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What do you can do with Ribbons?

Crafts ideas to you 🌸 "Wall Hanging" striped ribbonscoloured postcards of photosglue PVA Fold over a lenght of ribbon at one end and glue in place for a hanhing loop.Make a ribbon bow and glue it to the base of the hanging loop.Glue on the right side of the ribbon and position cards or photos… Continue reading What do you can do with Ribbons?

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Stitch Glossary

A glossary and tips to you 🌸 TENT or PETIT POINT bring the thread out the right-hand side work a stitch diagonally upwards over one canvas thread intersection, pass the needle diagonally down wards behind one horizontal and twovertical canvas threads and bring throught in readiness for next stitch.The second row is worked from left… Continue reading Stitch Glossary

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Crafts Ideas with Paper

5 Diy Crafts Paper 🎨 I share easy and creatives ideas x COLLAGE PLATES Cardboard picnic plateGlossy magazzine (into a small pieces)glue PVAglue brushscissor Sort out the pieces and decide wich colour would like to concentrate on.Involves a lot of glue to cover your surface before you begin.Glue pieces of paper in your chosen colour… Continue reading Crafts Ideas with Paper

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Crafts Ideas

5 Crafts Ideas to you 🎨 I share easy and creative ideas x SHAPES AND DOTS Thin coloured cardthin white cardtracing paperfelt-tip pens colouredwhite paperrulerscissorpencilsgluestickpattern Make a pattern of dots on piece of white paper using fel-tips pens coloured.Try to vary size of dots.Arrange the pattern on top of your design.Carefully draw round them, using… Continue reading Crafts Ideas

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Greetings Cards Ideas

7 Cards ideas to you 🎨 I share easy and creative Diy ideas x STAINED GLASS WINDOWS Thin coloured cardtracing papersoft pencilrulerscissor and small sharpclear and coloured cellophaneglue stickdouble-sided tapepattern cut out a greeting card from coloured card and fold it in half.Trace the design of the pattern, cut out the design carefully using a… Continue reading Greetings Cards Ideas

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Diy Crafts Ideas

5 Crafts Diy Ideas to you 🎨 I share easy and creative Diy ideas x amadriadi "Dried Flowers Pots" Margarine ruboasisbread knifesmall pebblesdried flowersgrasses Use a bread knife to cut the oasis so that it fits snugly inside a margarine rube.Push the stems of the flowers and grasses into the oasis.When your arrangement is okay,… Continue reading Diy Crafts Ideas