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Chocolate Brittle

Recipe 🥣 300gr organic white chocolate150gr macadamia nuts300gr organic milk chocolate100gr hazelnuts100gr raisins300gr organic plain chocolate100gr pecans100gr dried cranberries Make each type of chocolate brittle separately,break the chocolate in small pieces and place them in a small bowl,melt the chocolate slowly in a bain marie,stir gently with a spoon every soften to make sure all… Continue reading Chocolate Brittle

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Cranberry Jelly

British Recipe 🥣 450gr cranberries,340ml water,450gr caster sugar Put the cranberries + water in a pan, boil a medium heat.Turn the heat down and simmer the mixture until the cranberries are tender,then place a fine sieve over the bowl and pour the cranberries into the sieve.Press the berries through the sieve with a spoon to… Continue reading Cranberry Jelly

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Honey Roast Ham

British Recipe 🥣🎄 Pre heat oven 180*C 3kg organic Gammon,2 sticks celery chopped,8 black peppercorns,2 bay leaves4 springs thyme,parsley stalks16 cloves4 tbsp. runny honey,1 1/2 tbsp. English mustard Place the gammon, vegetables in a pan, cover with cold water,boil and then simmer for 1 1/4 hours,then lift the ham onto a board to cut away… Continue reading Honey Roast Ham

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Shortbread Biscuits

British recipe 🥣 Pre heat oven 150*C 225gr butter100gr caster sugar275gr plain flour50gr fine semolinaextra ugar white or candies to décor Grease and flour baking tray.Cream together the butter, sugar in a bowl until mix all as a pale,sift ad mix the flour and semolina,draw the mixture together with your fingertips to for a dough… Continue reading Shortbread Biscuits

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Mince pies

British recipe 🥣🎄 Pre heat the oven 190*C 85gr sultanas + raisins + currants35gr almonds chopped1/2 bramley apple grated100gr dark muscovado sugar50gr candied peel chopped75gr dried cranberries1 orange grated1 lemon grated1tsp mixed spice40gr shredded suet50ml brandy Pastry:225gr plain flour125gr chilled unsalted buttersalt1 large egg yolk2tbsp hot water2tbsp milk1tbsp caster sugar Mix mince meat in a… Continue reading Mince pies

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Cupcake decorating

Recipe 🥣 6 oz margarine,6 oz caster sugar,6 oz self - raising flour,3 eggs beaten,1 teaspoon vanilla essence,2 oz softened butter,3 oz icing sugar & extra for dusting the work surface,550 g white sugar paste (you can buy in a wide variety of colours),12 foil muffin cases. Heat the oven 190 C, beat the margarine,… Continue reading Cupcake decorating

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Pickled Onions

British Recipe 🥣 1kg small pickling onions or shallots, peeled30g salt1 tsp dried chilli flakes/ chinese onions1lt white vinegar6 juice lemon Optional:180g granulated sugar Sugar, is to use it when it is strong-tasting vegetables like turnips and others. Put the onions in a large bowl with the salt and mix together. Cover and leave overnight.… Continue reading Pickled Onions