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Cozy Mug and Jar

Christmas crafts to gift 🎄🎁 I created 2 models to decorate the cup and the Jar (which will be filled with marshmallows, cocoa, sugar, chocolate, etc.), I hope you like this Cozy *MATERIALS:-Felt and Foamy coloured-PVA glue-Scissor, pencil, ruler-White cardboard-Crayons, Colours-Hot gun silicone-Black, gold and silver marker -Liquid corrector (white)-Ornaments (sequins, gems, buttons, etc.)-Ribbons, Cords-Glitter,… Continue reading Cozy Mug and Jar

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Pin Cushions

Christmas Crafts ideas 🎄⛄🎅 Elf & Santa Pin cushions! *MATERIALS:-Felt and Foamy coloured-PVA glue-Scissor, pencil, ruler-White cardboard recycled of biscuit box-Crayons, Colours-Hot gun silicone-Ornaments (sequins, gems, buttons, etc.)-Ribbons, Cords-Glitter, Frost-Cottons-Pom Poms *CRAFTS TIPS:-It has nothing difficult, but if it is a little difficult to fill the cone, use a wooden stick. amadriadi ©Copyright Protect My… Continue reading Pin Cushions

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Adornos en Feltro

Manualidades de Navidad 🎄 para colgar en tu Arbol! Materiales: -Carton reciclado (no muy grueso) yo use de una caja de galletas. -Feltro (retazos) en colores -Adornos (lentejuelas, glitter, etc). -Cordones o Cintas para colgarlo. -Foam (pedazos) en colores -Silicona caliente -Hilos de bordar (varios colores) -Aguja de bordar, tijera, lapiz Para iniciar deberas dibujar… Continue reading Adornos en Feltro

Manualidades, Navidad

Christmas Bookmark

Manualidades de Navidad 🎅🎄⛄ Que mejor regalo que regalar o recibir un "marcador de libro" y con la decoracion de la Navidad! Como siempre uso 50% de materiales reciclados (cartulina, papel brillante, papel colorado, papel de regalo de Navidad, papel Decoupage de Navidad, Use marcdor negro, corrector blando y lapiceros gel glitters! Por lo demas… Continue reading Christmas Bookmark

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Gingerbread Tea Light House

Christmas Crafts 🎄🎅⛄ I created this harmonious Gingerbread House that besides giving light to your table and is a Box of Cookies, Chocolates and Tea Bags. *MATERIALS:-Felt, Foamy and cardboard coloured-PVA glue-Scissor, pencil, ruler-White cardboard-Hot gun silicone-Ornaments (sequins, gems, buttons, etc.)-Ribbons, Cords-Recycled cardboard box-1 piece of recycled cardboard-Aluminium paper, Frosty, Glossy-Christmas stickers-Cotton *HERE MY DIY… Continue reading Gingerbread Tea Light House

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Warm Coaster

Christmas crafts ⛄ *MATERIALS:-Felt-Scissor, pencil, ruler-Hot gun silicone-Ornaments (sequins, gems, buttons, etc.)-CD recycled-Needle and Embroidery Threads *CRAFTS TIPS:-If you wish can add sequins or make Foam's eyes, but remember that it should not be uneven because there should be the cup over there! amadriadi ©Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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Cutlery holder

Christmas crafts 🎄🎅⛄ *MATERIALS:-Foamy, Coloured-PVA glue-Scissor, pencil, ruler-Hot gun silicone-Ornaments (sequins, gems, buttons, etc.)-Cutouts of Christmas Card or Magazine *CRAFTS TIPS:-It is preferable that the cutout is the size of your cutlery, remember that the image should go on the top and the cutlery on the back. See you in my next Diy IDEAamadriadi ©Copyright… Continue reading Cutlery holder

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Christmas Door Hang

Christmas crafts to hang in your door 🎄🎅 *MATERIALS:-Foamy Coloured-PVA glue-Scissor, pencil, ruler-Hot gun silicone-Black, gold and silver marker Liquid corrector (white)-Ornaments (sequins, gems, buttons, etc.)-Glitter, Frost-Clean Piper *CRAFTS TIPS:-If you don't get Foamy Glitter, you can use the normal Foamy and then add frost to it to shine! amadriadi ©Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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Cats Buns

Bread recipe 🥣🐾 *Ingredients: 30 gr unsalted butter 125 ml milk (and extra for brushing) 10 gr caster sugar 1 egg (and 1 egg beaten for brushing) 350 gr white flour 25 gr strong white flour 7 gr dried yeast 100 ml water Icing dyed black and brown food dye -Pre heat the oven 180… Continue reading Cats Buns

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Autumn Soup

In cold seasons it is necessary to feed our body with foods that regenerate energy and vitamins and the "pumpkin" is special for this 🍁🍂 🎃 Today we will cook a simple soup with many nutrients! To start we will cut into pieces our pumpkin (small), onion (1/2), mushrooms (2 large or 3 medium), place… Continue reading Autumn Soup


Champignones Saltados

-Ingredientes: Un poquito de aceite girasol Sal/pimienta Perejil picado Opcional (aji seco) 5 Champignones 6 Hot Dogs (si deseas puedes usar los vegan) 1 Cebolla blanca Primero, calentar la Sarte (con tapa) y un poquito de aceite, luego agregar los Champignones picados y la cebolla picada, remover un poco, sal pimentar y tapar la sarte… Continue reading Champignones Saltados