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Ghosts to hang

Horrifying and Funny Ghost to give Halloween atmosphere 👻🎃 Horroroso y Gracioso Fantasma que dara atmosfera de Halloween

I have designed these Ghosts made of recycled cardboard base (I recommend that it be neither thin nor very thick cardboard), so that it is handy when cutting it with the scissors.
First you must give a “base” (water + PVA + Drops white) to the cardboard and let it dry well and then paint it.
Use silver metallic acrylic colour for the wrinkles of the Phantom’s dress and her eyes are black Foam (to give intensified), 2 white points with white acrylic and at the end pass silver glitter to her dress to shine when hanging it.
Paint and decorate both sides x

Fantasma de Foam para colgar 👻🎃

Yo he diseñado estos Fantasmas hechos de base de carton reciclado (te recomiendo que sea carton ni delgado ni muy grueso), para que sea manuable al cortarlo con la tijera.
Primero debes dar una “base” (agua + PVA + Gotas blanco) al carton y dejarlo secar bien para luego pintarlo.
Use color acrilico metalizado plateado para las arrugas del vestido del Fantasma y sus ojos son Foam negro (para dar intensidas), 2 puntos blancos con acrilico blanco y al final pase glitter plateado a su vestido para dar brillo al momento de colgarlo.
Pinte y decore ambos lados x

amadriadi © Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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