Masking film card

CARD CRAFTS 🌸 cardstock varie colourspapersstampspromarkersink pad Using a pencil, draw a light rectangle (7,5cm x 8cm) onto white card.Position and stamp the first character within the frame.Stamp the same character onto masking paper and carefully cut it out.Place the mask over the original stamped image.Position the next character that you want to sit behind… Continue reading Masking film card

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How sew buttons

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🎨✨ Secure the thread and bring the needle to the surface at the position of the button, then bring it through the button from the back.Take the needle down through the other hole and through the fabric leaving a small gap between the button and the fabric.Repeat the above to work a few… Continue reading How sew buttons

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How do border punches

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 Fold a sheet of white paper and trim to create and A6 portrait insert.Open out and design your border (scallop or other) along the left and right edges in black ink, taking care not go too near the edge of the paper.Use a scissor to cut around the scallop edges, making sure… Continue reading How do border punches


Doll house

CRAFTS 🎨✨ Big box of cardboard with other 2 small (what we use for living room and kitchen). Upstairs will'be the room.Now completely cover the inside and outside of the boxes (you can choose other patterned wall for your doll's house)Attention to the edges and corners.Cover the inside of a rectangular inner box with floral… Continue reading Doll house

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How to Shrink

TECNIQUE CRAFTS 🎨✨ HOW TO SHRINK THE PLASTIC? Pre heat and oven 170*C and place the "shrink" plastic items on a baking tray lined with parchment or baking paper.Put into the oven and watch as it curls up them magically shrines.This takes just a a few seconds, remove from the oven and intermediately flatten with… Continue reading How to Shrink


Victorian pot

BRICOLAGE 🎨✨ Acrylic paintsynthetic spongesandsattin varnishtoothbrushwater Mix a base coat colour of yellow oxide,turner yellow and titanium white acrylic to create a pale yellow (mustard) colour,reduce it with little water for ease of application,paint the whole piece inside and out,leave to dry and apply a second coat,mix a couple of handfuls of blend OD sand… Continue reading Victorian pot

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Roman paving stone

BRICOLAGE 🎨✨ paving slabsmosaic tilesPVA adhesivequick - mix cementready - mix frout Draw your design to size on a piece of white paper,cover with netting and draw over the design with a permanent marker pen,remove the paper from the underneath the net and replace with clear plastic or grease proof paper,this will prevent the tiles… Continue reading Roman paving stone

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Needle flowers

TECHNIQUE CRAFT 🌸 Pleated flower:cut 2'' wide long strip of fabric and press the strip in half,wrong sides together to create a 1'' wide strip, starting at one end,fold the strip over to create a pleat next to your first and continue until you hae a circle of pleats,continue sewing pleats behind the first circle… Continue reading Needle flowers


Ideas Easter eggs

EASTER CRAFTS 🐰✨ For cover the eggs: need 2 rectangles of patterned of fabric the same size,the fabric width should be 2cm wider than half circumference of the widest part of your egg and height should be 2cm taller than the length of your egg,around 8cm longer, turn the rectangles right sides facing and sew… Continue reading Ideas Easter eggs


Shimmering trinkets

CRAFTS 🎨✨ Spray paints (silver)glasses winelatex gloves To do:wash the glass wine, dry it,protect your work with newspapers,then put on latex gloves and hold the glass, shake the can paint for 30 seconds,then hold it 20cm away from the glass,leave dry for half minute before rotating the glass,continue this way until the inside is coated,tape… Continue reading Shimmering trinkets

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Foiled effects

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🎨✨ Use a Bayer to apply embossing ink to white card,sprinkle with bonding powder, tap off and clean the excess and heat-set,cover the embossed powder with a piece of foil, placing the foil shiny side up,turn the foil and paper over and use the iron to heat 20 seconds the paper,turn the iron… Continue reading Foiled effects


Winter clock

CHRISTMAS CRAFT 🎄🎅 Paint 2 coats over the clock, paint the inside of the clock with gesso and let dry.Use the finger to smudge small amount of contrast colour the outside of the clock, let dry.Apply the colour more dark contrast to let some clear colour exposed and highlight with white gesso (as snow!).Apart emboss… Continue reading Winter clock


Shaker card

CRAFTS 🎨✨ Create a white card blank (7 x 5 cm), apply inside the embossing folder, emboss a piece and cut it to size.Cut matts of black and white cardstock for embossed panel.Cut a piece of black cardstock the same size as the embossed panel, trim the centre of it to create a frame and… Continue reading Shaker card