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Easter Decor

DIY IDEAS 🐰✨ A happy idea to decorate cupcakes or cakes, just need cardboard and colour. Garland of colored painted cardboardGarland made by cardboard and painted with colour. Here ideas to draw, paint in cardboard and use them as cards, tags or decor amadriadi

Crafts, Easter

Easter Decoupage Ideas

DIY DECOUPAGE 🐰✨ Maybe we have pieces of decorated napkins in home and we can recycle ♻ them with this magical idea! We can paint the base with acrylic colours (matt colours such as Easter) and decorate with the napkin "areas that we want to highlight such as ears, wings, body part, etc.), we decorate… Continue reading Easter Decoupage Ideas

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Easter Cupcake

RECIPE 🥣 115g butter soft115g caster sugar2 eggs85g self-raising white flour25g cocoa powder to decor:85g butter soft175g icing sugar1 tbsp milk3 drops vanilla extractegg chocolatepaper baking cases (for cupcake) Pre heat the oven 180CPut the butter and sugar in a bowl, beat until is fluffy, gradually add the eggs, beating well after each adition. Sift… Continue reading Easter Cupcake

Crafts, Easter

Ideas Easter eggs

EASTER CRAFTS 🐰✨ For cover the eggs: need 2 rectangles of patterned of fabric the same size,the fabric width should be 2cm wider than half circumference of the widest part of your egg and height should be 2cm taller than the length of your egg,around 8cm longer, turn the rectangles right sides facing and sew… Continue reading Ideas Easter eggs

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The Perfect Easter

TALES ✨🐰📚✨ Hey Spot," said Fawn. "Do you know that Easter is only a few weeks away?""I know," said Spot. "It has come up pretty quickly.""Do you think Grampy will come for Easter?" asked Fawn."Oh Fawn," said Spot. "You know that Grampy lives in Ontario and we now live in British Columbia. There is about… Continue reading The Perfect Easter