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Window for my working angle

A window made of recycled cardboard ♻ Many when they listening "recycled" are scared or .. they are felt ashamed 😳 Why?, We artists ask ourselves, because don't understand why they limit themselves to not creating fantasy with materials and products that can give them life! I used, recycled cardboard box, cardboard box (my cat's… Continue reading Window for my working angle

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Diy Dreamcatcher Painting

I had a painting at home with pale colours and I decided to put on it a cheerful touch 🎨☘♻ This is the initial picture. I used acrylic colours, 3D gel, metallic acrylics, used the colours of the unicorn (peace, harmony, joy) 🦄 Important to let dry well in each colour step x At the… Continue reading Diy Dreamcatcher Painting

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Mis ultimos Diy Proyectos

🎨🎄🧚‍♂️ "Nada es dificil si te empeñas en hacerlo". Solo necesitas reciclar materiales que encuentras en tu casa, si tienes algun adorno mas en casa puedes agregarlo segun tu personalidad, pero aqui te dejo la idea para tu imaginacion, intentalo y diviertete! Sigueme por YouTube Amadriadi Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChZdE9bH11KqOfg_FyEEQvw/ I want to remind you, my Website… Continue reading Mis ultimos Diy Proyectos

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Diy Proyectos

Diy Crafts 🎨 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EqW0SZlvn0&t=663s Esta casita de Hadas es magica! Ademas de alumbrar tu dormitorio, esconde un cajoncito secreto de hadas, para guardar tus secretos x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb60LfJ8_Pc&t=96s Gatito y Unicornio bordado en feltro, magicos y faciles de hacer, puedes usarlos como Llaveros! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saboY2MkkKU Esta tarjeta la hize para mi esposo y es de "caballos" su… Continue reading Diy Proyectos

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Ultimos Diy Proyectos por YouTube

DIY PROJECTS ✨🎨☘ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSmqO8YH4Fc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9kOt01YinU&t=871s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U1doqI4EXQ&t=982s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHJ5WdoRJVk&t=6s I want to remind you that my Website has "translate", you can translate it into your language, thanks for being here xamadriadi © Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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Una semana de Diy Proyectos

Re iniciando a los Diy Videos 🎨☘ Hola 🍂☕🎃🍁 Esta semana inicie nuevos DIY Proyectos faciles, economicos y magicos! En este tiempo de Pandemia, nos ha traido mucho estres/ pesimismo/ ansiedad/ depresion/angustias y demas ... muchos han perdido sus trabajos, preocupados en pagar sus recibos y mas ... pero, en estas fiestas NO PODEMOS DEJAR… Continue reading Una semana de Diy Proyectos

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Easter glove puppet

Funny and fun to play with the family ✨🐰 Gracioso y divertido para jugar en familia I have designed this glove to play with the family for her and him, it is made of felt and it is embroidered, I decorated it with foamy and felt flowers, on the back I decorated with foamy eggs,… Continue reading Easter glove puppet

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Tea Bags Decor

Cheerful details to decorate your cup and also contains a tea bag ✨☕ Alegres detalle para decorar tu taza y ademas contiene bolsa de te I have designed this model where your arms are held in the cup, leaving the tea bag to bathe.The material is cardboard with glossy paper or parcel paper or patterned… Continue reading Tea Bags Decor

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Fairy House

This magical house keeps your best secret inside 🧚‍♂️☘✨🍄 Esta magica casa guarda tu mejor secreto en su interior I have designed this magic of the Fairies with 55% recycled material. Its interior base is a matchbox (which will become your secret chest that the Fairies will protect it!), Inside it is designed to put… Continue reading Fairy House

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Unicorn picture

Unicorn brings harmony and happiness ✨🌈🦄 El unicornio brinda armonia y felicidad I have designed this wooden box in the shape of a heart, the face of the Unicorn, a picture for the bedroom!Painted with acrylic colours, adorned with its foam horn and shiny ribbons with sequins, the flowers are embroidered felt and adorned with… Continue reading Unicorn picture

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Good Night Sheep to hang door

Little sheep that will count your dreams ✨ Ovejitas que contaran tus sueños I have designed these cheerful models to hang them on your door at bedtime.Its base material is a cloud silhouette of recycled cardboard and lined with embroidered felt, its filling is cotton.Its decoration is 3 models and colours, with shiny sequins, gems… Continue reading Good Night Sheep to hang door