*Welcome to my Web Page*

Here you can find many DIY Ideas and Handmade Crafts, my personal blog, blog dedicated to Christmas, my Books and Tales, Recipes blog, Leone’s blog, Magical and Folktales, My YouTube Channel + Free Patterns, my Online Shop and much more!

Fairy Magic

My Design Line is named like the Celtic Tree Fairy “Hamadryad”, she born to care for a special Tree and to die with the Tree. Its magical touch full of fantasy makes my soul work, creating projects with a touch of Fairy!

Amadriadi Design

It’s my line of Designs and Creativity, I do DIY Handmade Crafts, Illustrations, Sketches, Decor, I write Books and Tales, I prepare my own Diy Tutorials for my YouTube Channel and design my Free Patterns, here some of my last Projects, and some tasty recipes mine and Leone’s pics x


My creations are 55% recycled Material and a touch of fantasy!
I love combine Colours, Materials, Techniques and give happy touch to each design mine. Plus I love cooking, Drawing and cuddle my lovely Cat leone x

My Books, Novels & Tales

In addition to designing Crafts, I write, have prepared Fantasy, Magical, Thriller, Horror, Suspense and Biography themes. Here you can read my Tales free editions!

amadriadi© Celia Bailes

Plus you will find here:

Christmas Blog

Recipes, Tales and Crafts

RecipeS Blog

My Recipes, Internationals and easy Recipes

Leone Blog

A Daily blog of my ginger Cat


Celia Blog, Magic Tales & Folktales, Free Patterns and more!

“When our beloved hobby becomes reality” amadriadi

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