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Marble cake

Recipe 🥣 125gr unsalted butter (melted)125gr dark choolate (chopped)5 eggs (separated)125gr golden caster sugar125gr plain floor2tsp baking powder2tsp vanilla extract Pre heat the oven 180*Cloaf tin and line with baking papermelt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl and set over a saucepan of simmering watermaking sure the surface of the water does not touch… Continue reading Marble cake

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Hot Choc Cupcakes

San Valentine Recipe ❤ 400gr cocoa175gr caster sugar175gr butter (soft)115gr self-raising flour1 tsp baking powder3 eggs Icing:140 gr butter (soft)280 gr icing sugar2 tbsp. milk to decorate:mini marshmallowsstripy paper strawscandy canes and sugar hearts Pre heat the oven 170*C,sift cocoa into a large heat proof bowl,add 5 tbsp. of hot (no boiling) water or coffee… Continue reading Hot Choc Cupcakes

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Italian Recipe 🥣 Pre heat the oven 190*C 3 whole bulbs of garlic (sliced)500gr plain white bread plour1stp fast-action-dried yeast1tsp salt300ml tepid waterglug olive oil50ml fresh rosemary leaves Roast the bulb, cut side down for 20', squeeze the cooked cloves from their skins into a small bowl.Mash lightly so that some cloves rain whole put… Continue reading Focaccia

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Cupcake decorating

Recipe 🥣 6 oz margarine,6 oz caster sugar,6 oz self - raising flour,3 eggs beaten,1 teaspoon vanilla essence,2 oz softened butter,3 oz icing sugar & extra for dusting the work surface,550 g white sugar paste (you can buy in a wide variety of colours),12 foil muffin cases. Heat the oven 190 C, beat the margarine,… Continue reading Cupcake decorating

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Carrot cake

RECIPE 🥣 120ml vegetable oil60gr caster sugar60gr brown sugar2 eggs120gr self-raising flour1/ tsp salt1/2 tsp ground cinnamon1/4 ground nutmeg1/2 tsp baking soda1/4 tsp baking powder150gr 2 grated carrots1/2tsp vanilla extract50gr chopped walnuts50gr sultanas For the Icing:50gr soft salted butter (softly)125gr cream cheese350gr icing sugar Pre- heat the oven 180 CIn a blow mix the dry… Continue reading Carrot cake

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Limoncello meringue

RECIPE Sweet 🥣 5 medium eggs260 gr caster sugar1 limon (zest)500 gr fresh raspberries6 tbsp limoncello liquor600 ml double cream10 gr dried raspberries Preheat the oven 180 CIn a bowl separated the eggs, the whites whisker until stiff and then add the sugar at a time, whisk until is meringue thick, add the zest lemon,… Continue reading Limoncello meringue

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Cats Buns

Bread recipe 🥣🐾 *Ingredients: 30 gr unsalted butter 125 ml milk (and extra for brushing) 10 gr caster sugar 1 egg (and 1 egg beaten for brushing) 350 gr white flour 25 gr strong white flour 7 gr dried yeast 100 ml water Icing dyed black and brown food dye -Pre heat the oven 180… Continue reading Cats Buns