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Leone and the Christmas Mice

A Christmas gift 😻🐾✨ Leone found one of his Christmas presents and opened the package, biting his "Christmas Mouse full of Catnip" … he kept playing and biting until he got tired … But not only this is in the day …. it is also curious looking out the window at Humans! I cut my… Continue reading Leone and the Christmas Mice

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International Cat Day

Manualidades por el dia Internacional del Gato 🐾 "Hanging Cat"Mi Proyecto DIY esta dedicado a "International Cat Day" Hoy te muestro 2 Ideas diferentes para tener a nuestro amado Gato con nosotros, yo lo he realizado con los colores de mi Gato Leone (Ginger!) pero tu debes hacerlo al color de tu Mascota! Ademas? te… Continue reading International Cat Day

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Halloween para tu Mascota

Manualidades para disfrazar de Halloween a tu mascota 🐾🎃 Nuestra amada MASCOTA tambien deseara su disfraz! Aqui una idea adorable para nuestras mascotas 🎃🐾✨ Tambien comparto una imagen de la nueva produccion de cojines con dibujo de perros y gatos.... sinceramente parecen reales! amadriadi

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Casas de Gatos recicladas

Ideas Casas para Gatos recicladas de carton 🐾♻ Sabias que los Gatos adoran el Carton? Mmm pues si! Ellos adoran su olor y hacer su ejercicio en el carton, tambien dormir en ello por que es calientito 😻💖🐾✨ Aqui algunas IDEAS para hacer sus casas RECICLADAS hechas de cajas de carton! Recuerda cuanto mas alta,… Continue reading Casas de Gatos recicladas

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Made by love for your Pets

Crafts for your lovely Pets 🐾 Did you know that our pets love and love the toys we doing for them?Homeless Animals also love and it is a way to share love with them … the felt, needles, wool is their speciality for them, here some ideas to do! amadriadi

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Crafts Cats

Manualidades todo de Gatos ❤🐾😻 DIY Ideas Reciclar es una palabra que no a muchos gusta o piensan que se veria muy pobre su hogar si utilizan o adornan con esto, pero quienes sabemos que reciclar no solo te ayuda a crear fantasia tambien colaboras con el medio ambiento ... sin costar mucho dinero! Aqui… Continue reading Crafts Cats

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Cats Embroidery

Crafts to lovers animals in special Cats ❤🐾 For those of us who love Cats! Here are some ideas of DIY Crafts dedicated to our beloved felines like all the felines in the world on my Post…. but we can "donate" certain works of ours to be "sold" in fundraising and help to "rescue and… Continue reading Cats Embroidery

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Leone say Mew

Leone The Cat 😻🐾 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Iux3CR-ipg Leone loves to be caressed by her human father Keith, although sometimes he looks for his hiding places to sleep or his different beds throughout the house! Leone is a ginger Italian cat (Parma) in search of love, like every pet and every animal in the world. My Blog dedicated… Continue reading Leone say Mew

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My Cat Leone the best inspiration

My beloved cat LEONE is my best inspiration 😻🐾 Here I show you the embroidery I made for him … but I had to have his consent and he agreed with my work! LOL Hugs, amadriadi amadriadi© Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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El sol y yo!

El Blog de Leone 😻🐾🌞 Cuando sale el sol me gusta recostarme en el piso rocoso y rascar mi espalda, este movimiento parece que hago el angel en la tierra pero solo estoy rascando mi espalda, es un placer tambien cuando mi madre humana masajea y cepilla mi espala con mi cepillo especial. Pero, en… Continue reading El sol y yo!

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The Crafts and me

A Daily moments 😻🐾✨ "The Crafts and me" This week my human Mama has created new ideas that have decorated the plants and pots, I like to play with these because they look real, they are also very soft by biting him! MEOW This week made some sun, I went to the garden to sunbathe,… Continue reading The Crafts and me