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Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House holder candy & light tea 🎅🎄❄ Casa de Jengibre porta caramelos y vela

This cheerful, bright and sweet house is designed to decorate your table and can offer to your guests or family candies and cookies, but has 2 divisions inside where you can put a tea light that will light up this moment!
Christmas is a joyous season, full of colours and therefore I want to add a magical with bright touch.
It’s made of recycled cardboard box (with recycled paper wrapping), it will give an idea of ginger, its decorations are made of cardboard drawn by me and others are made of foam. The snow is cotton and on the roof I made the shiny silver paper tiles.
Here the windows are opened to give an appearance of being alive!

Casa de Jengibre porta caramelos y vela

Esta alegre, luminosa y dulce casita la diseñe para adornar tu mesa y puedas ofrecer a tus invitados o familia caramelos y galletas, tiene 2 divisiones a su interior donde podras poner una vela a pilas que iluminara el momento agradable!
Navidad es una Estacion alegre, llena de colores y por lo tanto desee poner un toque magico y brillante.
Esta hecha de caja de carton reciclado (forrado con papel de envoltura papel reciclado) ,le dara una idea de jengibre, sus adornor son hechos de cartulina dibujados por mi y otros son hechos de foam. La nieve es algodon y en el techo hize las tejas de papel brillante color plateado.
Aqui las ventanas son abiertas para poder dar una apariencia de que esta viva!

amadriadi © Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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