4 ways to do Pancakes

RECIPES 🥣 To make 10 pancakes you needed:125 gr flour250 ml semi-skimmed milk50 ml water2 eggs20 gr unsalted butter (plus for greasing) Sift the flour into a bowl and make well in the centre, pour the milk, water, eggs and whisk together until smooth. Set aside for 30' then whisk with the butter.Heat a frying… Continue reading 4 ways to do Pancakes

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How to applying motifs

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 -USING A GRID:The traditional method of enlargement involves using a grid. To begin use low-tack masking tape to secure tracing paper over the original design. Draw a square or rectangle ontothe tracing paper, enclosing the image, use a ruler to divide up the square or rectangle into rows of equally spaced vertical… Continue reading How to applying motifs

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Paper bows

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 With a double sided paper that has a plain colour on one side and pattern on the other similar pinwheels are really easy to make and always look impressive when was created with different patterned paper the roses brads, pompoms, die cuts, etc make lovely decortry to imitated a lovely bow with… Continue reading Paper bows

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TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 Embossing inkthickclear embossing powdera heat toolstamps cover your desired piece of patterned paper or card stock with a embossing ink suchapply clear embossing powderheat and repeat the process 4 times, creating a thick-coated elementonce the paper is evenly coated with embossing powder and while the powder is still warmstamp with an acrylic… Continue reading Intaglio

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Pleated trim

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 Fabric for main cushion 2 (43cm squares)contrast fabric for trim 4 (115cm)thread to match main fabric Cut out 2 pieces 43cm squares of fabricthis will make a 40cm squares cushionusing a 15cm seam allowance on each edgetrim four 9cms strips from the full width of the contrasting fabricjoin the strips together across… Continue reading Pleated trim

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Decoupage and Layering

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 card stock cream, red, greyultimate decoupagedie-cut pack 3Dfoam padsred chalk ink padribbon redpen marker black and gold Trim a piece of cream card stock (30cm x 15cm) and crease fold to create a square card blank, edge with a red ink padtrim a piece of red card stock to measure slightly smaller… Continue reading Decoupage and Layering

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Gold leaf

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 glass vase (to decor)gold leaf sheetsacrylicspray varnish23 cm red transfer Brush the gilding (special adhesive) to a section of the vaseleave the size to dry a little so it is stickly but not bone dry or too wetapply small ripped sections of gold leaf to the vase with your fingers and set… Continue reading Gold leaf

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Triple card

TECHNIQUE CARD 🌸 stamp of flowersgemspenscards (white, green red) Fill a 12cm square of white card using a flower stampuse a post it mask to stamp over lapping flowers and colour with pro markerson the reverse, mark out 2 central squares 8cm and 4cm respectivelycut and layer each shape onto different shades of slightly larger… Continue reading Triple card

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Brayer glitzy

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 You needed choose the type of card and design in surface what you do "embossing ink"can lightly sprinkle with embossing powderheat set with an embossing tool holding it over a resistant surfacewhen the embossing powder is dry, the brayer on top with an ink in a contrasting colourtoo can apply the water-resistant… Continue reading Brayer glitzy