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Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House holder candy & light tea 🎅🎄❄ Casa de Jengibre porta caramelos y vela This cheerful, bright and sweet house is designed to decorate your table and can offer to your guests or family candies and cookies, but has 2 divisions inside where you can put a tea light that will light up this… Continue reading Gingerbread House

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Adornos en Foamy para colgar

Manualidades de navidad 55% material reciclado ♻ Este proyecto es muy divertido y colorado! Use como base carton reciclado y le pegue a ambos lados foamy, los adornos dan un resalte de 3D (gorro, pico, corazon etc), use silicona caliente y al final le puse muchas lentejuelas y lo delinee con lapiceros al gel escarchados.… Continue reading Adornos en Foamy para colgar

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Winter clock

CHRISTMAS CRAFT 🎄🎅 Paint 2 coats over the clock, paint the inside of the clock with gesso and let dry.Use the finger to smudge small amount of contrast colour the outside of the clock, let dry.Apply the colour more dark contrast to let some clear colour exposed and highlight with white gesso (as snow!).Apart emboss… Continue reading Winter clock

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String of paper Gingerbread

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 Brown grocery bag or brown/tan construction paperCrayons or markersScissorsGlue, tape, or staplesA long piece of green or brown yarn or string Draw a gingerbread man or woman on a piece of construction paper. Make sure to draw a rectangle on the top of the head (your gingerbread person will hang from thisrectangle,… Continue reading String of paper Gingerbread

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Tiny gift boxes

CHRISTMAS DECOR 🎄🎅 Do you can decorated match boxes,filled them with little candies, beads & matches,for first paint the top with gold spray and start to decor it with ribbons, stars, snow, flowers blue and white or red or white or green, etcDecorate with gold beans, snowflakes, ribbons, beans colours Christmasand append it in your… Continue reading Tiny gift boxes

Christmas, Crafts

Padded cards

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 cardboardchristmas print fabricchristmas spicyribbons, etc Make your card with cardboard (the white into is for your message),cover with christmas fabric but make a hole (differents, depends your designs fabric what use for cover it 9and filling with christmas spicy), décor if with ribbons, pearls, gems, etc.

Christmas, Crafts

Peg dolls

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 christmas print fabric1 old wooden clothes pegcalicochristmas spicery1 pipe cleanerlace in wide (45cm)fine felt- tipped pens (blue and pink)brown or black four ply knitting woolglue33cm length of in wide (3mm) ribbon Cut a strip of fabric (5 x 6,5 cm) join the 2 shortest sides, right sides together with a (6mm) seam.Turn… Continue reading Peg dolls

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Yule log

CHRISTMAS DECOR 🎄🎅 1 pinewaxed button thread10 branches of bayfresh rosemary sprigspaper ribbon2 pines conesrosemary oilsmall paint brush Leaving the waxed thread on the spool tie one end round the log,lay a branch of bay along the log and bind the spool of thread once round it,lay another branch of bay beside the first and… Continue reading Yule log