Cadenetas de Verano

Hoy comparto ideas para alegrar tu casa, dormitorio, patio, balcon, jardin o donde lo desees alegrar ✨🌞🥤🎵✨ Estas Cadenetas estan hechas con materiales que tienes en casa (reciclados), quizas algunos tendras que comprar o puedes cambiarlo por materiales que encuentres alrededor tuyo! Si no deseas cadenetas, puedes hacer na cortina magica de pompones ! Si… Continue reading Cadenetas de Verano


Decor Stones

Creative art with the Stones ✨😊✨ Can decorate your garden, the pots, your fairy garden or as magical paper steps! What do you need?River stones, beach or small rocks. Acrylic colours, black marker, white marker, varnish or PVA. You must first wash them well and dry them, before painting. For first needed painting a "base"… Continue reading Decor Stones


Idea Creativa

Tienes Fideos Corbatita en casa? ✨😊🌸✨ Los Materiales son pocos y se requiere de mucha fantasia! Puedes usar colores acrilicos o temperas, cintas y limpiapipas, palitos de helados, silicona caliente o goma PVA. Puedes crear decoracion para tus macetas, bookmark, mariposas que puedes decorar todo lo que te imagines, quizas marco de cuadros, espejos, etc.… Continue reading Idea Creativa

Diy Projects, YouTube

My Diy Projects

My last Diy Projects on YouTube ✨🧚‍♂️📺🍄✨ Hello, with the Pandemic my hands and fantasy was made a huge pause, I fell into depression, but step by step I returned to my rhythm and today, make a "compilation" of my last Diy Projects. "EASTER FUNNY STICKS" This DIY Project is to "decorate your pots /… Continue reading My Diy Projects

Diy Projects, YouTube

Magical Diy Projects

My magical Diy Projects ✨✨ My First Proyect "Magic Fairy House" 🧚‍♂️🍄✨ It's a Fairy House with a magical door, inside it has space to support a "tea light on batteries" but, it hides a "mysterious small box" (where you can hide your big secret!), as always it's made with 50% material recycled and a… Continue reading Magical Diy Projects

Crafts, Techniques

How to applying motifs

TECHNIQUE CRAFTS 🌸 -USING A GRID:The traditional method of enlargement involves using a grid. To begin use low-tack masking tape to secure tracing paper over the original design. Draw a square or rectangle ontothe tracing paper, enclosing the image, use a ruler to divide up the square or rectangle into rows of equally spaced vertical… Continue reading How to applying motifs