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Window for my working angle

A window made of recycled cardboard ♻ Many when they listening "recycled" are scared or .. they are felt ashamed 😳 Why?, We artists ask ourselves, because don't understand why they limit themselves to not creating fantasy with materials and products that can give them life! I used, recycled cardboard box, cardboard box (my cat's… Continue reading Window for my working angle

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Diy Dreamcatcher Painting

I had a painting at home with pale colours and I decided to put on it a cheerful touch 🎨☘♻ This is the initial picture. I used acrylic colours, 3D gel, metallic acrylics, used the colours of the unicorn (peace, harmony, joy) 🦄 Important to let dry well in each colour step x At the… Continue reading Diy Dreamcatcher Painting

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Una semana de Diy Proyectos

Re iniciando a los Diy Videos 🎨☘ Hola 🍂☕🎃🍁 Esta semana inicie nuevos DIY Proyectos faciles, economicos y magicos! En este tiempo de Pandemia, nos ha traido mucho estres/ pesimismo/ ansiedad/ depresion/angustias y demas ... muchos han perdido sus trabajos, preocupados en pagar sus recibos y mas ... pero, en estas fiestas NO PODEMOS DEJAR… Continue reading Una semana de Diy Proyectos


Marionette spoons

CRAFTS 🎨✨ This is a fun puppet making craft and each one comes out different depending on what materials you use to make them. For making the people, you can use markers, paint, or crayons to draw a face. You can use circle stickers for ears…or use paper and glue on ears. You can paste… Continue reading Marionette spoons


Marionette sticks

CRAFTS 🎨✨ I used craft foam (5 1/2" x 8 1/2" sheets purchased in a 24-piece package at Target), some hand-drawn patterns on paper (some freehand cutting), craft glue, scissors, a few sequins, and pop slice sticks, in case you're interested. A pretty simple project, overall, but you have to factor in time for the… Continue reading Marionette sticks


Marionette in felt

CRAFTS 🎨✨ Mulit-colored feltMulti-colored embroidery thread and needle(optional) Simple cartoon images of the characters you are creating. This will help you figure out the simplified features to give you puppets.Using your finger, create a “pattern” for the body of your puppets, so they are all about the same size. Draw a line around your finger… Continue reading Marionette in felt

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String of paper Gingerbread

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 Brown grocery bag or brown/tan construction paperCrayons or markersScissorsGlue, tape, or staplesA long piece of green or brown yarn or string Draw a gingerbread man or woman on a piece of construction paper. Make sure to draw a rectangle on the top of the head (your gingerbread person will hang from thisrectangle,… Continue reading String of paper Gingerbread


Ladybug puppet

CRAFTS 🎨✨ Two paper plates for each ladybugScissorsStapler or tape (colored tape looks really nice but is not necessary)Red and black paint, markers or crayonsGlueBlack construction paperPipe cleanerHole punchOptional: googly eyes Using black construction paper, cut out the ladybug's legs (cut two sets of three legs). Staple (or tape) two paper plates together (put the… Continue reading Ladybug puppet

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Tiny gift boxes

CHRISTMAS DECOR 🎄🎅 Do you can decorated match boxes,filled them with little candies, beads & matches,for first paint the top with gold spray and start to decor it with ribbons, stars, snow, flowers blue and white or red or white or green, etcDecorate with gold beans, snowflakes, ribbons, beans colours Christmasand append it in your… Continue reading Tiny gift boxes

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Holiday candle wreaths

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 Measure around the base of your candle,cut piece of wire,loop the wire around a gold star flake bead and tie in a twist, bead in the following order:pearlamber star flakegold star flakeamber star flakegold beadamber star flakegold star flakepearl and repeat. I want to remind you, my Website has "translate" into your… Continue reading Holiday candle wreaths

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Purse of herbs for Tisanes

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 Make a lovely purse of Christmas fabric to holding packets of herbs bags or tea bags or filling with natural tisanes as camomile, peppermint, hibiscus, bergamot, lemon, marjoram,lavender, rosemary, lime, elderflowers. I want to remind you, my Website has "translate" into your language, thanks for being here xamadriadi © Copyright Protect My… Continue reading Purse of herbs for Tisanes

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Drawers sachets

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 Filled scent mixture to make ideal presents for young people,the flowers blue of shiny fabricand pockets of demin,or christmas fabric. Do you filled with this:the rose with potpourri and muslin,the pocket with calico and Christmas spicy and Christmas fabric with Christmas spicy and oil! I want to remind you, my Website has… Continue reading Drawers sachets

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Card hold potpourri

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 Make a christmas design on cardboarddécor with pieces of fabric,shiny fabric,colour card, etc. Make a small box on the back that will hold potpourri,can scent a sweet & warm all your room home. I want to remind you, my Website has "translate" into your language, thanks for being here xamadriadi © Copyright… Continue reading Card hold potpourri

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Padded cards

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 cardboardchristmas print fabricchristmas spicyribbons, etc Make your card with cardboard (the white into is for your message),cover with Christmas fabric but make a hole (different, depends your designs fabric what use for cover it 9and filling with Christmas spicy), décor if with ribbons, pearls, gems, etc. I want to remind you, my… Continue reading Padded cards

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Peg dolls

CHRISTMAS CRAFTS 🎄🎅 christmas print fabric1 old wooden clothes pegcalicochristmas spicery1 pipe cleanerlace in wide (45cm)fine felt- tipped pens (blue and pink)brown or black four ply knitting woolglue33cm length of in wide (3mm) ribbon Cut a strip of fabric (5 x 6,5 cm) join the 2 shortest sides, right sides together with a (6mm) seam.Turn… Continue reading Peg dolls