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Mother’s Day Pincushion

Lovely pincushions with Mannequin & babushka design 🌸🎁 Adorables porta alfileres con diseño de Manequi y babushka

I have designed these cheerful models for Mother’s Day, their base is a silhouette of recycled cardboard and lined with embroidered felt, I have filled it with cotton and I have adhered felt parts to give a 3D image (its cheeks, pockets, etc), I have decorated it with sequins and ribbons.
Its base is a piece of wood, it gives it the consistency of staying upright.

Porta Alfileres “Dia de la Madre” 🌸🎁

Yo he diseñado estos alegres modelos para el dia de la Madre, su base es una silueta de carton reciclado y forrado con feltro bordado, lo he rellenado con algodon y he adherido partes de feltro para dar una imagen de 3D (sus cachetes, bolsillos, etc), lo he decorado con lentejuelas y cintas.
Su base es un pedazo de madera, le da la consistencia de mantenerse en pie.

amadriadi © Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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