Camotes glaseados

Una deliciosa idea para acompañar cualquier carne o simplemente saborearlo asi 🥣 Pelar los camotes y cortarlo en rebanadas, usar un cuchillo grande para hacer menos fuerza con la mano, aparte en una asadera pondremos un chorrito de aceite, perejil picadito, ajies picaditos (o secos), agregamos los camotes y lo mesclamos todo muy bien y… Continue reading Camotes glaseados

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Potatoes and Bacon Roasted

Did you have leftover Bacon and onions from the Weekend? 🥣✨ Here a easy Recipe to you x First, chop the potatoes, onion, and bacon (not small pieces), pour a little oil (remember that the bacon is fatty), salt / black pepper / Mixed herbs. I added leftover tomatoes and then I removed everything with… Continue reading Potatoes and Bacon Roasted

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Marble cake

Recipe 🥣 125gr unsalted butter (melted)125gr dark choolate (chopped)5 eggs (separated)125gr golden caster sugar125gr plain floor2tsp baking powder2tsp vanilla extract Pre heat the oven 180*Cloaf tin and line with baking papermelt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl and set over a saucepan of simmering watermaking sure the surface of the water does not touch… Continue reading Marble cake

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Brownies gluten free

RECIPES GLUTEN FREE 🥣 150gr dark chocolate (70% least cocoa solids)170gr unsalted butter3 eggs150gr fair granulated sugar150gr fair trade dark sugar1 spoon vanilla podseeds120gr gluten-free flour Pre heat the oven 180*C with 8'' square banking tin with a piece of non-stick baking paper.Break chocolate into a pieces and place with the butter into a heat… Continue reading Brownies gluten free