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Bendecido Domingo de Ramos

Aun en tiempos de Pandemia y rigidas Cuarentenas, nuestra fe deberia encontrarse aun mas reforzada y no decaer. Recordar estos pasajes historicos de nuestro Redentor Jesucristo en la Tierra deberia alienta nuestra alma y espiritu, recordandonos su profundo mensaje de paz y amor. ✨🙏✨ Que siginifica Domingo de Palmas?También llamado Domingo de Pasión o Palmas,… Continue reading Bendecido Domingo de Ramos

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A bless Palm Sunday

Even in times of Pandemic and hard Quarantines, our faith should be strengthened and not give up. Remembering these historical passages of our Redeemer Jesus Christ on Earth most be encourages our soul and spirit, reminding us of his deeply and lovely message of peace and love. ✨🙏✨ What is Palm Sunday? Palm Sunday marks… Continue reading A bless Palm Sunday

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Respeto por los Animales

Si no respetamos a los Animales de nuestra Ecologia Mundial, nuestra Naturaleza, nuestro Mundo, como podremos respetar a otro Humano? 🐾❤🙏 Muchos sonrien y miran esta frase como una broma o burla, por que solo leer la palabra "animal, mascota, naturaleza, mundo, ecologia" es cuestion de no respeto y que no sirve para que el… Continue reading Respeto por los Animales

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Happy Mother’s Day

Sorry for the delay of my greeting 🌷❤🎁 Happy Mother's Day to you Woman!Be you a Single Mother, an Adoptive Mother, a Mother with a Partner, the name MOTHER is one for all.Today we should not be ashamed of having adopted children (remember, they are angels who are offering you the opportunity to live in… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day

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The crude reality

La cruel realidad 🙏☘ In many of our Latin countries cruel realities are hidden that remain in a deeply silence without obtaining their justice or simply imposed to be accepted as something normal and without claims. There are many real cases of child abuse that many do not want to talk to out of shame… Continue reading The crude reality

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I am again!

Aqui estoy nuevamente! ☘ If anyone laughs that this Pandemic producing stress / depression / mental problems, just I want to say that it is not to laugh at a reality that exists in Countries where the National Quarantines (lockdown) are rigid and where your Freedom no longer exists more. Were used to your rhythm… Continue reading I am again!

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Happy International Women’s Day

Feliz Dia Internacional de la Mujer 🌷✨❤ In recent times, great mental confusion and brainwashing have been created where the great desire to eliminate the "natural feminine" gender and imposing gender as superiority, today they have only created many confusion. Being born a WOMAN is a gift from the perfect Universe, being a mother and… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day

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Cuida tus ganas de Vivir

Que la fuerza este con nosotros ✨ Aun cuando te pongan todo mas oscuro, recuerda que siempre existe una salida de luz brillante y armoniosa, es aqui donde no podemos perder nuestras esperanzas y optimismo, por que si pierdas tu fuerza interna estaras perdido en esa oscuridad. Como saben estoy terminando de arreglar y decorar… Continue reading Cuida tus ganas de Vivir

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Pandemic is more for the Rich

At this crucial moment that has been pulled since 2020, every second is more hard reality for us 😷🙏 The other day I was reading its central page of a globalist media where it seemed more like a mockery than a concern and said "this pandemic has made the rich richer and the poor poorer"… Continue reading Pandemic is more for the Rich

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Autoritaria personalidad?

Muchos viven en nuestra sociedad con problemas psicologicos y algunos piensan es normal o justifican sus reacciones como parte de su personalidad 😳 No existe diferencia de nacer en un pais o sociedad o de color de piel para ser "autoritario", estos casos se dan hoy en dia con mas frecuencia y muchos no tienen… Continue reading Autoritaria personalidad?

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Window for my working angle

A window made of recycled cardboard ♻ Many when they listening "recycled" are scared or .. they are felt ashamed 😳 Why?, We artists ask ourselves, because don't understand why they limit themselves to not creating fantasy with materials and products that can give them life! I used, recycled cardboard box, cardboard box (my cat's… Continue reading Window for my working angle

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Diy Dreamcatcher Painting

I had a painting at home with pale colours and I decided to put on it a cheerful touch 🎨☘♻ This is the initial picture. I used acrylic colours, 3D gel, metallic acrylics, used the colours of the unicorn (peace, harmony, joy) 🦄 Important to let dry well in each colour step x At the… Continue reading Diy Dreamcatcher Painting

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El Delivery en Paises Latinos

Nuestros Paises Latinos son de tradicion alegres y amables, comer en un Restaurante es el relajo de muchos y alegria para otros ❤ Muchas veces comer un "menu" es mas economico que cocinar en casa, en nuestros Paises Latinos, ademas puedes charlar/ reir y sociabilizar con otros, el Latino es de sangre alegre de naturaleza,… Continue reading El Delivery en Paises Latinos