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❄ Con esta Pandemia, decidi cambiar el diseño de mi Canal como asi mismo, mi Pagina web, mis Paginas y mi Grupo. Por que deseo transmitir un mensaje al Mundo y nada mejor que expresarlo con la Navidad! Por que es la mejor Fiesta anual donde nos llena los corazones con armonia, amor, esperanzas, alegrias, brillos, colores, dulce aroma y muchos instantes magicos. Es asi, como decidi hacer este cambio, al cual hoy se llama “Amadriadi Santa’s Workshop“. Te invito a divertirte en mi Canal no olvides en Subscribirte para mantenerte informado. ❄🎄🎅⛄🎁❄

❄ With this Pandemic, I decided to change the design of my Channel as well as myself, my Website, my Pages and my Group. Because I want to transmit a message to the world and nothing better than to express it with Christmas! Because it is the best annual Party where our hearts are filled with harmony, love, hopes, joys, brightness, colours, sweet aroma and many magical moments. This is how I decided to make this change, which today is called “Amadriadi Santa’s Workshop“. I invite you to have fun on my Channel, do not forget to subscribe to stay informed. ❄🎄🎅⛄❄

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A place to have fun, create, learn, share and with the unique goal to making your day harmonious and full of magical fairy light, in these moments our Human World needs more cheerful colours that make us forget the grey routine … thanks for being here x

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