My Phrases 📚✨


“There is no worse blind who does not want to see, but the worst blind is who sees everything worse”

“Every step of yours is like a ballet dance, soft, elegant, harmonious and mysterious”

“If we could feel the musical notes, we could understand the meaning of the music”

“To be indifferent is not to be antisocial, it is simply to free yourself from those who do not give anything positive to your social life”

“Lies and bad attitudes always end badly, but there are some who persist in wanting to win even if they know will lose”

“Being a woman is a word that does not denote weakness, we are the ones who organize the home, who are responsible for our house, we support our husband and children, we are the focus of ideas in the house, who put the touch of joy and harmony, who put the touch of color and decoration, who push our husband or pessimistic children and who do not lose their dreams even if everything is against him … and much more! Why call us weak? “

amadriadi© Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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