Spring Owls

Lovely ideas 🌸 After the closure of Winter, Spring makes us open our windows, balcony or terrace and enjoy the fresh air scented with nature! What better idea to decorate and brighten up!These Owls are made of scraps of fabric, jute and decorated with lace / fretwork / buttons, here the pieces are cooked but… Continue reading Spring Owls


Decor Stones

Creative art with the Stones ✨😊✨ Can decorate your garden, the pots, your fairy garden or as magical paper steps! What do you need?River stones, beach or small rocks. Acrylic colours, black marker, white marker, varnish or PVA. You must first wash them well and dry them, before painting. For first needed painting a "base"… Continue reading Decor Stones

Crafts, Techniques

How to applying motifs

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 -USING A GRID:The traditional method of enlargement involves using a grid. To begin use low-tack masking tape to secure tracing paper over the original design. Draw a square or rectangle ontothe tracing paper, enclosing the image, use a ruler to divide up the square or rectangle into rows of equally spaced vertical… Continue reading How to applying motifs