’s food.”

“Ooh! N no, please… I’m honestly embarrassed at not having been able to make my son live his first Christmas here!” Said Tim’s father with eyes bright with sadness, “I think was very selfish to think only about money, work and… left my family aside! Today I observe all, who are happy in love and full of happiness in family… sincerely you are much richer!”

“Please… you’re welcome!” Said Fred’s father.

“Do you want another dish for your little girl?” Asked Fred’s mother.

“Ooh n no, thanks… it’s fine!” Said Tim’s father.

Everyone at the table toasted with the plum mate and hot cinnamon.

Tim’s father savored the cake and then thanking for everything and saying goodbye gently.

“Dad, I’ll still be here,” said Tim, who started eating his pudding.

“Okay son… I’m waiting you at home,” said the father, stroking his son’s head and walking towards the entrance door to his home.

In the kitchen, the pleasant talk continued and now Tim shared chat with all them and smiling too…


Tim’s dad, supporting the plate on the kitchen table, observed everything around him and then wrote a note for his wife,

“Susan, excuse me if I left you alone all this time, sorry if I’ve been selfish and left out to our family, sorry if I love you so much to not want to lose you, please be a family again, leave your pride. Love you, Gregory x”

Tim, came to his house, had a big smile of happiness was eaten so much and delicious, went to the kitchen to prepare a glass of milk, when saw his dad in the living room watching television, greet him with her hand, and quickly go to prepared his glass of milk, when saw her father’s note and decided to also write a note to her mother,

“Mum, for 10 years we have enjoyed a Christmas in the city, luxurious and artificial. Today? I have been able to enjoy the natural and simple Christmas time, I will tell you that it is much more fun and lovely time, please mum, do not destroy our Christmas here, love, your son Tim x”

They were in the living room Tim and his father, watching a film on television, when they felt voices, sounds and weak steps, on the threshold of his house. Tim walked to the window to see what happened outside, when he through the curtains… and what great surprise!

“Ooh! Dad dad! Come on and look at this! I not believe it, hurry!” Exclaimed Tim, very excited and with his huge eyes of surprise.

When the father appeared with his son and both with their happy and astonished faces watched through the window, illuminated by the lights and the colour of the snow, outside there were many people working, decorating the terrace of Tim’s house, they had brought a huge pine and had placed it in front of their house, others put the lights on, in that group they could see Fred’s father, grandfather and other gentlemen who helped make the huge snowman and among them, was his friend Fred, his sisters and other children helping, they all smiled, sang, decorated and put the magic touch of Christmas at Tim’s house, which was the only house that did not have the special spirit of Christmas. Tim, jumped and ran out from his house, had a huge smile on his face, eyes with emotion, forgetting the cold, being without his coat and hat but feeling the real snow fall on his face, yes, that real snow that he never knew, smiled and could feel the snow playing on his face and hair.

All had long elf hats of various colors, with drawings of Christmas and their sweaters.

When Fred approached and gave his Elf hat to Tim, smiled at the emotion and ran to help make that huge snowman.

Tim’s father, quickly put on his coat, grabbed his hat and scarf and go out quickly to follow the group, they smiled and helped him up the ladder, to get the hat and scarf to his snowman, they all smiled and admired that snowman smile.

When everyone started counting “1-2-3 and… 4… click!”

All the lights went on, around Tim’s house, around the bushes, the huge pine tree, at the entrance to the house, Tim and his father had their mouths wide open in excitement and surprise, they could not believe it, they can’t talk about their emotion just tears of so much emotion fell to, and the others smiled with happiness seeing that scene, when,

“Ooh! Thank you! Oh my Goodness… how beautiful is everything! I am… very excited! Thank you so much! Sincerely I feel very ashamed of my attitude and everything! Oh my Goodness!” Exclaimed Tim’s mother, who had little Sally in her arms, both had a broad smile and looked around excitedly with their bright eyes. Tim ran to hug his mother and the father did the same, both gave each other a romantic kiss, Tim’s family were all embraced and everyone present applauded and smiled happily to see it this scene of love and family union, what they were accustomed, also knew very well, that at Christmas time everything can happen!

The Town, was decorated with many lights, from the small road that led to the bridge and the road to the centre of town, the houses around, the old church sounded its chimes-traditional every 6 hours every Sunday in December-all the people there were smiling, dressed in their Christmas hats, shared greetings as they walked, the few businesses were decorated and other people were sitting in the only decorated square in the centre of town, they enjoyed drinking the traditional hot chocolate with Chantilly and grated chocolate and decorated with a cherry, could see even the dogs had their Christmas sweaters, the children were happy playing with the snow, the speakers of the centre of the Town sounded Christmas music, some sang it, others silently listened and others felt excited to hear it, the echo of the music could be felt in the houses around the centre, could see the burning fireplaces of all the houses, the families had prepared their cakes or cookies to give to their neighbours, to their friends, it was the first Sunday of December, everyone was happy to feel this magic in their hearts. From the distance the centre and the town shone with its own light, the colour of its lights reflected until the sky, if that spirit of Christmas that all could feel it in their hearts and smile of joy and emotion.

That Christmas… it was very special and magical for Tim and his Family… like all Christmas after!

‘HO HO HO! Merry Christmas to everyone!’ 

Could feel the sound of the bells in the distance into the snow, but not see well, just knew that smile makes the magic of Christmas come true…  always.


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