Autumn, Magic Tales

Kippy, the sad little pumpkin

TALES ✨📚🎃🍂 On a hot summer day, the sun shined his sparkling light on a late-blooming flower sprouting from a pumpkin vine. "Hmmm" thought the sun, "that one will never be worth a nickel. There's not enough growing time left for him.". Pumpkins do take some time to grow, you know, and it was already… Continue reading Kippy, the sad little pumpkin

Autumn, Magic Tales

The little Child and the Pumpkin tree

TALES ✨📚🎃🍂 THERE was once a poor widow who had six children. One day when she was going out to look for something to eat, for she was very poor, she met an old man sitting by the river side.He said to her, "Good morning."And she answered, "Good morning, father."He said to her, "Will you… Continue reading The little Child and the Pumpkin tree

Autumn, Magic Tales

The anxious leaf

TALES ✨📚🎃🍂 Once upon a time a little leaf was heard to sigh and cry, as leaves often do when a gentle wind is about. And the twig said, "What is the matter, little leaf?" And the leaf said, "The wind just told me that one day it would pull me off and throw me… Continue reading The anxious leaf

Autumn, Otoño

Autumn Soup

In cold seasons it is necessary to feed our body with foods that regenerate energy and vitamins and the "pumpkin" is special for this 🍁🍂 🎃 Today we will cook a simple soup with many nutrients! To start we will cut into pieces our pumpkin (small), onion (1/2), mushrooms (2 large or 3 medium), place… Continue reading Autumn Soup