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Diy Dreamcatcher Painting

I had a painting at home with pale colours and I decided to put on it a cheerful touch 🎨☘♻ This is the initial picture. I used acrylic colours, 3D gel, metallic acrylics, used the colours of the unicorn (peace, harmony, joy) 🦄 Important to let dry well in each colour step x At the… Continue reading Diy Dreamcatcher Painting


Funny Decor

Decor your home is a funny time ✨🌷✨ You can use hard shelled fruits such as pumpkin, coconut, oranges, etc.Inside you will put a melted candle with its special string to light it!You will let it dry so that it takes the body of the base and in addition to decorative your candles will be… Continue reading Funny Decor


Decor Stones

Creative art with the Stones ✨😊✨ Can decorate your garden, the pots, your fairy garden or as magical paper steps! What do you need?River stones, beach or small rocks. Acrylic colours, black marker, white marker, varnish or PVA. You must first wash them well and dry them, before painting. For first needed painting a "base"… Continue reading Decor Stones


Wreath Ideas

For a special home needed a lovely Wreath on your door ✨🌸✨ Here ideas to make the garland on your front door "very personal", that is, you can put the initial of the last name, the first name, the special colour of the family or yours, decoration that you like the most (bows, butterflies, stars,… Continue reading Wreath Ideas


Easy Decor

Easy and with recycled materials, you can do it with your Family ✨🌸✨ Cheerful bee sticks, made of coloured cardboard, use an marker to do the eye, the wings are circles of baking paper, if you want you can vary the black stripes with a printed card or foamy strips! These cheerful little birds are… Continue reading Easy Decor


Happy Pancake Day

Today is celebrated Pancake Day! 🥣 What better gift I can give you is "Ideas and Creativity", today I share work done online in Crochet and Felt with a delicious touch of fantasy ✨🌷☕❤✨ Do you will do it? Just beware of eating it!(they look so delicious x) amadriadi "Knitting" ✨👇 "Felt" ✨👇


Lovely Tea Bags

Valentine's Crafts ❤ Here I share an easy and cheerful idea to give or give to who you love on this day of Love and Friendship! The Materials are very few and you only need a lot of imagination, fantasy and patience.You must take your tea bags, cut them on one side to pour the… Continue reading Lovely Tea Bags

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How to applying motifs

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 -USING A GRID:The traditional method of enlargement involves using a grid. To begin use low-tack masking tape to secure tracing paper over the original design. Draw a square or rectangle ontothe tracing paper, enclosing the image, use a ruler to divide up the square or rectangle into rows of equally spaced vertical… Continue reading How to applying motifs


Peg bags

CRAFTS 🌸 1 m deckchair fabricthreadsfabric flowerseyelet kitpasting tubingcoloured wire or cordglue gunnylon shopping bag Fold each short edge of the fabric to the wrong side and press along the fold line fold the fabric in halfright sides together and crease the base into a fold stitch the sides by hand or machine turn bag… Continue reading Peg bags

Crafts, Techniques


TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 Crease fold a 19cm x 14cm piece of card stock to make a 9,5cm x 14,5cm card blank,punch a circle of 13,5cm x 8cmpiece of blue looped paper and punch a 1 3/4 circle from the card baseapproximately 2cm in from the right, stick the blue paper over the card basecut another… Continue reading Sketches