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Leone and the Christmas Mice

A Christmas gift 😻🐾✨ Leone found one of his Christmas presents and opened the package, biting his "Christmas Mouse full of Catnip" … he kept playing and biting until he got tired … But not only this is in the day …. it is also curious looking out the window at Humans! I cut my… Continue reading Leone and the Christmas Mice


Champignones Saltados

-Ingredientes: Un poquito de aceite girasol Sal/pimienta Perejil picado Opcional (aji seco) 5 Champignones 6 Hot Dogs (si deseas puedes usar los vegan) 1 Cebolla blanca Primero, calentar la Sarte (con tapa) y un poquito de aceite, luego agregar los Champignones picados y la cebolla picada, remover un poco, sal pimentar y tapar la sarte… Continue reading Champignones Saltados